10 iPhone 14 Apps That Use The Dynamic Island


In early September 2022, Apple introduced the new iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, which replaced the classic Notch with a new function called The Dynamic Island, a pill-shaped cutout that allows users to view and perform a slew of cool things such as using maps, voice memos, etc. The Dynamic Island function is also compatible with several of the most popular applications on the market, which are not limited to only Apple products.

From music, voice, and video apps to CallKits, and more, the iPhone 14’s Dynamic Island is usable with some of the best programs available.



One of the most incredible third-party Reddit apps that boast endless features, the iPhone 14 comes with Apollo at no extra cost. When using the Dynamic Island function with the Apollo app, the cutout turns into The Dynamic Island Zoo where users choose one of five pixilated animals to represent.

While the cat and dog are attainable in the free version, the fox, axolotl, and hedgehog can be unlocked by paying for the app’s upgraded version. After adopting whichever pixilated avatar a user desires, the animal lives and roams over Dynamic Island’s pill-shaped display. It’s a fun little customized partnership between Apple and Apollo that comes with the newest chronological iPhone release.

Hit The Island

Hit The Island is a fun, free-to-play game created for the iPhone 14’s Dynamic Island function. While fairly rudimentary, users engage in a game of Pong with the Dynamic Island by using a paddle to hit Pong balls directly at the Island in order to score points.

The longer users play the game, the harder the challenges become. The ball will increase in speed, split in two, and the size of the paddle reduces, providing more difficulty as the game progresses. Along with Apollo, Hit the Island was tailor-made for pairing with The Dynamic Island.


Along with a slew of system alerts and notifications, The Dynamic Island is also compatible with Audible, one of the most popular audiobooks and podcast apps. Along with the beloved Amazon product, Amazon Music can be used with the awesome new iPhone 14 feature for those who want to enjoy listening to long or short-form spoken word, songs, poetry, etc.

The functionality of the Audible and Amazon Music remains is largely the same when used with The Dynamic Island than anywhere else, with the pill-shaped cutout displaying album art, waveforms, runtimes, title tracks, artists, etc.


For those looking to consume local and national news and listen to talk radio on the iPhone 14, The Dynamic Island is also compatible with NPR One, named one of the best apps of 2016 by The New York Times. Users can stream local NPR stations live, several NPR podcasts, and even music, with The Dynamic Island making for easier navigation.

As is the case with Audible as well, if users connect their iPhone with a HomePod or something akin, The Dynamic Island will display the HomePod icon or Apple TV Icon rather than the wavelength of the audio file they’re listening to.


If Audible and NPR One does not have the podcast a user is looking for, Overcast is sure to do the trick. The iOS app that downloads and streams podcasts specifically is also compatible with the iPhone 14’s The Dynamic Island, making it possible for Apple users to keep up with their favorite digital broadcasters.

While Stitcher is another podcast app that is available to use with The Dynamic Island, Overcast features the favorable Smart Speed function that enables listeners to skip pauses and silences. Moreover, Voice Boost modulates annoying audio swings that go from low to high volume in an instant, making the listening experience much more pleasurable.

Apple Music & Other Music Apps

It should go without saying that Apple Music can be paired with The Dynamic Island. However, several non-Apple music apps are also usable with the new digital readout, including Spotify, Pandora, SoundCloud, and YouTube Music.

While the functionality remains similar with The Dynamic Island to what consumers are used to, it’s good to know that fans can pull from several music libraries to find their favorite artists and enjoy popular and obscure music alike. Along with other Now Playing functions, The Dynamic Island can be used with Voice Memos, SharePlay, and more.

Camera & Microphone (FaceTime & Voice Memo)

Most notable in Apple’s famous eye-to-eye communication app FaceTime, the iPhone 14’s camera and microphone come with unique features when used with The Dynamic Island. Two visual indicators, a green and orange dot, are displayed on the island to alert users when their camera and microphones are active.

If users open the FaceTime app, a green dot will appear on the island to indicate that their camera is turned on and currently functioning. When accessing a Voice Memo app or something similar, an orange dot will appear on the island. These indicators are handy and helpful reminders that are meant for the iPhone 14’s built-in audio/visual apps.


The iPhone 14 also comes stocked with several CallKit apps already available in the Apple Store that support The Dynamic Island. The third-party apps can be used as an alternative to the iPhone’s basic phone calling function as well as FaceTime. The tech product is sure to appeal to teens everywhere.

Whether using Instagram, Google Voice, Skype, or WhatsApp, iPhone 14 users will be able to make outgoing and receive incoming phone calls, with The Dynamic Island displaying who is calling, and from what number, as well as monitoring and recording the duration of the phone call. While more CallKits are sure to be added in the future, as of now, the iPhone 14 supports four in total.

Screen Recording

Much like the Voice Memo app, the iPhone 14’s Screen Recording app is available to use with The Dynamic Island. Just like all the displays on the island, users can tap the screen once to open the app or press and hold to expand the app and play around with its functions.

When accessing the Screen Recording app, a numerical countdown will be displayed before a red dot appears on the island to indicate a live video recording. To stop the recording, simply tap the icon on the island.


Aside from navigational directions offered by Apple’s first-party Apple Maps, others such as Google Maps can be displayed on The Dynamic Island display readout as well. A tech product meant to promote safety, the Apple Maps app will show drivers which directions to take, including turns and traffic updates, and the anticipated time of travel.

While Google Maps also works with The Dynamic Island, it’s currently in its nascent stage and only displays the navigation icon rather than providing directions and distances. In due time, Google Maps and Waze are sure to be included in the iPhone 14’s Dynamic Island, especially when expanding to such delivery service apps as DoorDash and GrubHub.

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