10 Funniest Calvin and Hobbes Comics, According To Reddit


It has been 27 years since the famous comic strip Calvin and Hobbes came to an end, but fans remain loyal to the series regardless. Though there has been no revival, no movie, and no licensed merchandise, tens of thousands of fans continue to pour over the books and enjoy the series.

While it is certainly a mark of loyalty from the fan base, it also goes to show the strength of the comic. After all, how many newspaper strips retained a fan base this adoring? Yet given how great the best Calvin and Hobbes comics were, it makes sense that the strip is still loved.


Calvin Mimicking His Dad

While it’s always hilarious to see Calvin’s dad playing tricks on him, it’s also funny to see Calvin get one over on him for once. After all, Calvin may be seen as a horrible student, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a smart kid. Watching him prove that to his dad was certainly fun.

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“I love this one,” says Reddit user New-0. “Hands down my favorite.” It’s easy to see why. Calvin’s impression of his dad is impeccable, which is why his mom certainly seems to enjoy it more than anyone. Getting to see that Calvin’s hair is actually manageable is even funnier.

Calvin Takes A Bath

Baths, and Calvin’s refusal to take them, are always funny in Calvin and Hobbes, where Calvin often comes up with new and clever ways to avoid them. So to see him actually enjoying one was a role reversal, even if it meant that Calvin’s parents certainly had a bad night ahead of them.

“I remember laughing and laughing at this one this when I was a kid,” says Reddit user ihsaiboocs. Even as an adult, the comic is especially great, as any parent can easily relate to Calvin’s parents coming close to an argument over who was responsible for the mischievous kid. It’s part of why Calvin and Hobbes is the best family-friendly comic.

Calvin Refuses Lima Beans

A common trope in the comics is Calvin spewing arguments about politics or other extremely complex issues and relating them to wholly irrelevant topics. The lima bean strip is no exception, as Calvin desperately tries to avoid eating the beans by insisting that his father was stripping him of his freedoms.

“That had me wholeheartedly laughing for a bit there,” says Reddit user jameslap. “Something you will never get out of reading comics today.” His father’s exasperation is even more amusing, as he refuses to give in to his son’s lamentations about freedom and beans.

Calvin Gets Dark

While kids are certainly more light-hearted than adults, the best strips point out that they can also be pretty dark. After all, little kids playing with their toys can be far darker than even the darkest of adult hobbies. There’s a reason kids often feature in horror movies.

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The comic’s willingness to explore those topics, without delving into actually dark tropes, is what makes the comic so appreciated. “Reminds me how much I friggin’ love Calvin and Hobbes,” says Redditor UltimateEye. Comics today rarely actually have depictions of dark games like this, and especially lack a figure like Hobbes pointing it out.

Calvin Learns About Art

In movies and teen dramas, parents are the worst. They tend to be boring, stupid, and rarely actually engage with their kids in any meaningful way. Yet Calvin’s dad is always willing to stop and explain facts about the world to Calvin, even if he’s usually lying through his teeth.

After all, there are few things more fun for a parent than twisting the truth about the reality of the world. “I fully hope that many parents have since tried this on their kids,” says Reddit user cantevenmakeafist. Given how well it worked against Calvin, they almost certainly have.

Calvin Hates Bugs

As the temperature starts to change, colder areas tend to find themselves with fewer and fewer bugs as the months go by. Anyone in areas plagued by mosquitos can certainly relate to Calvin’s excitement about it. As Redditor GodofCat puts it, “Reading C&H in certain seasons is wonderful.”

Even outside the reliability of Calvin’s exclamation, Hobbes’ reaction is just as funny. Having been forced to deal with Calvin for every second that the boy wasn’t in school, Hobbes can certainly get tired of the boy’s excitability about somewhat dark topics, like the death of every bug in the vicinity.

Hobbes Gets A Smock

A strip as funny as it is cute, this issue sees Calvin just wanting to play with clay, while Hobbes argues about smocks. “Hobbes’ indignation in the third panel…it’s adorable,” says a now-deleted Reddit user. Yet, even outside of the innocent nature of Hobbes’ reply, Calvin’s reaction is also touching.

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It’s a rare thing when Calvin is actually well-behaved, and it’s nice to see. For once, all he wants to do is make little models without causing damage or trying anything relating to heavy topics. Hobbes’ obsession with smocks is also light-hearted, which can be rare in this strip.

Calvin Makes A Chicken

While far from the most heartwarming of Calvin and Hobbes issues, Calvin making a chicken who cuts the head off of a snowman is pretty funny. “The expression on the chicken is perfect,” says Reddit user Narroo. “You gotta wonder what Watterson was thinking when he drew that.”

It’s an amazing sculpture, which only makes it even more hilarious. The fact that his mother doesn’t actually say a word helps it be even better. After all, it’s easy to understand what she was feeling, staring down at her son. Calvin is a hard kid to parent, even if he can be pretty artistic.

Calvin Marries Susie

Despite spending a lot of their time together, Calvin and Susie rarely actually seem to like each other. Calvin is a little too wild for Susie, and Susie is far too well-behaved to entertain Calvin. So seeing Susie only wanting to play House, while Calvin plays for a divorce, is as funny as it is in-character.

“Always thought this one was hilarious,” says Redditor onetwo3four5. “Calvin plays dissatisfied husband so so well.” The fact that Susie pointed out his reliance on his stuffed tiger is even funnier, especially since Calvin often pretends Hobbes is much more ferocious than he is.

Calvin And Hobbes Enjoy The Summer

While certainly funny, Calvin and Hobbes enjoying their free time is also painfully relatable. “This strip always reminds me of what it meant to be a kid,” says Reddit user -BarryAllen-. “To not know what it really is to be busy, or stressed; just concerned with the next fun thing on the agenda.”

Though the comic pokes fun at the limited activities kids can actually engage with over the summer, it does it without being too harsh about their lack of responsibilities. The sheer excitement from Calvin and Hobbes about sitting in a tree is touching, even as they plan to torment an innocent kid.

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