10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up The MCU/DCEU Rivalry


The DC Extended Universe will return to the big screen with Black Adam’s release on October 21, 2022, which will mark The Rock’s debut as the titular character. Meanwhile, the MCU’s She-Hulk: Attorney at Law will conclude around the same time on October 13, 2022. While the two franchises haven’t been as closely associated as once before, there are still hints of a rivalry.

Of course, it’s the fandoms that have contributed to the clashes between the series, which has seen plenty of memes poking fun at the attitudes from both sides of the camp. These range from MCU fans making light of Marvel’s greater success in films compared to DC, along with the latter’s fans messing with the MCU’s lack of seriousness compared to the DCEU.


10/10 Why Not The Third Option?

One of the biggest changes in the DCEU was the Snyderverse plan, which would have seen a different outline for the franchise. Now that the Snyderverse has been canceled, many fans see it as independent of the DCEU, with this meme claiming the MCU and DCEU are separate options.

Superman actor Henry Cavill didn’t really say this, as the meme’s intention is to suggest that the Snyderverse is the middle ground where both MCU and DCEU fans can meet. Certainly, both camps are intrigued by the “What If?” concept, so the Snyderverse is a topic frequently brought up.

9/10 Same Yet Opposite Thinking

There were a lot of memes celebrating the live-action Spider-Verse upon the release of No Way Home. But the film itself made reference to this by having the actors recreate a popular meme. On the other hand, the DCEU made a meme out of Batman v Superman’s infamous “Martha” moment.

As it is, the DCEU has been able to get memes out there – intentionally or otherwise – through film scenes while the MCU has been known to be very self-aware in this area. The two franchises have had similar yet contrasting approaches to ensuring that fans remain invested.

8/10 When DCEU Played The MCU At Its Own Game

Just about every James Gunn movie has incredible replay value, which the MCU got its first crack at with Guardians of the Galaxy. However, the series gave away this advantage when Gunn was briefly let go, following which the DCEU nabbed him to direct The Suicide Squad to positive results.

The DCEU definitely got one over the MCU on this, seeing as The Suicide Squad had all the ingredients found in Guardians of the Galaxy but took it up a notch with the R-rating. If nothing else, at least James Gunn is one of the factors that both MCU and DCEU fans can appreciate.

7/10 Drastically Different Approaches To A Similar Outline

“Save Martha” has become one of the most recognizable quotes from DCEU’s Superman, with this having saved his and his mother’s life in Batman v Superman. What’s interesting is that MCU’s Captain America: Civil War had a similar beef between Iron Man and Captain America, where the two had more of an emotional variant of this aspect.

This meme shows the drastically different approaches both franchises took, as Batman and Superman’s conflict was easily fixed when they got on the same page while Iron Man and Captain America couldn’t find a middle ground. It goes to show how the execution of the storytelling varies in both universes.

6/10 Zeus Exists In Both Universes

Another example of how the MCU and DCEU have different styles is through the portrayal of Zeus, who is nothing alike in both mediums. The Zeus featured in Zack Snyder’s Justice League was serious, well-built, and intimidating, while Thor: Love and Thunder adapted a very comedic version of the god.

This meme shows the two fandoms fighting over which iteration has a greater merit, with DCEU viewers preferring the action-heavy one and MCU fans staying true to the franchise’s funny tone. Regardless, Zeus is welcome in both camps since adapting him is fair game for everyone involved.

5/10 The DCEU Learns From The MCU

The DCEU has had an uneven time since its inception, with some films receiving a critical lashing while certain others were lauded. As in the case of hiring James Gunn, it doesn’t hurt the DCEU to take a few notes from the MCU, which is what this meme suggests.

The DCEU has taken a lighter tone after its earlier entries were extremely dark, and this is an aspect the MCU has largely carried in all its films. The DCEU is also dabbling with the multiverse, which is another element the MCU has been taking on in recent times.

4/10 How Both Camps Argue

MCU fans and DCEU fans are very adamant about sticking to the material that has been provided to them. Arguments between DCEU fans of Zack Snyder’s films and MCU viewers were well-known since they were extremely different in style and presentation.

This meme shows how these arguments generally went, with DCEU viewers accusing MCU fans of disregarding heavy themes in favor of comedy – MCU fans didn’t bother with verbose rebuttals and simply accepted that they enjoyed lighthearted films rather than Zack Snyder’s darker atmosphere.

3/10 How The Fandoms React To Criticism

DCEU fans aren’t as driven by rage as MCU fans since the darker atmosphere of the former series paves the way for more emotional undertones. Meanwhile, MCU fans can react like the Hulk when their favorite series is under scrutiny because of the fast-paced style of these films.

Since the MCU has a greater track record of success, fans tend to take things personally should a new entry not be as well-received. DCEU viewers cherish the uniqueness of the series, which is why criticism toward them can be emotionally charged because they feel it isn’t justified.

2/10 They Share Plenty Of Similarities

At the end of the day, the MCU and DCEU are one and the same since they’re both cinematic universes about superheroes. The key difference is how they’re perceived by people at large, which is where the MCU has a distinct edge.

Ironically, it’s a DCEU movie that has been used to illustrate why the MCU might be better – the fact that it’s from James Gunn makes it even funnier. All things considered, the MCU has been able to nudge certain factors in its favor to wrest control even though the DCEU has all the same tools.

1/10 Batman Is Always An Exception

This meme refers to Batman’s usage in universes in the DCEU and beyond, with a clear implication toward Robert Pattinson’s The Batman. The DCEU version will be returning in The Flash, along with Michael Keaton’s iteration, which means there will be three active Batmen.

MCU’s Spider-Man: No Way Home brought back the three Spider-Men from different universes, in addition to characters in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and Sony’s Spider-Man Universe. While the influx of all the Spider-Man characters has been highlighted, Batman’s cast hasn’t met with the same criticism. Simply put, Batman appears to be getting away with it even when he shouldn’t. This is an area where the MCU can’t match up to the DCEU.

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