10 Most Memorable Quotes From The Ren & Stimpy Show


Among the popular franchises known partially for their animated series, Marvel has announced the resurrection of one of its classic cartoon duos. Cartoon characters Ziggy Pig and Silly Seal may sound innocent enough, but this duo will be in an NSFW comic. Of course, this is not the first NSFW cartoon in comic form, and many TV series fall under the same category.

There have been plenty of cartoons on channels like Nickelodeon with a lot of adult humor mixed in with entertaining animations, a lot of which debuted in the 90s. One of these cartoons known for its adult humor, interesting character design, and raunchy quotes is The Ren & Stimpy Show, and there are plenty of interesting quotes throughout the series.




As one of the lead characters in the duo, Ren Höek is not the nicest Chihuahua and has a very hot temper. He’s even gone on record saying he enjoys being angry, and no one is safe from his wrath.

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The one character that receives the most punishment from Ren is his partner in crime, and the second lead character, Stimpy. It’s no secret that he’s not nice to Stimpy, and sometimes he can be downright rotten and will occasionally refer to him as a monkey. It’s an insult many fans will never forget.

9/10 “You Eediot!”


There are plenty of iconic 90s cartoons, and The Ren & Stimpy Show is considered a classic and one of the best Nicktoons of the 90s. The duo is one that many cherish, primarily due to the crude humor and Ren’s treatment of Stimpy.

Stimpy is not exactly intelligent. That is no secret to anyone who is familiar with the show. The fun-loving and happy-go-lucky Manx Cat has done plenty of stupid things. Due to this, Ren refers to him as an idiot, just with an “e” instead of an “i.” Another classic line that Ren is known for.

8/10 “Happy-Happy, Joy-Joy!”

Stinky Wizzleteats

No show, especially a cartoon show, is complete without a great theme song. Ren and Stimpy are among some of the cartoons with the best theme song, and it’s called “Happy-Happy, Joy-Joy!”

The song was introduced in the episode “Space Madness” and is sung by a character named Stinky Wizzleteats. The duo can be seen dancing to the song, the dance being quite random and entertaining. It’s an addicting song that many fans will want to listen to after it’s mentioned.

7/10 “You Just Got A Visit From The Bloody Head Fairy!”


Among the many adult cartoon shows, Family Guy has thrived and accumulated a massive fan base. However, some would argue that there are other series better than Family Guy, such as Ren and Stimpy. Despite the series initially targeting a younger crowd, Ren and Stimpy would end up being a hit with adults, and its humor is just one of the many reasons why that is.

One of the things that made the show appealing to adults was its dark humor, along with plenty of disturbing moments. One of the most memorable and darker moments was when Stimpy exclaimed that Ren had received a visit from the bloody head fairy. This fairy had dropped two dimes in Ren’s ear after a bloody head was placed on top of Ren’s in this memorable Haunted House episode.

6/10 “Make Me Mad Or I’m Gonna Be REALLY Mad!”

-George Liquor

One character that wasn’t around for too long ended up entertaining fans of the show to the fullest and left a lasting impression. The strange and eccentric George Liquor, the man who bought Ren and Stimpy, gained a reputation right off after one of his first appearances.

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George believed in discipline. He pushed Ren and Stimpy to break a rule so he could show them what discipline was, and if they didn’t break a rule, he would get “really mad” instead of just mad. Poor Ren experienced quite the ordeal but would later return the favor by beating George with a paddle to deliver some long-awaited retribution

5/10 “You Filthy Swine! I WILL KILL YOU!”!”


Many viewers on forums and other forms of social media have agreed that Ren and Stimpy is one of the best Nicktoons that was aired. With the amount of crude commentary and ridiculous scenes, there is plenty of entertainment for those who love the series, especially when it includes the torment of Ren.

Stimpy has had some ridiculous ideas and inventions, and Ren decides to appease his friend by assisting Stimpy. Regret immediately sets in, and it just got worse when he stepped into socks filled with glue. The struggle and continuous threats towards dear old Stimpy will forever be a favorite pastime.

4/10 “Yay! And It’s Carmelly Carmelly Corny Corn.”


Ren has come up with plenty of ridiculous schemes in the past, but there is one that many fans tend to remember the most. This plan of Ren’s was to cut the head off of the Lincoln Memorial.

Ren had heard that there was treasure inside the head. Stimpy, on the other hand, thought it was caramel corn. Unfortunately for Ren, there were no riches inside the head of the president. Instead, there was none other than the caramel corn that Stimpy had suggested, and once more, fans got to see Ren losing his mind.

3/10 “MEAT!!!”


It’s rare to see Ren do a good deed. It’s one of those things that many fans do not expect from the angry Chihuahua. However, for a brief moment, fans thought Ren had a small soft spot until they saw Kowalski.

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​​​​​The inmate is placed with Ren as his “fake son” and would stay with Ren and Stimpy for a weekend. Kowalski had a simple request, which came in the form of yelling meat and demanding a meat-on-meat sandwich while irritating Ren almost as much as Stimpy does.

2/10 “Belay That Nose-Picking, Cadet!”


There are a lot of episodes that fans have loved over the years when the most random and obscure moments occur. One episode in particular that many fans adore is the episode where the duo is exploring a parallel universe.

Ren always has to be in control, or at least he needs to be reassured that he is. So when exploring the universe, Ren takes the role of Captain and Stimpy as a cadet. One of the best lines in the episode came from Ren simply yelling at Stimpy to stop picking his nose.

1/10 “Quick, Man. Cling Tenaciously To My Buttocks!”

Powdered Toast Man

There are many characters throughout Ren and Stimpy that fans love, aside from the duo themselves. One of the most beloved characters that fans continue to adore is Powdered Toast Man!

The toast-headed superhero is always on the go, and when on a mission to save one person, the only way to make sure they made it out safely is to have the person ride on him while flying. To help stay in place, the hero told the civilian to cling to his buttocks to stay in place. It was one of those ridiculous and hilarious moments that Ren and Stimpy gave their fans.

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