10 Directors Who Would Make A Great Video Game Adaptation, According To Reddit


The trailer for the new Super Mario Bros. movie will release on October 4, and it’s another reminder that despite typically negative reviews, video game movies aren’t leaving Hollywood any time soon. And with a slew of new adaptations on the horizon, it is only a matter of time before big-name directors take notice and make their own movies based on games.

From Jordan Peele to Christopher Nolan, there is a big opportunity for an established director to make the first critical video game movie hit. With plenty to choose from, users on Reddit took to the site to call out the directors that they want to see make the next video game film.


Guy Ritchie

Guy Ritchie is the undisputed master of the slick, witty action movie. User A-DON thought of Ritchie first when they said “Guy Ritchie working on a watch dog’s adaptation would be cool.”

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From his genre-bending films like Snatch to his more Hollywood work like Sherlock Holmes, Ritchie has shown he is comfortable working with an established property. He could bring a certain finesse to the video game movie that has sadly been lacking, and though his movies are always action-packed, they are smart as well.

Wes Anderson

Wes Anderson has many signature tropes, and his movies are usually hyper-stylized and extremely specific to his particular aesthetic. Despite this specialization, user DickieGreenleaf84 saw a perfect spot for Anderson in the video game movie world when they said “Wes Anderson doing Stardew Valley.”

No matter what game he was given to helm, it would undoubtedly have to be something that could conform to Anderson’s vision. AAA titles would most likely be off the table, but the rise of indie gaming has produced a host of great games that are just as quirky and original as Anderson himself.

Edgar Wright

The best filmmakers are able to put their own touches on everything that they work on, and though Edgar Wright has done a ton of different types of movies, they are always distinctly his. User IronicalMusings had nothing but faith in Wright when they commented “Edgar Wright by a mile. He gets it.”

Having already made Scott Pilgrim vs the World which adopted the look of classic video games, Wright has proven himself to be a fan of gaming in general. With many great unrealized projects in Wright’s past, it is not too farfetched to imagine he might one day direct his video game magnum opus.

Bong Joon-Ho

Finally getting the attention of Western audiences with his powerhouse Best Picture-winning film Parasite, director Bong Joon-Ho was already an established force in cinema long before. User Wiger_King had a dream scenario for the filmmaker, stating “Bong Joon Ho would be a good director for Metal Gear Solid. His work has a similar abrupt-gear-changing tone.”

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He wouldn’t mesh with just any gaming project, but games like Metal Gear Solid would be perfect for a director of Joon-Ho’s caliber. His movies are strikingly human while also dealing with familiar cinematic topics, and that emotional connection could serve to make any video game adaptation more accessible.

Steven Spielberg

Few filmmakers have had as big an impact on cinema as Hollywood legend Steven Spielberg, and his movies changed the way film is consumed by the masses. Concerning Spielberg’s diverse interests, user kasetti wrote “Spielberg I think has some gaming interests…he could pretty much direct any type of game adaptation.”

Competence is key when it comes to making a great video game movie, and Spielberg understands cinema from the ground up. Given proper support and funding, Spielberg could turn any gaming franchise into a successful film, and he would do so with his own whimsical flair that makes his movies so unique.

Zack Snyder

Some directors are never going to win any Oscars for their work, but they understand action and would be a perfect fit for a video game movie. User Benjb1996 mentioned one such director when writing “I think Zack Snyder could atleast nail the atmosphere of a Gears of War movie…I bet it’d look great”.

Snyder’s films have been hit or miss, but he never fails to capture spectacle on screen. Most of Snyder’s movies are very rewatchable, and there is no doubt that any video game he touched would translate well into his own brand of action-centric storytelling.

Gore Verbinski

Director Gore Verbinski might not be recognized as a cinematic auteur, but his catalog of films shows that he truly understands blockbuster cinema. Lamenting what could have been, user gregishere shouted out Verbinski when they said “Obviously the one that almost happened: Gore Verbinski making a Bioshock film”.

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If given the right game to adapt, Verbinski could certainly work his magic in taking an established property and making it more extravagant. BioShock has a rich lore and story, and having had Verbinski previously attached to the project makes it all the more plausible. But the game is getting a Netflix movie adaptation with Hunger Games director Francis Lawrence at the helm, which is promising.

Michael MannThe poster for the film Thief featuring James Caan

Action films are often pretty boilerplate in their execution, but director Michael Mann brought his own signature flair to his films. User keikobad didn’t mince words regarding a video game adaptation they would pay to see, writing “Michael Mann’s Grand Theft Auto“.

Mann’s neon-tinged thrillers exist in a world of their own, and his brilliant plotting would be a service to any video game that he came in contact with. The user specifically mentioned Grand Theft Auto, and the open-world nature of those games would give a filmmaker like Mann a lot to work with.

Christopher Nolan

Of all the filmmakers who combine over-the-top spectacle together with brilliant filmmaking, Christopher Nolan is perhaps the most successful at it. User Benjb1996 speculated on the possibility of a Nolan video game movie, saying “I’d be curious to Nolan doing a Prey movie as he sticks mainly to practical effects”.

A love for the reality of filmmaking has made Christopher Nolan’s best films even better, and a sense of reality is what a lot of video game movies are lacking. If he was to make a game movie, it would have to be a headier subject, though Nolan’s expertise would be uniquely suited to a more action-oriented style of game.

Jordan Peele

Though Peele only has three feature films under his belt, he has already shown himself to be the next generation of Hollywood auteur. User 63Lazarou had nothing but confidence in the young filmmaker when he wrote, “Jordan Peele could probably do it right.”

Peele has only done his own stories so far, and a video game adaptation would be a unique stretch for his abilities. Considering his affinity for the genre, there are plenty of intelligent horror game titles that would be perfect for the silver screen. Though others have tried in the past, what many horror game adaptations have been lacking is a brilliant director like Peele.

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