10 Characters Keanu Reeves Should Play In The MCU, According To Reddit


Keanu Reeves’ career was completely rejuvenated with the John Wick series, which has led to so many more opportunities for the beloved actor, including meeting with Kevin Feige about a role in the MCU. However, fans are still anxiously waiting to find out what the result of that meeting was if any at all.

But, as they’re known to do, that has led to fans of both the actor and Marvel making fan-castings of their own. Whether it’s the motorbike-riding undead, a cool metallic being who surfs across the universe, and Old Man Logan himself, many characters seem custom-made for Reeves.


Silver Surfer

EasterIslandStatue wants to see Reeves play the Silver Surfer, who would most likely be introduced in the MCU soon, given his role in the Fantastic 4 comic books. The Redditor makes a great point, noting, “His bewildered, yet weirdly philosophical, uncanny coolness is perfect for the totally dissociated Norrin Radd that the Fantastic Four first meet.”

Silver Surfer is undoubtedly one of the coolest Marvel characters that have ever existed, and in that respect, there’s no more obvious choice for the role than the man who is heralded as “the internet’s boyfriend.” The anti-hero has metallic skin and rides across the universe on a surfboard-like craft. If anything, Reeves should be cast in the role just so fans can enjoy all the Point Break references that would be undoubtedly written into it.

Ghost Rider

Helloautobot thinks that whenever Ghost Rider appears, it should be in the form of Keanu Reeves. The Redditor posits, “There’s some reliable leakers saying Ghost Rider will pop up very soon.” MCU fans have been waiting for Ghost Rider to be inducted into the universe for a while now, as audiences even expected him to appear in Doctor Strange 2.

While the 2022 movie was full of surprise cameos, Johnny Blaze’s absence was one of the biggest disappointments, especially as Doctor Strange and Blaze are on the Midnight Sons superhero team together. Though the actor is pushing 60, and it’s a little hard to imagine him as the restless and quite literally a hot-headed superhero, Reeves is an avid motorcyclist and looks the part, so Ghost Rider could be the best option.

Reed Richards

It seems that with each passing day, fans are no closer to finding out who will be cast as Marvel’s first superheroes. In fact, it seems like audiences are further from finding out than before Doctor Strange 2. While John Krasinski plays Reed Richard in the Doctor Strange movie and is the most popular fan-casting, that doesn’t mean it’s a certainty. And ShermyTheCat thinks Krasinski should be traded out for Reeves.

The Redditor wants to see the Matrix actor assume the role of the smartest man in the world, and it’d be a new kind of character that Reeves has never played before. Though Reeves would undoubtedly be great as Ghost Rider or Wolverine, those are all predictable choices for the gruff and scruffy actor. Seeing Reeves play an intelligent scientist who thrives in the laboratory would be a refreshing change of pace, though it wouldn’t exactly be utilizing the actor’s strengths.

Mister Sinister

Usagii_YO wants to see Reeves cast as the X-Men villain Mister Sinister. Through the process of deduction, the Redditor pitches, “He’s up there in age, sorta. And I just can’t see who he could possibly play as a hero or villain. And with his age and appearance, he seems like he’s a perfect fit for Mr. Sinister.”

However, if Reeves was cast as Mister Sinister, he’d simply be yet another beloved actor who was underused and played a villain of the week. This happens way too often, as Kurt Russell was underused as Ego in Guardians Vol. 2, and Christian Bale was underused as Gorr in the recently released Thor: Love and Thunder. On top of that, as the X-Men likely aren’t getting introduced until Phase 7, which is three whole phases away, fans will have to wait a while.


While many would love to see Reeves play Silver Surfer, others want to see him play the antihero’s superior. Fil3d notes, “My realistic hope is Silver Surfer. My off-beat hope is Galactus.” Galactus is a cosmic entity that gets energy from devouring entire planets, and Silver Surfer is his flying monkey who finds him his food.

Reeves as Galactus is one of the hardest fan-castings to imagine without seeing it, but it’d be a perfect vehicle for Reeves to ham it up. The character has yet to appear in his true form on the big screen, as he was literally a hurricane-like cloud in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, and casting Reeves would be taking it in the exact opposite direction.


There’s been no sign of Mephisto yet, but ever since before WandaVision premiered, fans have unequivocally believed that he was going to appear at some point. Fans have been trying to find clues that the studio has seemingly been leaving like breadcrumbs that Marvel’s version of the devil will be the next Thanos-level threat.

It has since been announced that Kang is the Multiverse Saga’s overarching villain, but that hasn’t stopped Current-Money-9490 from fan-casting Reeves as Mephisto. The Redditor posits, “I think he would play a sick Mephistopheles as he’s already a menacing figure and they could make him way darker using CGI, plus, we’ve already seen him play the religious role in Constantine.”

One Above All

Though Kang is the head of the multiverse in the MCU, in the comic books, One Above All is the supreme ruler of the multiverse, only he uses his power for good, unlike the purple-capped villain. Trueleo1 thinks that the MCU should introduce One Above All and that he should be played by Reeves, noting, “Well they can finally introduce the One Above All into the MCU.”

It’d be a great role for Reeves, and it’d play into all the memes about him being a godly figure and the internet’s boyfriend, too. But above all else, it’d also give the actor a chance to show off his range, as the ruler has an evil alter ego, the One Below All.


Musty-Sphere notes one of the most popular choices, stating that Reeves should take up the mantle of Wolverine. The Redditor argues, “I know his height is taller than that of comic book Wolverine but so was Hugh Jackman, and he did a fantastic job, and an actor like Keanu Reeves could actually rival that performance.”

Though it’s a great choice, age is a big factor that could keep the casting from happening. To put it into context, Reeves is five years older than Hugh Jackman, and even then, Jackman retired from the role five years ago with the swan song Logan. While it’d be great to see Reeves as a more mature Old Man Logan, that story has just recently been told, and it’s clear that Marvel Studios wants to go in a younger direction.


Though Dracula might be an iconic horror character, the vampire is in the public domain, meaning anyone can write a story about him, which is why he’s a villain in Marvel comic books. And Eneg thinks the Count should be inducted into the MCU with Reeves attached to play him.

The Redditor notes, “I could see Dracula being a Blade villain or even a villain for Doctor Strange. I doubt they’d go there in the MCU, though. Maybe in another part of the multiverse…” And like with Silver Surfer, casting Reeves as Dracula would be on the nose and self-aware, as the actor played Jonathan Harker in the Francis Ford Coppola-directed Bram Stoker’s Dracula, one of the best ever gothic monster movies.


SecretlyMadeOfStone thinks outside of the box and argues that Reeves should play himself in the universe. And while that sounds strange, they have a great argument that would make anybody think differently, pitching, “I’d kinda like to see him play a Skrull version of himself, with the Skrulls having infiltrated Hollywood.”

With Secret Invasion being an upcoming Disney+ series that sees Skrulls disguising themselves as humans, the Redditor’s pitch is such a great idea, and there’s room for not just Reeves to feature but many other actor cameos, too. And with She-Hulk’s popularity and Deadpool becoming a part of the MCU, there’s so much room for meta jokes in the MCU right now.

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