10 Franchise Character Crossovers Redditors Want To See


Just when everyone thought Logan was the final step for actor Hugh Jackman in his tenure as Wolverine, announcements released that he would be returning to play the character in Deadpool 3. The announcement has comic book fans excited, reminding them at this day in age, anything can happen in movies.

Since the rise of the blockbuster film in the ’70s and ’80s, fans have been pondering questions of who would win if their favorite heroes were to face off, and how they would manage to work together. On a Reddit thread by Alive-Ad-4164, many of these fans came together to give their pitches on which duo would work best in a big screen crossover.


Batman And Predator

Though it’s hard to top Arnold Schwarzeneggar, there’s probably no hero more equipped to face off with Predator and live to tell the tale than Batman. With both having their mainstream film franchises starting in the ’80s, it’s fun to imagine the Keaton version of Batman facing off with the classic Predator.

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Funnily enough, these two have already faced off in comics. The storyline released in the ’90s from Dave Gibbons. With that in mind, Redditors already have an idea of what this crossover would look like. User Separate_Parfait3084 adds, “This needs more visibility. The comics were epic.”

Mad Max And Snake Plissken

Featuring another pairing of ’80s action movie heroes, Redditors would love to see a crossover of Mad Max and Snake Plissken from Escape From New York. Unlike the Mad Max franchise, Escape From… has yet to experience a modern reboot or re-casting.

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If fans were accepting of a Kurt Russell recast to go opposite Tom Hardy, this could make for an exciting mix up. One Redditor, AJerkForallSeasons jokingly named the project “Escape From Australia.”

John Wick And The Punisher

A John Wick and Punisher duo would probably make for one of the wildest action movies to date. Combining two extremely ruthless killers with some great stunt work would definitely make for a fun crossover movie. The two are some of the scariest non-villain characters in movies, and for good reason.

If they fought each other it would be hard to determine an outcome, but as Redditor AKBx007 notes, “If the two were teaming up, their target should just end it. Literally nothing is going to stop those two from coming after their target.” Audiences would definitely have to feel bad for whatever upset those two.

Batman And Spider-Man

With multiple Spider-Mans in No Way Home and multiple Batmans set to appear in The Flash, superhero movies are starting to embrace the multiverse as a way to provide fan service for different generations of heroes. If they can pull that off, a Marvel and DC crossover movie isn’t that farfetched. Fans are dying to see Marvel and DCEU crossover fights, if the studios could ever make it possible.

Though it probably won’t happen any time soon, if the comics can make that crossover work, maybe the movie industry can too. Bringing these two fan favorite heroes together would be a highlight on its own though. As Redditor aande116 points out, “They have a comic together that’s a pretty fun read.”

She-Hulk And Wonder Woman

A combination of two super heroines from Marvel and DC, She-Hulk and Wonder Woman make for two powerful leads. Despite She-Hulk receiving mixed reviews, the character is still fresh on the minds of audiences, and many are hoping for her to achieve the popularity she has in the comics in time.

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To combine her with Wonder Woman could be a lot of fun. As one fan, HotPrior819, mentions, “As much as I love Jenny she doesn’t stand a chance.” If the two were to face off, it would likely be a one-sided advantage to Wonder Woman, so it would make more sense to see them team up.

Batman And Iron Man

Two rich, genius superheroes with no powers; Iron Man and Batman would make for a really compelling team up. If Robert Downey Jr. ever decided to suit up again as Tony Stark, this would be a reason to do it. Fans have already theorized on how Batman could fight different Marvel heroes, so seeing these face offs would be exciting.

Both heroes are pretty stubborn. As one Redditor suggests it’d be interesting to see how they’d work together, another, HotPrior819, says “They wouldn’t, which would make it even better to see them constantly bump heads.”

Sarah Connor And Ellen Ripley

Bringing on another pair of ’80s action stars, Terminator‘s Sarah Connor and Alien’s Ellen Ripley are the central protagonists of franchises that have spawned dozens of films in the past four decades. If Emilia Clarke were to continue in the role of Sarah Connor, Ellen Ripley would need to be re-casted accordingly.

Combining these two franchises would be difficult, as both face existential crisis’ in their own respect. The action would be massive if pulled off correctly. Redditor mongostudmuffin vouches for the idea saying “I’d pay good money to see that!”

Omni-Man And Homelander

The evil Superman trope has become increasingly mainstream over the past few years, with The Boys and Invincible giving unique takes on the idea. In the case of many hypothetical Homelander battles, including ones where The Boys supes faced off against the Justice League, he often comes up short against similarly powered heroes.

Omni-Man would be no exception in the minds of Redditors. “I feel like Nolan would look at Homelander the same way live action Soldier Boy did,” says Redditor HotPrior819. The comment suggests that Omni-Man would view Homelander as much of the audience does, as pathetic and weak.

James Bond And Alien

If there was ever a time when 007 movies began to get tiresome, and audiences were not entertained, bringing in different sorts of threats could spice it up a bit. Perhaps Bond facing off against Alien is the crossover that fans want.

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Redditors don’t seem to think the idea is so farfetched, as user -WASM gave a whole pitch for what the contents of the film would look like, which included “Bond pushes a button on his Rolex and a 3D medical hologram displaying the alien wrapped around his internal organs is projected around him.” This description signifies that it would be one whacky crossover.

Dr. Strange And Dr. Fate

With Black Adam trailers and hype up announcements continuing to amp up, many fans are excited to see what Dr. Fate would look like. But Fate isn’t the first mystical Doctor to make it to mainstream superhero films.

One fan, Droid85, titled the potential film “Secret Copycat Crisis Wars” as a play on some upcoming MCU titles. DC and Marvel have many similar characters, as they’ve frequently been inspired by each other. Dr. Strange and Dr. Fate are just one strikingly obvious example.

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