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Spoilers for Werewolf By Night!

Marvel Studio’s Werewolf By Nightintroduced fans to the Bloodstones, a powerful family who take their name from the unusual gem in their possession. The gem factored heavily in the Halloween Special, and MCU fans wondering where this mystical force could turn up next need only look to Marvel Comics for clues.

The Bloodstone plays an important role in many comic book storylines going back to the 1970s when numerous horror-themed characters including Werewolf first appeared. The stone continues to feature in modern comics, in story arcs that likely forecast its live-action future and that of characters like Elsa Bloodstone.


10/10 The Bloodgem

Marvel fans know the Bloodstone first appeared in Marvel Presents #1 in 1975. The comics called it the Bloodgem but as with the Infinity Gems, the MCU changed their name to the Infinity Stones (which the comics later adopted). While the MCU remains murky on the stone’s origin in live-action, the comics provided definite answers.

The Bloodstone came to Earth circa 8000 B.C. within a meteorite that crashed in Europe. A hunter-gatherer found the fragmented meteorite and upon claiming the gem, realized near immortality and superhuman power.

9/10 The Exo-Mind

The Bloodgem grants its user superhuman strength, speed, and agility, allowing Ulysses Bloodstone to fight a towering monster in Marvel Presents #1. Marvel Presents #2 delved into the Bloodstone’s mysterious origins in detail. Bloodstone discovers the gem serves as a talisman for the Exo-Mind, a magical entity that ultimately kills Bloodstone’s people.

The Exo-Mind gave Bloodstone his powers, so he could serve as the entity’s avatar. Bloodstone’s possession and use of the gem potentially rank him among the most powerful magical beings in the Marvel Universe. These mostly manifest in immunity to other monsters, like vampires. Though the MCU begins with Bloodstone’s death, the comics utilized him for years.

8/10 Monster Hunter

Bloodstone operates as a monster hunter in the millennia that pass between his discovering the gem and the present day. In that time, he seeks vengeance against the Hellfire Helix. He fought many powerful creatures and monsters in his pursuit, perfecting his skills as a hunter and marksman.

He traveled across the world over the years, going to many important Marvel Comics fictional countries like Wakanda and K’un-Lun. These travels potentially inform developments in the MCU as the franchise explores its ancient past in more detail.

7/10 Third Eye Power

Bloodstone doesn’t gain the fantastic power The Exo-Mind possesses, but he does develop many magical abilities. Those include the Third Eye Power, an ability he shares somewhat in common with Doctor Strange, a fellow powerful magic user in Marvel Comics. Bloodstone uses this talent to see into people’s minds and auras.

This power also allows Bloodstone to travel to different planes of existence, something Elsa Bloodstone may do in the MCU now that she has possession of the powerful artifact.

6/10 Joining The Avengers

The Bloodstone’s powerful attributes likely serve some role in the MCU’s future as greater threats emerge. The comics likely point to its screen future by looking into the past. New Avengers #10 revealed that Bloodstone joined the superhero team in its earliest incarnation, back in 1959.

He joined Nick Fury, Dum Dum Duggan, and Kraven The Hunter, among Spider-Man’s best comic book villains, on a special mission to infiltrate Nazi Germany. Namora, Namor’s cousin, also served on the team, potentially opening up a link between Bloodstone and Talocan in the MCU.

5/10 The Bloodstone Hunt

The Bloodstone could fall into surprising hands in the MCU if Marvel Comics prove a blueprint. In The Bloodstone Hunt, among the best Captain America comic book storylines, Baron Zemo seeks the stone to resurrect his father, Heinrich. This comes after Ulysses Bloodstone dies and the gem fuses with his skeleton.

The Exo-Mind took possession of the revived Heinrich Zemo and through him tried to take over the world. This potentially plays out in live-action, though Zemo may seek to resurrect his lost family rather than his father.

4/10 Elsa Bloodstone Emerges

Elsa Bloodstone clearly promises to play a large role in the MCU going forward, and the comics provide plenty for fans to consider. She inherits a Bloodgem shard after her father’s death, though somewhat lesser in dimension than his. She inherited his immunity to vampires and other creatures, as well as a healing factor.

In addition to becoming a master martial artist under his tutelage at a young age, she also learned and mastered the occult. Elsa studied various mystical texts, including The Darkhold, the source of Chaos Magic in the world.

3/10 Deadpool Steals The Bloodstone

Several live-action developments line up to make Thunderbolts Annual #1 a possibility. In this comic, Deadpool tries to steal Elsa’s Bloodstone Choker, which contains the gem fragment. The mercenary infiltrates Bloodstone Manor along with Elektra, both on the Thunderbolts at this time, though things don’t go well.

Elsa makes short work of Deadpool and Elektra with some help from the Living Mummy and Frankenstein’s Monster, making for a fantastic MCU storyline once Deadpool crosses over into the franchise.

2/10 Secret Wars

Everything leads to Secret Wars in the MCU and the Bloodstone plays a role in the 2015 comic book event. Elsa discovers numerous variants of her father on Battleworld as well as many different Bloodstones from across the Multiverse. One Ulysses variant in particular seeks to combine all their power.

This variant attacks Elsa because he’s also a zombie. This storyline plays out in a Marvel Zombies tie-in to the larger storyline, which ends with Elsa fully resurrecting her late father.

1/10 The Legion Of Monsters

The Bloodstone’s immediate MCU future, along with Elsa, may lie in the Legion of Monsters. She joined the team in 2010 alongside Werewolf By Night, Morbius, and other horror-themed characters. Together, they defended the Monster Metropolis beneath New York City from numerous threats.

The Monster Metropolis makes sense in the MCU with so many Marvel horror characters emerging in live-action. Elsa and the Bloodstone also intersect with Red Hulk and the Thunderbolts during this period, further increasing the odds this concept appears on screen.

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