10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up The Indiana Jones Movies


As fans patiently await Harrison Ford’s franchise finale in Indiana Jones 5, there’s never been a better time to celebrate his globe-trotting archeologist and all his wonderful adventures. From 1981’s Raiders of the Lost Ark to 2008’s Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Indiana Jones movies have their own brand of action, adventure, and mystery, making them some of the most beloved films of all time.

With Indy’s hatred of snakes, traveling to exotic locales, and punching Nazis in the face, fans are celebrating the components that perfectly capture a typical Indiana Jones movie with these hilarious memes. Though it’s taken over a decade for another Indy outing, it’s not the year, it’s the mileage.


Indiana Jones Always Has To Balance Work With Adventure

It’s not easy to fit adventures between college semesters, but that’s exactly what Professor Henry Jones does. When he’s not gallivanting around the world looking for lost relics as well-known archeologist, he’s teaching at a prestigious East Coast college.

As the meme suggests, Indy has to work hard to give adequate attention to the world’s safety and his student’s higher education, often feeling impossibly squeezed between the two. Most people in the real world would have to choose one over the other, but then again, in the real world, both being an archeologist and being a professor wouldn’t be as dynamic as the vocations appear.

Indiana Jones Movies Always Include Chasing Artifacts & Raiding Tombs

From the Ark of the Covenant to the Sankara Stones, no Indiana Jones movie would be complete without a missing artifact for Indy to find. Of course, how Indy goes about finding and securing them is also as significant as the treasure-hunting itself.

In the pursuit of his goals, Indy will do whatever it takes, even if it means destroying the tombs and temples that contain an object of global importance. Real archeologists wouldn’t consider destroying private and public property or murder as viable options, but they’re not the stars of exciting action movies.

Indiana Jones Movies Are Products Of Their Times

Not only is the first Indiana Jones movie over forty years old, it was also set in the 1940s, making it a product of both its time and an earlier time that had many socio-political ideologies that differ from the current era. They’ve been considered racist, sexist, and overshadowed by white saviorism.

Even if elements are problematic, the Indiana Jones movies are full of iconic characters and exotic locales, leaving the interpretation of their plots and themes up to fans. Like everything from different decades, it’s important to view them contextually, and then decide if watching them is the right decision for each person.

Indiana Jones Always Has To Navigate His Fear Of Snakes

Whether it’s having to step over them in the Temple of Souls or avoiding them retrieving the Sankara Stones, Indiana Jones is always scared of snakes. Just like almost losing his hat or cracking his bullwhip, a snake scene is essential to every Indiana Jones movie.

Even though, as this meme suggests, Indy faces insects, rats, scorpions, and other creatures of nature in all his movies, his childhood fear of snakes remains a core part of who he is. Giving a strong hero like Indiana Jones something to be anxious about makes him seem more fallible and human, rather than an indestructible archetype.

Indiana Jones Always Finds A Way Out Of Any Dilemma

Indy’s resourcefulness and quick thinking get him out of plenty of jams, but having his trusty pistol at his side doesn’t hurt, either. In one of the most iconic scenes in the franchise, he’s able to defeat an impressive swordsman in the streets of Cairo by pulling out his pistol and shooting him.

Not only is the scene hilarious, but it also makes the movie more realistic. Despite all the high-speed chases and shoot-outs, it has moments where fans remember that Indy isn’t a superhero, but neither are the villains he faces super-powered, either. There’s a realism to the action scenes that ground them (at least in the earliest days of the franchise).

Every Indiana Jones Movie Has Iconic Music By John Williams

The rousing themes and leitmotifs used in Indiana Jones movies reinforce why John Williams is the most influential composer in cinema. They have come to represent adventure on a grand scale, and as Harrison Ford told Williams, “elevated entertainment to art.”

Every Indiana Jones movie has Williams’ melodies flowing threw it, inviting fans on an emotional journey through every triumphant and trial Indy experiences. In many ways, the movies wouldn’t be so memorable and so beloved if it wasn’t for Williams’ iconic scores.

Bad Guys Were Always Nearby In Any Indiana Jones Movie

The Indiana Jones movies have plenty of plot holes, including how bad guys manage to beat Indy to almost every location he tries to outrun them to, but that’s also part of their appeal. Bad guys popping up at random intervals keeps Indy (and the audience) sharp and observant.

From Arnold Ernest Toht to Belloq, Indiana Jones has faced some great villains, each with their own distinctly evil appeal. They might be searching for fame, fortune, or simply to have their names remembered in history, but they’re always imbued with a little James Bond-like theatricality.

Every Villain Gets Their Comeuppance In An Indiana Jones Movie

Going into an Indiana Jones movie, no matter the odds stacked against Indy, fans know that he’ll always end up winning in the end. Ever villain, from Belloq to Walter Donovan, will have their heads melted for their greed and hubris.

Given that the stories were developed by George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, both of whom grew up on Saturday morning serials, it’s not surprising that they would write plots involving Good triumphing over Evil. Indy is celebrated for being selfless and virtuous, and his enemies are condemned for their avarice.

Every Indiana Jones Movie Needs A Sidekick

If Indy is going on another whirlwind adventure, he’s not going alone. Every Indiana Jones movie has at least someone tagging along, if only to become imperiled at some point in the narrative so that they can be saved. Indy has many sidekicks and travel companions, and each of them helps to develop his character through specific interactions.

Marcus Brody, Henry Jones Sr., Sallah, and Marian have all helped Indy in one way or another, but when it comes to fan favorites, Shortround tops the list because of the paternal way Indy regards him. That’s why fans became so unhappy when Mutt was shoehorned into The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull as Indy’s successor; unlike Shortround, he hadn’t earned the right.

Indiana Jones Movies Have Something For Everyone

Not every Indiana Jones movie is sacrosanct; Temple of Doom and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull are generally regarded as the worst movies in the franchise. Liking them has become problematic for some members of Indy’s fan base, but there’s something for everyone to enjoy in every Indy adventure.

Temple of Doom took Indy to a different part of the world and introduced fans to fascinating cultures and customs, while Kingdom of the Crystal Skull highlighted how Indy, a relic of the past, could be dusted off for another epic quest. Every movie brings a little something different to the franchise by taking a risk, which helps it never feel as stale as an unopened tomb.

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