10 Funniest Comic Relief Characters In Anime


Several fan-favorite anime still running in 2022 have been known to include comic relief characters, such as My Hero Academia, Demon Slayer and Black Clover. These anime series have their comic relief characters act in exaggerated motions and expressions to bring a sense of lightheartedness between intense story themes and combat.

With comic relief characters now being such an important part of anime, there are endless characters who fit this role, but only a handful have stood out as significantly more funny than their competitors.


10/10 Sasha Braus (Attack On Titan)

Sasha Braus is a significant side character in Attack On Titan. Sasha is introduced to viewers during the 104th Cadet Corps training camp, where she made the top 10 ranked soldiers, at 9th place.

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Sasha always brought a light-hearted goofiness to a dark and intense anime with her love for food and cheery personality. She adds some much needed levity to Attack on Titan’s intense and gory storylines and is more well rounded than most comic relief characters, with there being more to her personality and outlook than just comedy.

9/10 Leorio (Hunter x Hunter)

Leorio is a character from the Hunter x Hunter anime series, which is known as one of the funniest anime series of the 2010’s. Leorio is best known for his hilarious over-the-top reactions and short-tempered personality.

Leorio’s interactions with Kurapika make for some great comedy, but the most important thing that makes Leorio stand out is that he is not only filling a comic relief role, but also a character with his own goals, a deeper personality than just being ‘funny’, and other qualities that make him interesting beyond the humor he brings to the show.

Alex Armstrong, also known as the Strong Arm Alchemist, is a supporting character seen in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Despite Alex being one of the more physically built characters in the show, he has many qualities that make him great for comic relief.

Armstrong is an incredibly lively character that puts a lot of dramatics into his actions and dialogue, with many hilarious one-liners spoken throughout the show. He is a physically powerful individual with a kind-hearted and sweet personality, which makes for an interesting comedic combination – without making the comedy feel forced.

7/10 Might Guy (Naruto)

Might Guy is a character in Naruto, most significant playing the role of Sensei to Team 3, and best friend to Kakashi Hatake. Guy is a strong and hilarious character throughout the story, and is known as one of the best side characters in the show.

Guy’s humor is largely based around his friendly rivalry with his best friend, Kakashi. Even as high-level ninja and Sensei, the two are often seen squabbling and making competition, always trying to get the upper hand in a series of hilarious and overly-dramatic interactions.

6/10 Zenitsu Agatsuma (Demon Slayer)

Zenitsu Agatsumi is a major character in the Demon Slayer anime, most significantly known for his place in main character Tanjiro’s trio of friends and comrades, alongside Inosuke.

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Zenitsu is a rather cowardly character, which often clashes alongside Inosuke’s intense personality and creates some hilarious interactions between the two. Zenitsu’s comic relief from his weak personality is enjoyable to watch, as his abilities as a demon slayer are actually powerful. Zenitsu can execute Thunder Breathing First Form at near perfection, but this only occurred after he passed out, in a hilarious sleep fighting scene.

5/10 Riki Nendou (The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K)

Riki Nendou is a main character in The Disastrous Life of Saiki K, as classmate to main protagonist, Saiki. Nendou’s presence in the show takes the stereotype of the stupidly hilarious character and pushes it to the extreme.

Nendou stands out from other characters in the show, as the only character Saiki cannot read the mind of, because he apparently never thinks at all. Nendou is a comic relief character in every aspect, but one that genuinely adds a positive and humorous dynamic to almost every scene he is included in throughout the show, especially with his stand-out one-liners.

4/10 Tobi (Naruto)

Tobi is a significant character throughout the Naruto animated series, as a member of the antagonist organization, the Akatsuki. Tobi is a mysterious and goofy character who uses this demeanor to cover up the fact that he’s actually one of the strongest Akatsuki members.

Tobi’s comic relief is shown his wacky voice, dances, laughable quotes and one-liners, and his whack-a-mole style of combat. What’s most important about Tobi and makes him hold significance, is the way this goofy persona was revealed as a false identity. Tobi’s story then unravels and reintroduces him as Obito Uchiha, one of the biggest antagonists in the entire show.

3/10 Denki Kaminari (My Hero Academia)

Denki Kaminari is a supporting character in the My Hero Academia series, and a class member of UA High School’s Class 1-A. Kaminari is known under the hero name Chargebolt for his quirk, Electrification, which allows him to discharge lighting from his body.

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Of course, all quirks in the My Hero Academia universe come with their own drawbacks and limitations, with Kaminari’s quirk downside being quite the comedy. If Kaminari uses too many volts of electricity, he temporarily short circuits his own brain, which has happened on numerous occasions, and created hilarious scenes between himself and the rest of class 1-A.

2/10 Inosuke (Demon Slayer)

Inosuke is a major character in the Demon Slayer anime, and the third member of Tanjiro’s friend/comrade trio alongside Zenitsu. Inosuke is known for having an intense and short-tempered personality, which often clashes with Zenitsu to create comic relief.

Inosuke was raised alongside wild boars, which means some of his mannerisms are a little quirky at times. Inosuke also has some great one-liners and reactions to moments in the show, and is responsible for some of the funniest quotes in the series. His clash with Zenitsu is always an enjoyable diversion from the combat and demon slaying in the show, and watching Tanjiro pull the two apart always earns a laugh from viewers.

1/10 Korosensei (Assassination Classroom)

Korosensei is a main character of the anime series Assassination Classroom, and can be considered both the primary antagonist and a strong supporting character. Korosensei is a large yellow-octopus character who works as both a regular teacher, and an assassin trainer for a class of high school children.

Korosensei is an intriguing character to watch on screen, and is what makes the show so special. From his humorous jokes, his parodies of pop culture and other anime, and even his signature laugh, he sets up almost all the comedic relief throughout the entire story. Korosensei has some hysterical emotions portrayed on his round face across the episodes, but most importantly is written to have a deeper and emotional side to him as well, making his impact one of significance as a character that fans enjoy past the surface of his comedic role.

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