10 Most Gruesome Deaths In Halloween Ends, Ranked


This article contains descriptions/images of gratuitous violence, murder, and death. It also contains SPOILERS so readers should proceed with caution.

The latest wave of new Halloween movies come to an end with Halloween Ends; the movie that supposedly delivers a definitive conclusion to the Laurie Strode and Michael Myers saga.

Similar to the previous movie of the trilogy, Halloween Kills, the latest is dividing the fans of the franchise and heating exciting discussions within the horror community about whether it is best to focus on . Regardless of whether the final movie paid off or not in terms of story quality, it delivered some of the best and most gruesome deaths in the whole franchise.


10/10 Ronald’s Death Via Headshot Is One Of The Most Gruesome In Halloween

Ronald’s death is one of the saddest in Halloween Ends. The innocent man took care of a salvage yard, offered his nephew Corey a job after the scandals the boy got involved in, and even gifted the boy a motorcycle.

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In the salvage yard massacre, orchestrated by Corey dressed up as Myers, Ronald got caught up in the middle of the confusion and, half attempting to save Corey’s life, half trying to stop Terry from shooting the gun, Ronald got up and was hit in the head, dying in vain.

9/10 Billy Being Stabbed Through The Eye

Billy’s death scene is a great example of how Halloween continues to follow a traditional slasher formula. After a haunting moment of silence, his friends go check on him only to find him brutally murdered, igniting paranoia and fear among the group as they desperately try to find out where the killer is hiding.

His death works as a death omen to everyone in that salvage yard, and even though it happens offscreen, the sight of Billy stabbed through the eye with his own drumstick is truly horrifying.

8/10 Roger’s Fall Was Traumatising To Many Halloween Fans

Halloween Ends use Myers’ menace as a great horror device – even when the iconic villain is nowhere to be found. The opening scene plays with Haddonfield’s collective paranoia by establishing an atmosphere of suspense typical of the Halloween movies, this time hinting Myers will show up at any time while he, in fact, doesn’t.

It culminates in one of the most brutal kills of the movie, one that also ends up being darkly funny. While babysitting the young Roger, Corey falls victim to a kid’s prank. Since it’s Halloween, he can’t help feeling desperate about a possible Myers attack, which leads him to impulsively kick the door and accidentally hit Roger, who falls downstairs and has his spine practically folded in half with the impact.

7/10 Corey and Myers Team Up

It’s safe to say that every Halloween fan was confused to see Michael Myers teaming up with another dangerous person, but it doesn’t make this scene any less fun to watch.

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After a disagreement at a bar, officer Mulaney follows Corey to the sewers unaware the young man was baiting him into a trap. In a moment that goes totally against the franchise’s formula and will certainly generate heated discussions, Myers comes out of the darkness and joins Corey against Mulaney. The two then finish the guy off with several knife stabs. The scene itself isn’t really graphic but terribly shocking.

6/10 Corey’s Attempts To Take His Own Life

In a pivotal moment of Halloween Ends, Corey fully embodies Myers when he sets out to Laurie’s house to accomplish Michael’s main objective, culminating in a thrilling face-off between the two. As he accepts there’s no chance of redemption for him, Corey attempts to frame Laurie by stabbing his own throat and making it seem to Alison as if her grandmother murdered him in an outburst of rage and paranoia.

This scene also represents a major tonal shift as the real Myers shows up and kills Corey for good by snapping his neck, getting the role of the main antagonist back and going after Laurie for a final confrontation. The whole scene is just as important to the story as it is gruesome, especially when Myers finishes off Corey.

5/10 Corey Stabbing A With A Wine Opener

One of Corey’s first kills is actually one of the most disturbing. Covering his face with an innocent scarecrow mask that makes it all more terrifying, Corey lurks his way into Dr. Mathias’ house and seeks retaliation for Alison.

Deb catches Corey stabbing the doctor multiple times in the neck and face with a wine opener, resulting in a bloody mess. The way Dr. Mathias has his head wrapped in plastic and the soundtrack plays silently at the sounds of the stabbings makes it all even more terrifying; a quiet and bleak death scene that seems to have come off from an A24 horror movie.

4/10 Margo Being Stuck In A Wired Fence In Halloween Ends

Margo suffered with the most prolonged death scene in Halloween Ends, reflecting how quickly Corey’s sadistic impulses evolved. Dressed as Myers, he patiently waited for his victim to be positioned where he wanted.

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Coming seemingly out of nowhere, he catches Margo by surprise and hits her with the car seconds after she narrowly scapes by jumping the wired fence. She fails, though, and pays a painful price; with her face and body stuck to the fence, she watches all of her friends being brutally killed before having her face stomped on by Corey/Myers. It truly was one of the most shocking scenes of all.

3/10 Michael’s Death

Throughout over 10 movies, Michael Myers supposedly died more than once but always ended up returning somehow. The new trilogy commits to finally giving a satisfying conclusion to Myers and Laurie’s arc, and Halloween Ends had the guts to offer the villain a death just as brutal as his killings.

If having his hand sliced in half, the arm snapped, the neck slit, and the hands pinned onto a table with knives isn’t bad enough, perhaps being thrown into a metal shredder makes a good final impression and finally seal the fate of such an iconic horror villain.

2/10 The Man In The Radio Station Getting His Tongue Cut Off

The radio station scene happens at a point in the film in which lots of fans were probably wondering “the death scenes are great, but not as graphic as usual”. this scene comes to change everything, especially the tone of the movie, delivering one of the most shocking kills in the Halloween franchise.

When Myers/Corey, finally engages in an unstoppable killing spree, the villain ends up in a radio station, killing everyone there and saving the last kill for an absolute gore show and arguably the most graphic scene in the film, in which Myers proceeds to slam a man’s head onto a table, brutally disjointing his jaw and finishing him off by cutting the man’s tongue with a pair of scissors in graphic detail.

1/10 Terry Having His Face Set On Fire

It’s actually impressive how the film’s most gruesome scene isn’t nearly as graphic as other kills in the franchise, yet it still ranks high when taking the harrowing brutality of it.

Terry was by far the most hateable character in Halloween Ends; the typical spoiler kid in a varsity jacket, which implies creators were saving a special death for him since the start.

After an intense face-off between Corey dressed as Myers and his friends, Terry is caught off guard by the killer and has his face burned with a flame gun, starting from his mouth. His screeching scream is arguably one of the most disturbing things in the movie.

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