10 Coolest Hidden Details In Movies, According To Reddit


Many films, including the new Top Gun: Marverick, have little details within the film. Whether these special inclusions are just fun details or tricky Easter eggs, fans love picking them out of a scene.

These little details come in different forms. Sometimes they’re simply interesting aspects that give the movie more depth. Other times they’re small homages to other movies or a person that works within the industry. While these details can be smart to pick out on screen, some viewers have a knack for spotting the slightest details. These Redditors picked out these hidden details from these popular movies.


10/10 Scream And The Exorcist

In the ’70s, Linda Blair’s role as Regan in The Exorcist earned her critical acclaim and a Golden Globe Award. From the role, Blair was deemed one of the most notable Scream Queens. When Scream came out, the villain subverted expectations, and Sidney Prescott became one of the most iconic Final Girls.

Since The Exorcist paved the way for many horror films, paranormal or otherwise, this hidden detail not only thrills horror lovers but is humorous. Given what the character Regan goes through, it’s funny that Blair’s line in this slasher would be asking about how it feels to get brutally butchered.

9/10 Doctor Sleep And The Shining

Stephen King’s novel Doctor Sleep was released in 2013, but it’s the sequel to The Shining which was published back in 1977. This correlates with the release of the film adaptions, with the original The Shining being released in 1980 and Doctor Sleep being released nearly 40 years later.

There are a few ways the sequel pays homage to the original film, including Danny as an adult and other people with his unique psychic abilities. However, the sequel film also pays homage to the first film in small ways. If one can catch the 1980 house number on the gate in this scene, it’s an interesting hidden detail that pulls the original into the new release.

8/10 Jaws

There are dozens of shark horror films that have been released since this iconic ’70s cult classic. However, many consider Jaws to be one film that can’t be rebooted. While there have been many films that have attempted to emulate this groundbreaking shark film, none have come close to surpassing the story developed by the iconic filmmaker.

This small detail was spotted on the big screen by Redditor Megleeker. It’s hard to say if this was a choice of the director or if he allowed the actor to smoke while filming, but’s a nice touch. As the tension from the shark attacks heightens, the realistic nature of the Mayor’s smoking becomes more realistic.

7/10 Tron: Legacy

Tron: Legacy was released in 2010, hoping to catch the interest of the cult following behind the original Tron films. The Black Hole was a 1979 film that has since had mixed reviews, but Disney was working on a remake to catch the attention of new science fiction fans but according to the The DisInsider, it has been shelved due to similarities to Interstellar.

The figurine on Sam’s desk in Tron: Legacy was placed within this film as an Easter egg because Joseph Kosinski was set to work on the remake of The Black Hole. Though the project has reportedly been put on the back burner for now, it was a nice detail within his newest movie to hint at a remake of a cult classic science fiction film.

6/10 Robots

Robots is set in a world entirely populated by robots, following the story of aspiring inventor Rodney who hopes his success will help save his ailing father who cannot afford new parts. While there were mixed reviews for this animated film, it was praised by critics for its beautiful animation and laugh reels.

This hidden detail in this film focusing on robots is a nice touch to make the machines display relatable human characteristics. Despite the fact that they’re machines, the characters are surprisingly human-like, with real-world struggles and emotions emulated in the children’s film.

5/10 Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules

Jeff Kinney’s Diary Of A Wimpy Kid novel series is particularly successful in children’s literature, with the 17th installment set to be released this upcoming October. The book success has also led to a currently five-movie (with a short animated adaptation available on Disney+) franchise based on the novel storyline.

There are many authors, like Stephenie Meyer and Stephen King, that have done cameos in the movie adaptions of their novels. Seeing Jeff Kinney play a small part in one of these movie adaptations is a hidden detail that shows the writer’s interest in these takes on their story.

4/10 Nope

Jordan Peele’s characters often come with strong survival instincts, making them well-developed and interesting. Peele’s Nope is a Neo-Western science fiction film about two siblings running a horse ranch when something supernatural occurs in the skies above.

In the film, Peele chose to add little details in the background that highlight black cowboys that haven’t gained enough attention due to Hollywood focusing on the white cast members. For example Duel at Diablo stars Sidney Poitier, though he’s often overlooked in media surrounding the film compared to his white costar James Garner. This inclusion emphasizes how these Black cowboys in cinematic history influence modern films.

3/10 Friday

Friday is a 1995 comedy about a young man that is already having a bad day after getting fired from his job, but things only get worse after he gets wrapped into the dangerous situation of his buddy owing money to a local drug dealer.

In this movie, there’s an iconic scene when the young men are fawning over their attractive neighbor. The scene is so focused on what they are seeing, that some viewers overlook the fact that Ms. Parker doesn’t even have a lawn to water. This makes audiences wonder why they decided to make her watering dirt instead of a lawn.

2/10 Top Gun: Maverick

In this sequel, Maverick has worked thirty years in the Navy as an aviator, he finds himself teaching a team of Top Gun graduates to prepare them for a special mission.

After this exiting sequel, fans want to see other 80s legacy movies like Top Gun get a revival sequel film. Like the Easter egg from Doctor Sleep, this long-awaited sequel paid homage to the original film by having one of the characters press 86 into a jukebox, which is the same year the original film came out. Though there are some similarities between the first and second films, these small details are fun for fans to keep an eye out for.

1/10 Thor: Love And Thunder

In the Avengers universe, the world is aware of the heroes that protect their world from supernatural dangers. This has been both a point of praise for heroes like Thor, but also a point of conflict when the people feel threatened by their own saviors, such as the circumstances behind Civil War.

This is represented in different ways within the Marvel universe, including this short in which the audience sees Thor living a “mundane” life with a human roommate. Including this extra from one of Thor’s more humorous moments is a nice treat for die-hard fans of the Asgardian.

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