10 Facts Only Marvel Comics Fans Know About World War Hulk


Spoilers for She-Hulk: Attorney At Law!

She-Hulk: Attorney At Lawdrew heavily from the character’s best comic books, including seminal runs from John Byrne and Dan Slott. Its biggest comic book contribution likely took place in the season finale, when the series introduced Skaar, Hulk’s son. Marvel Comics fans know Skaar debuted in World War Hulk, a 2007 storyline that MCU fans need to catch up on.

They especially need to as it seems the ‘movie’ She-Hulk refers to in the finale could be World War Hulk, as rumors indicate. Though Skaar’s circumstances in the comics changed in live-action, World War Hulk and the storylines that followed it seems to provide a roadmap for the MCU in coming movies and series.


10/10 Planet Hulk Sowed The Seeds

The origins for World War Hulk go back to Planet Hulk, among the best Hulk comic book storylines ever. This 2006 storyline saw The Illuminati exile Hulk to space for a rampage that destroyed las Vegas. He crash-landed on Sakaar and was forced to fight in a gladiatorial arena, eventually winning his freedom and impressing a Sakaarian woman, Caiera.

Hulk found peace on Sakaar with Caiera, but when the spaceship he arrived in exploded, she died along with countless others in Incredible Hulk #105. This led Hulk to seek revenge for her death against The Illuminati and whoever stood in the way.

9/10 The Warbound

Another key piece to World War Hulk already exists in the MCU. Hulk leaves Sakaar for Earth and revenge along with his Warbound, comprised of alien warriors he bonded with in the warrior. Several Warbound appeared in Thor: Ragnarok, including Korg and Miek, and remain active players in the movies.

The Warbound lent their considerable fighting experience and individual strengths to Hulk’s campaign on Earth. While Korg and Miek mostly align with Thor in the MCU, they could shift if the movies follow the comics.

8/10 Skaar Only Appears At The End

Comic book fans know Skaar only appears at World War Hulk’s end. He makes his first canonical appearance in issue #5, the final installment. Despite this, Skaar’s debut in live-action presents so many possibilities because his existence now offers the MCU a chance to explore events and characters that the comics did.

Skaar’s MCU story arc may also borrow from his first official comic book appearance. He initially appeared in What If? Planet Hulk #1, which imagined that his mother survived the ship’s explosion. Since fans know nothing about his mother in live-action, this could be the case.

7/10 More Powerful Than Ever

A major factor in World War Hulk concerns Hulk’s strength. Like other gamma mutates, he absorbs latent radiation. He absorbed Sakaar’s natural radiation, including its native Old Power, which made him more powerful than ever before. He returned to Earth arguably the strongest he had ever been in the comics.

This led to monumental destruction, including virtually the wholesale devastation of New York City. Hulk’s rampage shocked and stymied even the most powerful Marvel Comics superheroes.

6/10 Hulk Defeated Black Bolt

Comic book fans know The Illuminati includes Marvel’s best and brightest, including Doctor Strange, Professor X, Mr. Fantastic, Namor, Iron Man, and Black Bolt. Black Bolt fell first to the Hulk during his rampage in a stunning battle on the moon that makes for a potentially fantastic sequence in live-action.

Black Bolt intercepts Hulk on the moon and uses his iconic sonic scream against the green giant. It initially works, but Hulk possesses too much power, and he overwhelms Black Bolt.

5/10 Fighting The X-Men

Professor X numbers next on Hulk’s Illuminati hit list and their battle presents perhaps the most intriguing element for the MCU. Now that Marvel Studios owns the film rights to the mutants, a battle between the Hulk and the X-Men like the one that plays out in World War Hulk: X-Men #2 can now happen in live-action.

The Hulk makes short work of the X-Men, despite their combined power. He only relents when he discovers the Scarlet Witch decimated mutants in House of M, another important Marvel Comics event only a short time before.

4/10 Hulk Vs. She-Hulk

Hulk sets his sights on New York City and this results in epic warfare unlike anything seen in Marvel Comics before. It also pits Hulk against his cousin, She-Hulk. Though they both possess virtually unlimited strength thanks to their might being connected to how angry they are, she’s no match for his Sakaarian power.

The Hulk leaves She-Hulk wounded and in shock after a short fight. He proceeds to single-handedly defeat the New Avengers and the Fantastic Four in a shocking display of raw power.

3/10 Madison Square Garden Becomes A Gladiatorial Arena

The Hulk inflicts his experience on Sakaar back on The Illuminati. He transforms Madison Square Garden into a gladiatorial arena, forcing the team to fight each other to the death. This leads to an epic battle between Hulk and Doctor Strange, who powers up for the fight by combining his might with a demon.

This incredible visual begs to be realized in live-action, though the circumstances likely differ. Hulk wound up on Sakaar by accident in the MCU, and not forced exile like in the comics.

2/10 The Sentry Arrives

The battle comes to an earth-shattering conclusion in World War Hulk #5 when Sentry arrives. Sentry, among the most powerful Avengers not in the MCU, uses his incredible cosmic power to overwhelm the Hulk and knock him back into being Bruce Banner momentarily. This leads the Warbound to attack their leader.

The Warbound’s attack on Banner, whom they don’t recognize, leads to the Hulk’s savage return and a revelation that completely upends the entire storyline in its final act.

1/10 The Illuminati Didn’t Kill Caiera

The Warbound reveal a dark secret when the Hulk turns on them in the final moments. No Name of the Brood tells Hulk that The Illuminati didn’t rig Hulk’s ship to explode, killing Caiera and so many others. Acolytes for the Red King, whom Hulk and Caiera deposed, did that after the Hulk had granted them mercy.

The Grandmaster ruled Sakaar in Thor: Ragnarok and he could potentially fill the role the Red King does in the comics, and his supporters could be behind Caiera’s death or Skaar’s circumstances in live-action. However it unfolds, this epic storyline holds answers to questions MCU fans are sure to have after the She-Hulk finale.

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