10 Most Loyal Sisters In Marvel Comics


With the November 11th release of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever fast approaching, fans are getting more and more nervous about having to say goodbye to T’Challa. As the Black Panther, he proved to be a fierce fighter and an even wiser hero, who was willing to give up everything to keep his people safe.

But, while fans will have to say farewell, they aren’t alone. His loyal sister, Shuri, will also have to reckon with the fact that she lost her brother along the way. She isn’t the only extremely loyal sister from Marvel Comics who has proven herself over the years.


Wanda Maximoff

While she’s certainly had trouble with her brother over the years, Wanda has proved to be an extremely loyal sister to both Quicksilver and Polaris. Often a character who breaks hearts, Wanda tends to desperately fight to ensure the survival of her family at all costs.

After all, she stuck by Quicksilver’s side even after they were recruited into the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, and then the two stayed together to join the Avengers. Though Quicksilver is often a thorn in her side, Wanda has stayed loyal anyway. Recently, she even proved her loyalty to Polaris during the Trial of Magneto event, staying close to her even in spite of the retcon that ensured that they are no longer biological siblings.


While not loyal due to any actual sibling relationship, Rogue has still been an amazing sister for the X-Man Nightcrawler, the son of Rogue’s adoptive mother, Mystique. The two rarely actually address their relationship as siblings, but that doesn’t mean that Rogue won’t put her life on the line for her brother.

Rogue often risks everything to keep Nightcrawler safe, even to the point of absorbing his consciousness despite knowing that she would never be able to let it go. Though Rogue joined the X-Men as a villain, she’s proven herself as one of the most loyal sisters to ever live.


Aurora is the second-fastest X-Man in Marvel Comics, second only to her brother, Northstar. Yet, while her brother is considerably faster, Aurora is considerably more powerful, thanks to her light powers. In fact, she’s used those very same powers to prove her loyalty to her brother.

After he found himself sick and dying, Aurora sacrificed all of her light to keep her brother alive. It rendered her completely helpless in enemy territory, nearly killing her while her brother recovered. It was more than enough to show just how loyal a sister Aurora could be.

Ms. Marvel

While her brother, Aamir, isn’t a superhero, Ms. Marvel has proven her loyalty to him all the same. After he was kidnapped by a villain who exposed him to a fake version of the Terrigan Mists, Kamala desperately worked to get her brother to relative safety.

The relationship between Ms. Marvel and Aamir is sweet, and she genuinely works to develop a good relationship with his wife just to ensure that their bond remains. It shows how loyal Kamala really is, and how much she isn’t driven by spite, jealousy, or anything but good.

Betsy Braddock

The twin sister to Brian Braddock, Betsy never expected to take up the Captain Britain mantle. Yet, while she certainly took up her brother’s amulet, that doesn’t mean that she isn’t still an incredibly loyal sister. Though she isn’t close with Jaime, she is exceptionally trustworthy to Brian.

Though they have often been on opposite sides of conflicts, Brian and Betsy rarely ever fight. In fact, even after the X-Men faked their deaths and left Excalibur unaware of their survival, once Betsy returned, she and Brian were bonding again as if they’d missed nothing at all. The two are just genuinely great siblings, and every minute they spend on the page together reminds readers that they were once just a couple of siblings who grew up loving each other, and it shows.

Valeria Richards

Despite the fact that she has an unlikely friendship with the Fantastic Four villain Dr. Doom, readers never need to worry that Valeria Richards is going to betray her brother. She may be a genius like her father and Doom, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t loyal to Franklin.

In fact, after discovering that Franklin’s powers weren’t working, Valeria immediately tried to get Doom to help him. To prove herself even more, she took Franklin’s side after they discovered that Mr. Fantastic had stripped Franklin of his status as a mutant. While Valeria is a thousand times smarter than her brother, she still loves him and will stand by him always.

Sue Storm

Another Fantastic Four member who loves her brother, most comic fans know that Sue Storm spent her childhood raising the often-immature Johnny after the death of their mother. When she took part in a mission into space, it was only natural to her that she would take her brother too.

But, despite the Fantastic Four often being considered a family, their bond didn’t break just because the Fantastic Four did. Even when her husband was fighting alongside Tony Stark in the Civil War, Sue stuck by her brother and joined the resistance. Sue is always by her brother’s side, even when the going gets tough.

Emma Frost

There are few sisters more loyal to their brother than Emma Frost was to Christian. When Christian was meant to be the heir to their father’s fortune, Emma was happy for him and even refused to be named the heir when her father disinherited Christian due to his sexuality.

Emma also stayed loyal to Christian long after, often helping him to come to terms with his mutant powers. By the time the two reached Krakoa, Emma even named Christian the White Bishop of the Hellfire Trading Corporation, just to give him some influence over the island. It proved her loyalty, though she hardly had anything left to prove.

Laura Kinney

Though Laura has some of the strangest friendships in Marvel Comics, her relationship with her clone sister, Gabby, is the sweetest. Though she never knew she had sisters, she embraced Gabby immediately and even took charge of keeping the orphan safe and alive.

Laura kept herself out of several conflicts to keep Gabby safe and even decided to settle down in an apartment to give her a chance at a normal life. In one instance, Laura even completely cut off Wolverine, just because he harmed Gabby. It shows the lengths Laura would go to for her, especially since she genuinely wanted to get to know the original Wolverine.

The Three-In-One

Though they can sometimes fight, there can be no sisters more loyal than the Stepford Cuckoos. Having spent their entire lives as a hivemind, the sisters are completely unable to comprehend life without each other’s voices in their heads, so they tend to work in concert.

While Esme would eventually betray the Five-in-One, the remaining three Cuckoos were more loyal than anyone else in Marvel. Even when Phoebe wanted to join Wolverine’s school, she stayed on Utopia just because her sisters wanted to. Having made so many sacrifices for one another, the Cuckoos are certainly the most loyal in Marvel.

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