10 Most Dangerous Characters In A24 Movies


With great horror movies such as Men and Bodies Bodies Bodies released this year, A24 continues to offer characters that are as creative as they are engaging. Whether through horror stories or dark comedies, A24 movies have a very distinct atmosphere and each of their films have something brand new to offer.

With many chilling stories involving supernatural entities, serial killers, and psychopaths, it’s difficult to choose the most dangerous characters in such a versatile range of movies, but some of them have some distinguishable characteristics in their favor.


10/10 The Monster – The Monster (2016)

As the suggestive title implies, The Monster is a creature film, offering the typical story of characters in life-or-death situations after stumbling upon a mysterious creature. Following a mother and her 10-year-old daughter trapped in the woods, the two witness the attacks of a creature unlike anything they’ve ever seen.

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The “monster” is dangerous, yes, but not any less than a huge carnivorous animal such as a lion, or a tiger. While the enormous monster is a constant threat, the main characters eventually understand its weaknesses, such as light, and end up outsmarting it, but not before it leaves a pile of corpses behind.

9/10 Pearl – X (2022)

Pearl has a peculiar, yet highly dangerous factor in her favor, which is her unpredictability. Regardless of how weirdly she acts throughout the movie or the chilling threats she makes, no one actually fears her because of her age. That is, not until she starts brutally killing everyone.

As a group of amateur filmmakers sets out to a remote Texas ranch to shoot a porn movie, not a single member suspected there could be something wrong with their elderly hosts. However, as the film transitions into a slasher, it doesn’t take long before Pearl starts taking them down one by one and manipulating her husband to join her in the killings. It’s important to point out how the events of X are just the tip of the iceberg, and the Pearl prequel will soon reveal the villain’s shocking origin story, elevating the character’s level of danger.

8/10 Green Man – Men (2022)

Men is predominantly a subjective film by Alex Garland, but isolating the Green Man scenes from all the metaphors and details that make up the movie, he’s simply one of the strangest and most unpredictable entities of any horror movie.

Different from typical horror villains, his objectives are vague and, most of the time, it’s almost as if he simply wants to drive Harper, the main character, insane, without necessarily planning to physically harm her. In the final 30 minutes of Men, the Green Man goes through ghastly transformations and overwhelms his victim from all sides. His indifference towards Harper’s exhausting attempts to stop him is absolutely terrifying, and there’s nothing worse than an entity that simply doesn’t give up.

7/10 The Female – Under The Skin (2013)

Played by Scarlet Johansson, The Female is a mysterious alien creature who wanders around the streets of Glasgow preying on unsuspecting men. She is as seductive as she is mortal, with pretty much every man who crosses her path and falls for her charms eventually ending up dead, or something like that.

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The most dangerous about the Female is that she can’t feel human emotions, thus her perception of human life might be just as meaningless as the life of an ant is for most men.

6/10 Howard Howe – Tusk (2014)

Wearing the mask of a kind, harmless old man, Howard Howe tricks the innocent Wallace into a horrific trap aiming at finally succeeding in completing his lifework, which is re-creating Mr. Tusk, the walrus that once saved him from a shipwreck.

As Howard’s intentions are revealed, Tusk escalates into a horrifying body horror nightmare, and Howard proves himself to be a completely dangerous man with no signs of mercy. Due to his obsession with the plan of recreating the perfect walrus, lots of people suffered in his hands throughout the years, often meeting a fate worse than death.

5/10 Darcy – Green Room (2015)

Patrick Stewart proves himself to be a fantastic actor once again by leaving the good side and becoming the embodiment of evil. With neo-Nazi tendencies and the leader of a gang of skinheads, Darcy carries out his criminal activities in peace until a punk rock band accidentally witnesses something they shouldn’t, threatening his crime-filled routine.

Attempting to prevent the band members to put his business at stake, Darcy shows no mercy when he commands his employees to eliminate everyone. Darcy is a ruthless, cold psychopath with dangerous tendencies, but perhaps he wouldn’t act so pitilessly if things hadn’t quickly escalated so badly.

4/10 The Green Knight – The Green Knight (2021)

The Green Knight is meant to be an intimidating, unbeatable presence sent to test the bravery and honor of any man who engages in his tricky challenges. The wise avoid him, the weak fear him, and then there’s Sir Gawain, who gets more than he bargained for when he accepts the game proposed by The Green Knight. Any knight who lands a blow on him will win his green axe but must travel to the Green Chapel and receive an equal blow in return on the following year.

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The Green Knight is direct and precise. He is the kind of warrior that doesn’t like to play with the food, but that doesn’t make him any less threatening. Capable of recovering from any injury, he calmly sits in his chapel, waiting, but when he has to act, no one who crosses his path makes out alive.

3/10 Jobu Tupaki – Everything Everywhere All At Once (2022)

Jobu Tupaki, or Wang, isn’t driven by evil, revenge, or any truly malicious intentions. While she claims she’s become what she’s become due to boredom and exhaustion from having contemplated everything one could possibly know, it’s later revealed that her quest on becoming a villain has much more to do with repressed feelings and things unsaid.

Before Jobu Tupaki learns how to appreciate life, she had the fate of every universe in her hands. Capable of playing with the matter in any physical realm, her powers are beyond human comprehension, which turned her into such a dangerous being. However, every human has weaknesses, and as soon as they were revealed, Jobu Tupaki gave way to an ordinary teenager.

2/10 Martin – The Killing Of A Sacred Deer (2017)

Martin might be the most puzzling character in any A24 movie. Emanating a “one-who-knocks” sort of aura, Martin has the fate of every single character in his hands. Regardless of the times he was beaten, insulted, or abandoned, he always gets the upper hand over the Murphy family and predominantly Dr. Steven, the father, whom he casts a curse that will drain the life of each member of his family if he doesn’t sacrifice one of his children.

The unknown is something that works in Martin’s favor. His powers aren’t explained, and his intentions aren’t clear, but as he maintains his self-contained attitude throughout the whole film, viewers can see the danger in his eyes.

1/10 Black Phillip – The Witch (2016)

Black Phillip isn’t the only sinister presence that haunts The Witch‘s Christian family, and even the entitled witch could be mentioned as a terribly dangerous character in the film, but Black Philip’s menace is calm and sits closer, standing in the center of all the evil that hangs over each member of the family.

By the end of The Witch, it’s clear how Black Phillip is the embodiment of the devil. He leaves his black goat body but viewers never actually his face, although his voice is just about enough the give anybody the creeps. Triumphing, at last, Black Phillip represents one of the most dangerous types of antagonist: the quiet, threatening presence that blends into the victim’s environment, passively waiting for the right moment to strike.

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