10 Game of Thrones Political Masterminds Who Would Have Dominated In House of the Dragon


House of the Dragon is set to conclude very soon, and it’s safe to say that the politics leading up to the infamous “Dance of Dragons” was hellishly complicated. This does leave audiences playfully wondering what would happen if Game of Thrones characters were dropped in that hot mess of drama.

It’s assumed they keep their personalities, social standing, and abilities, but conveniently know nothing about the histories. These characters would be sitting on the throne soon, or at the very least, whispering in the ear of the one sitting on it.


Jon Arryn

Jon Arryn gets a bad rap for dying at the start of the series, but people tend to forget he successfully played the game for over a decade. Jon Arryn was quite literally the glue holding it all together, and it came crashing down without him.

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Jon Arryn was a smart man, a rarity for those who value honor so highly in Westeros. House of the Dragon’s political landscape would have suited him just fine. He would have found the most reasonable alliances and gotten King Viserys to listen to his council. Just as he did with Robert, who was a much more stubborn king.

Ser Davos Seaworth

Ser Davos is a self-proclaimed simple man looking out for his own in a dangerous world. Fortunately for Davos, his straightforward way of thinking served him extremely well. If Ser Davos lived under VIserys’ reign instead of Robert’s, he’d still have the same chances. If anything, it might even be better.

Ser Davos would likely find himself in service of Lord Corlys sooner or later. The Lord of the Tides would likely appreciate the polite bluntness of the smuggler. Davos’ skills and knowledge would also serve the Crown well against the Triarchy. Plus, his humility prevents a target from being painted on his back.

Roose Bolton

Cutthroats tend to do well in the political game, but many overplay their hand. Roose Bolton would sooner cut off the hands of his enemies than show his. Despite House Bolton’s sadistic reputation, Roose still played the part of the loyal subject to his “King”. Of course, that was while they were winning.

The Boltons haven’t been seen yet in House of the Dragon, but they’re likely as vicious as Roose was. Roose would definitely choose to “stay loyal” to the crown until it no longer suits him. The Targaryens of this era should probably hold off on accepting wedding invitations.

Xaro Xhoan Daxos

The kingdoms outside of Westeros are powerful in their own right. In particular, the Free Cities are a major world power, and as the Triarchy shows, angering them costs Westeros dearly. Although he might not be a central figure, Xaro Xhoan Daxos could pose a threat in the House of the Dragon era as well.

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Xaro is a powerful man with great political influence thanks to his wealth. It doesn’t matter what time period one’s in as long as they’re smart and filthy rich. Xaro checks both those boxes in spades, and the gold alone would make Xaro an important player.

Margaery Tyrell

Margaery Tyrell is a combination of kindness hiding a sharp mind. While there’s no doubt that Margaery does show compassion to smallfolk in a way that most nobles don’t, she uses her philanthropy as a way to garner more political power. Being popular with the people means a lot less of them want her overthrown.

Given how important political marriages are, Margaery’s uncanny ability to endear herself to any husband proves useful. Any of the Targaryen boys would become putty in her hands after a few short conversations. She even got Joffrey Lannister to like her, and nobody in House of the Dragon is as awful as him. Nobody yet, at least.

Olenna Tyrell

While Margaery plays the role of a beautiful rose well, it is Olenna who shows her house’s thorns. Olena openly mocks just about anybody unfortunate to get in her way, and they can do nothing but take it. The Tyrells control the food in the Seven Kingdoms, and food is one of the few things worth more than gold.

When people are starving in the long winters, even the haughtiest of ladies will take off their jeweled rings for a sack of potatoes. Not to mention, the Tyrells and Targaryens have a long bond, as the Tyrells are bound by oath to them. No matter what side of the civil war, they’ll all be gunning for Olenna’s support.

Lord Varys

Lord Varys may be a foreigner in Westeros, but he’s become a crucial part of its game. While his reputation precedes him, most people assume Varys to be pomp. Even intelligent but proud players believe him to not be a risk-taker, whose skills are only useful for their own gain.

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This is where they are wrong. Varys is one of the few players that can stand toe to toe against the resources of the Westerosi nobles. Lord Varys, being a Targaryen loyalist, would be an incredible asset for whatever side convinces him they are the best for the realm.

Tyrion Lannister

Tyrion Lannister is often underrated by his enemies, and every time, the joy of his enemies turns into ash in their mouths. Tyrion Lannister is a brilliant mind who would have reached far in life had he not been born in a society that hated him. Nevertheless, his success despite that is a testament to his abilities.

The Lannisters in House of the Dragon are of rather poor stock, at least so far. They seem to rely on wealth and status than their own cleverness. Tyrion would be sharp enough to understand the brewing conflict between the Targaryen factions. He specializes in outsmarting proud houses, and Targaryens are the proudest house of them all.

Tywin Lannister

Tyrion Lannister may be one of the smartest men to have ever lived, but he has emotional flaws that cause him to make mistakes. In contrast, Tywin Lannister is ruthlessly practical, willing to do whatever it takes for his family to stay on top. It can be assured that Tywin would do everything in his power to gain an alliance with the Targaryens.

Tywin brought his house back from the years of embarrassment caused by his father. The rather sorry state of the Lannisters in House of the Dragon wouldn’t be so with Tywin at the head of the table.

Petyr Baelish

Widely considered to be the spark that ignited the War of the Five Kings, Petyr Baelish went from a minor lord to one of the most powerful men in Westeros in only two decades. Knowledge is power, and with how carelessly the people in House of the Dragon reveal secrets, Littlefinger would have plenty of knowledge.

The Targaryens are so embroiled in the importance of their houses that they would never even notice this “minor” lord consolidating his power. When the shoe finally drops for the civil war, Petyr Baelish will gladly take over the ashes, successfully siding himself with whoever becomes the victor. Likely with a huge debt of gratitude (and gold) to him.

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