10 Easy Nintendo Switch Games For Beginners


The highly-anticipated platformer, Kirby and the Forgotten Land, came out earlier this year and received praise for its innovative gameplay and entertaining content. Its gameplay guide and on-screen tutorial videos also make it beginner-friendly and introduce established gaming mechanics to new players at a slow pace.

It’s not the only Switch game that’s ideal for players without much experience. Other story-driven titles like Night in the Woods and relaxing indie games like A Short Hike are perfect for those who are just starting to explore the console or even gaming in general.


Night In The Woods (2018)

Night in the Woods is a story-driven indie game on the Switch set in the sleepy town of Possum Springs. Players control Mae, a 20-year-old college dropout who’s reconnecting with her family and friends after a long period of absence. She soon realizes that something mysterious and potentially dangerous is happening in the woods, which is somehow connected to her missing friend, Casey.

The narrative is the focus of the 2D game, as Mae learns more about what she has missed and how much the town has changed the more she interacts with NPCs. There’s a distinct lack of any challenging mechanics, which is perfect for newcomers who want an immersive world with no pressure.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons (2020)

The simulation title Animal Crossing: New Horizons took the gaming world by storm when it was first released, as players couldn’t get enough of the adorable anthropomorphic characters and customizability of their islands. It’s a chill game that allows players to develop their own deserted islands by farming, crafting, fishing, building, and more.

Aside from introducing several mechanics in a laid back manner, beginners may also appreciate the social aspect that the game offers. It’s easy to develop friendships by visiting other players’ islands or inviting them over. Everything in the world also happens in real-time, which is a common characteristic in the simulation genre.

Donut County (2018)

The charming and often hilarious events in Donut County may be short-lived, but it’s impossible to put the Switch down after the first hole engulfs an item whole. Players control a hole in the ground for the main character, a raccoon named BK, who soon realizes that there’s a larger conspiracy behind his innocent-looking mobile app.

Its unique gameplay and easy puzzles make it beginner-friendly, as even the toughest levels are possible to solve within a few minutes. The physics adventure game is clearly more concerned with giving players a fun time rather than genuinely difficult puzzles, making it great for new gamers.

Kirby And The Forgotten Land (2022)

Kirby and the Forgotten Land follows the cute Nintendo mascot their first 3D adventure ever. After Kirby is dropped into a bizarre world full of relics from ancient civilizations, it’s up to players to beat the Forgotten Land’s fun levels to save Dreamland and all of its inhabitants.

The iconic character is easy to fall in love with through this instant classic, which has a surprising amount of content with impressive variety. The game is perfect for beginners looking for something a bit more challenging, but its on-screen tutorial videos and helpful gameplay guide are always there in case it gets too overwhelming.

Stardew Valley (2017)

After inheriting their deceased grandfather’s farm in Stardew Valley, the player character will find themselves in a charming small town that has seen better days. It’s up to gamers to grow crops, raise livestock, fish, cook, mine, forage, and more to restore the plot of land. Eventually, players can even get married and raise kids.

The simulation title is a classic for a reason. Newcomers can explore the numerous gameplay mechanics at their own pace, making it ideal for those who need time to learn the basics. It can get more difficult once combat is involved, but these stressful situations are offset by the game’s more relaxing portions.

New Pokémon Snap (2021)

Become a professional Pokémon photographer in New Pokémon Snap, which introduces fans to a whole new way of interacting with the numerous characters from the iconic franchise. The goal is to help Professor Mirror better understand the mysterious luminescent Pokémon around the Lental region, as well as uncover details about a local legend.

For beginners who want to get into Pokémon, the game serves as an easy and amusing way to meet and document the creatures that come in all shapes and sizes. It’s a ton of fun to collect new species and play around in the game’s engrossing environment.

Spiritfarer (2020)

Players take on the role of Stella in Spiritfarer, who, along with her pet cat Daffodil, takes over Charon’s duties as the eponymous ferry master. The management sim title invites players to collect spirits on their ship and take care of their needs during their long journey to the afterlife. Exploring new islands and purchasing materials are daily activities for the player character.

It’s an indie game everyone should play at least once, and is also good for beginners looking to delve into the genre. It’s slow-paced and gives gamers a lot of time to get used to its mechanics, so by the time things get complicated, players will feel well-equipped to face the more challenging levels.

Paper Mario: The Origami King (2020)

Newcomers to gaming are bound to encounter a Mario title eventually – Paper Mario: The Origami King is a great first choice for those who want to familiarize themselves with RPG mechanics. It follows Mario and his friends’ attempts at preventing the Mushroom Kingdom from turning into origami, which turns into an exciting journey to free Princess Peach’s castle and save the day.

This title mixes platforming mechanics with several puzzles scattered throughout its world. Its turn-based combat system is ideal for beginners who don’t have much experience with fast-paced battles. Overall, the title will introduce established RPG mechanics while throwing in some interesting novel elements with each new location.

Untitled Goose Game (2019)

Often cited alongside the best animal games on the Switch, Untitled Goose Game is a comedic title that lets players wreak havoc in a small village. Playing as the mischievous goose, gamers are tasked with stealthily setting up pranks, stealing objects from inhabitants, and generally ruining everyone’s day in creative and hilarious ways.

The beginner-friendly game has funny puzzles that never get too difficult, as it’s more about having a good laugh as the cunning goose. It’s also ideal for learning stealth mechanics in an amusing way, as the goose’s success relies on the player evading the villagers’ eyes long enough to set up elaborate pranks.

A Short Hike (2020)

A Short Hike is an indie adventure game with a deceptively simple premise. Players control a bird named Claire, who decides to go to the summit during her time in Hawk Peak Provincial Park, as she needs cellphone reception for an important call. Along the way, she has the choice to interact with other animals in the park, some of whom need help with simple tasks.

The relaxing game can help players unwind after a stressful day, as Claire’s journey provides scenic views, fascinating conversations, and fun mini-games that are not too challenging. The hike is the highlight of the short title, which emphasizes the importance of appreciating others and the beauty of the surroundings.

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