10 Famous Actors You Forgot Guest Starred On King Of The Hill


The long-running animated comedy shows King Of The Hill, is set to be returning to screens soon. Creator Mike Judge has confirmed a revival of the show is in the works, although the date of its return is yet to be confirmed.

The sitcom, focused on the Hill family and its patriarch, Hank, in their native fictional town of Arlen, Texas, has featured an incredible ensemble of stars in guest voice roles throughout its run. Often, the guest appearances have not been overtly advertised, so many fans of the show may be unaware that some of their favorite stars have made a cameo in the series.


10/10 Tom Petty Voices Lucky Kleinschmidt

Music legend Tom Petty has an extended stay on the show as Lucky Kleinschmidt, the husband of Luanne and later father to her daughter. Lucky is rather dim-witted and work-shy, often funding his lifestyle through insurance payouts via accidents he gets himself into.

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Hank is rather suspicious of Lucky’s intentions with his niece Luanne. As the show goes on, however, Hank forms a soft spot for the character, who will do whatever it takes to win Luanne’s affections.

9/10 Brad Pitt Voices Patch Boomhauer

Hollywood superstar Brad Pitt made a surprise appearance on the show in two episodes as Patch Boomhauer, the womanizer brother of the bumbling, often incomprehensible main character of Boomhauer.

Patch and Boomhauer have a hostile relationship, with even the charismatic Boomhauer failing to impress women the same way as Patch, and the character uses his brother to break up with his many girlfriends. A character actor of Pitt’s fame is the perfect casting for the role and can easily mimic Boomhauer’s iconic voice.

8/10 Jennifer Aniston Voices Pepperoni Sue

Jennifer Aniston played biker Pepperoni Sue in the episode “Queasy Rider.” Sue, along with her fellow biker husband, Lumpy, is traveling across the country on their second honeymoon. Sue and Lumpy meet Hank and Peggy and take a dislike to the couple before they begin to intermingle, and Sue flirts with Hank.

The episode contains one of Jennifer Aniston’s best roles on television and is a stark contrast to her Friendscharacter. Aniston’s voice acting lends itself well to the wild biker who has a disdain for “rubbies” – rich urban bikers.

7/10 Amy Adams Voices Misty, Sunshine, and Merilynn

Early in her acting career, a young Amy Adams voiced three different characters in the eighth season of the show – Misty, Sunshine, and Merilynn. This is an impressive feat for an actor in a guest role, but perhaps no surprise given the multi-Academy Award nominee’s talents.

Adams voiced many young teenage characters, frequently interacting with the younger characters like Bobby and Luanne. In the episode “Cheer Factor,” she voiced two cheerleaders when Bobby joins the team.

6/10 Brendan Fraser Voiced David “The Flyin’ Hawaiian” Kalaiki-Ali’i

Brendan Fraser voiced a major character in one episode of the show, as David “The Flyin’ Hawaiian” Kalaiki-Ali’i. David is the star player on Arlen High School’s football team, and his popularity means that he is given a pass by many teachers despite his poor academic performance, including Hank at his internship at Strickland Propane.

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Upon finding out he has a learning disability, David turns to the rather unpopular teacher Peggy Hill to tutor him into a passing grade. While this episode has a lot of laughs, as usual, it also has some genuinely touching moments.

5/10 Johnny Knoxville Voiced Hoyt Platter And Peter Sterling

Jackass star and actor Johnny Knoxville did double duty on the King Of The Hill as two different characters. His main role was voicing Hoyt Platter, Luanne’s deadbeat father, in multiple episodes. He also appeared as Peter Sterling, an “earth cleaner” that Bobby does work experience for that Hank takes a quick dislike towards.

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Knoxville’s enigmatic charisma and wild personality as a stuntman, as shown off on Jackass, make him the perfect casting to play these roles as characters that should be instantly dislikable but have their own charm. As the show goes on, Hoyt’s lies about his relationship with Luanne show through the cracks and make for a compelling character.

4/10 Danny Trejo Voices Several Characters

Danny Trejo appeared in over twenty episodes of the series as a number of different characters. Most typically, Trejo plays Enrique, a co-worker of Hank’s at Strickland Propane that often falls into financial difficulties. He also plays Octavio, a friend of Dale’s, and arguably one of the few characters in the show that shares his love for conspiracy theories.

King Of The Hill is a worthy addition to Danny Trejo’s 200+ credits in television and film – appealing to his tendency to make highly memorable guest appearances on shows. The character of Octavio was specially created to bear Trejo’s likeness, playing into the actor’s penchant for cameos.

3/10 Snoop Dogg Voices Alabaster Jones

Snoop Dogg appears in the episode “Ho Yeah!” as Alabaster Jones, a pimp that controls Tammi, one of Hank’s co-workers. Oblivious to Tammi’s prostitution, he and Peggy take Tammi under their wing and offer her shelter and tutoring to help with her GED, and Tammi provides them with money and makeovers in return. Alabaster mistakenly believes Hank is Tammi’s new pimp, and the two go to war.

“Ho Yeah!” is one of the best King Of The Hill episodes in the entire series, perfectly displaying Hank’s blissful ignorance and his rather awkward approach to confrontation in many hilarious scenes. Snoop Dogg plays Alabaster perfectly, using his smooth vocal style and wit that he is known for.

2/10 Meryl Streep Voices Esmé Dauterive

Despite Bill Dauterive frequently being portrayed as the character most down on his luck throughout the series, the character comes from an upper-class Cajun family in Louisiana. Bill, often isolated and in poverty following his divorce, occasionally reconnects with his family back in New Orleans. Meryl Streep voices Esmé Dauterive, his still-wealthy aunt who encourages him to rebuild the family and try his luck with the widows of deceased Dauterive men.

Meryl perfected the accent of the New Orleans Southern belle and is a perfect casting for the grand matriarch of the Dauterive family. Bill’s frequent misfortunes and his former glory days that he attempts to reconnect with throughout the show make him a fascinating character.

1/10 Betty White Voices Delia

The late Betty White, arguably the greatest star of the small screen, made a guest appearance on King Of The Hill as Delia, a friend of Hank’s mother Tilly. Delia is a mild-mannered woman that dislikes Hank’s brash attitude as he attempts to safely escort his mother and her elderly friends out of their vacation destination during a wild college spring break party.

Delia is the type of character Betty White was most known for – an elderly woman that, despite her sweet nature, is not to be messed with. When Delia and Hank butt heads as they argue over Tilly’s wellbeing and Hank’s attitude, it makes for some of the best moments in the episode.

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