10 Games To Play Before The Release of Killer Klowns From Outer Space


Coming in 2023, the Chiodos brothers’ infamous cult classic Killer Klowns from Outer Space is getting its own asymmetrical survival horror game. Though horror hounds have to wait until next year to get their hands on the game, there are plenty of other spine-tingling titles to keep them busy until then.

From movie tie-in games like Friday the 13th to original fright fests like Dead by Daylight, gamers don’t have to look far if they want to have the wits scared out of them. Though scary games are common in this day and age, only the very best capture the same fear and nostalgia as the upcoming Killer Klowns game.


Blair Witch (2019)

Based on the wildly successful found footage film The Blair Witch Project, the understated horror game Blair Witch was a distinctly psychological terror. After a young boy goes missing, the player is tasked with tracking their trail through mysterious woods that deliver them into the clutches of the Blair Witch.

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Incorporating familiar survival game elements like stealth was a brilliant choice, and the found footage style of the movie is integral to the plot of the game as well. While it is seen as punishingly difficult by many fans, Blair Witch is a rewarding experience because of the clever ways in which it frightens the gamer.

Propnight (2021)

Taking elements from some of the best multiplayer horror games, the asymmetrical title Propnight feels both familiar and new to seasoned gamers. The 1 vs 4 game tasks players with either escaping the map or if they are the killer, eliminating all the survivors before they are able to escape.

While it seems like a stock-standard Dead by Daylight clone on the surface, Propnight allows players to transform into nearby objects which adds a layer of surrealism to the gameplay. The killer characters are all quite creepy, and the game has a fun and social atmosphere that also never fails to be spooky.

Secret Neighbor (2018)

Based on the horror game Hello Neighbor, Secret Neighbor added an element of strategy and intrigue to what was already a suspenseful experience. The game tasks players with teaming up to rescue a friend from the basement of their creepy neighbor, however, one of the friends is actually the neighbor in disguise.

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Multiplayer survival games are usually about escaping from a map, and players know what they are getting each time they log on. Secret Neighbor on the other hand requires a lot more teamwork, and the presence of a mole among the group means that trust can’t be given out too easily. The hyper-stylized graphics are also pleasing to the eye, and there is a classic horror nostalgia to the entire product.

Video Horror Society (2022)

Unabashedly nostalgic for some of the best horror films of the ’80s, Video Horror Society is a love letter to the decade of big hair and even bigger scares. The asymmetrical horror game brings the frightening creatures from the local video store to life and survivors must destroy them before becoming victims themselves.

Bright colors and classic ’80s cheese collide in a social horror experience that offers just as much variety as the films of the decade did. Each monster has its own challenges, and the nostalgic environs are like stepping back in time. Though it was released to somewhat mixed reviews, the free-to-play nature of the game makes it a good starting point for beginner horror gamers.

Aliens Vs Predator (2010)

Porting one of the most underrated FPS games of the ’90s onto modern hardware meant that fans could finally enjoy a forgotten classic. Aliens vs Predator revitalized the old Atari Jaguar game and gave it a modern facelift and expanded multiplayer modes as well.

The game has three distinct stories split between the Xenomorph, the Predator, and the Marines, and together they form an overarching narrative. Though more action-oriented than survival-oriented, the game is a spooky good time no matter what faction the user is playing as. Not only is the game a nostalgia trip for those that played the original, but it brings up chilling memories of the movie franchises it is based on.

Last Year: The Nightmare (2018)

Plenty of games cash in on the 1980s nostalgia trip, but Last Year: The Nightmare flash-forwarded to the equally nostalgic ’90s. Set within the confines of a high school, the asymmetrical horror game tasks players with escaping a fiendish killer who can take several forms.

As with most asymmetrical horror games, one player assumes the role of the killer and is actually able to set traps around the map to ensnare the would-be survivors. The forms of the killer range from a classic slasher goon to a gigantic arachnid menace, and the game does an excellent job of preying on all the players’ fears.

Dead By Daylight (2016)

Essentially writing the book on effective asymmetrical horror gaming, Dead by Daylight is usually the game most others are compared against. Survivors must power up generators in order to escape the clutches of a savage killer, and the killer is tasked with dispatching his victims before they get away.

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Simplicity is key with Dead by Daylight, and the game never gets too bogged down with extra details. The clean and efficient gameplay is challenging based on the players in the lobby, and the variety of experiences makes it a fun game to return to. Over the years, additional skins have been added that draw from popular franchises like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Evil Dead: The Game (2022)

Unlike other recent horror movie tie-in games that rely exclusively on the asymmetrical format, Evil Dead: The Game has a lot more variety than its contemporaries. Stepping into the shoes of Ash or one of his allies from the franchise, players work together to fight off an army of deadites.

While the co-op asymmetrical mode is the heart of the game, it also features a PvP mode that gives gamers something else to enjoy. On top of that, a skill tree and additional weapons are available that allow the experience to grow as the player progresses. Though some fans had unpopular opinions about the game, it was mostly seen as a groovy adaptation of the beloved film franchise.

Predator: Hunting Grounds (2020)

If ever a movie franchise lent itself perfectly to the asymmetrical horror game format, the Predator films would certainly top the list. As the titular extraterrestrial hunter, the player must clear the board of all potential survivors, and as a mercenary, the player must prevent themselves from becoming another of the hunter’s trophies.

The jungles of South America are a surprisingly claustrophobic setting for a game like Hunting Grounds, and escaping the Predator is not an easy task. Playing as the Predator is a very rewarding experience, and all of his famous abilities and weapons are recreated from the films. Other asymmetrical games might be scarier, but Hunting Grounds is the genre in its purest form.

Friday The 13th: The Game (2017)

If Dead by Daylight set the ball in motion, Friday the 13th: The Game picked it up and ran with it. Ripping its story straight from the classic slasher franchise, the player takes control of a counselor as they try to escape Crystal Lake without being killed by Jason. Conversely, players can take Jason on a counselor-ripping rampage.

The game has just the right amount of challenge on both sides, and each has its own rewards for winning. The player is able to select which famous Jason design they want to play as, and they are able to recreate the most notorious kills from the movies. Friday the 13th defined ’80s horror, and the game helped to define the asymmetrical genre as well.

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