10 Best YouTube Channels For Understanding Marvel Comics


With YouTube evolving as a video version of Wikipedia, anyone with internet access can learn about anything. As trends, technological advances, and mother nature have necessitated an alteration in how people intake media; YouTube has only risen in popularity.

For Marvel comic enthusiasts looking to brush up on foundational superhero lore or purchase a favorite hero’s first appearance, YouTube offers numerous channels regarding the wonderful world of Marvel Comics. These channels cover almost any facet of Marvel Comics that a fan could potentially want to learn about and can offer proper education on the matter.


10/10 Comicstorian

For those seeking an in-character rereading of Marvel Comics done right, look no further than the YouTube channel Comicstorian. Providing creative and impassioned audio renderings of many of Marvel Comics’ best and the most powerful of the worst, Benny and the rest of his team at Eligible Monster leave viewers in a good spot.

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Starting the channel eight years ago, Comicstorian has been a mainstay amongst the YouTube comic community, pumping out comic performances daily. Another bonus is that comic fans can soak in knowledge without being required to look at the screen due to the narrative nature of the Comicstorian channel.

9/10 CBR

Starting in October 2008 as a YouTube channel devoted to coverage of comic book news and discussions, Comic Book Resources has grown to become a go-to for Marvel Comics knowledge. Perhaps more recognizable by its business acronym, CBR churns out daily content, covering anything comic-related.

Complete with a massive trove of content featuring thousands of videos, CBR offers something for all fans of Marvel Comics. With a finger on the pulse of the comic industry, CBR figures to remain a top YouTube destination for those seeking knowledge concerning the realm of Marvel Comics.

8/10 ComicTropes

Undoubtedly one of the hidden gems of Marvel Comics knowledge on YouTube, ComicTropes focuses specifically on the various elements, themes, and dialogues both writers and characters use to create the magnificent stories fans have come to love over the years. However, perhaps better utilized by intermediate to expert comic fans possessing a comprehensive knowledge of the top comic creators, like HoFer Chris Claremont, all fans can still glean value and understanding from this channel.

Additionally, due to the content and discussions, ComicTropes constantly revisit much of the critical history of Marvel Comics, giving viewers historical relevance and context on the heroes and villains that captivate the imagination.

7/10 Comics Explained

Vowing to make viewers comic book fans in 30 minutes or less, Comics Explained is at the top of many comic resources on the YouTube list. Founded almost a decade ago by life-long comic fan Rob, CE covers any noteworthy comic arcs of the last 30+ years with measured wit and engaging dialogue.

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Methodical about rehashing and tying in the various storylines and relevant players, CE shoots for a comprehensive understanding. Where CE truly stands out, though, is the pure exuberance and joy Rob brings to every video that permeates and fuels the vaunted Rob Corps.

6/10 Comics With Bueller

Any comic fan that wishes to gain insight into the business-inclined knowledge of Marvel Comics should give the YouTube channel Comics With Bueller a gander. Bueller has a keen eye for value and spotting rushes before they happen, focusing primarily on trends and the raw numbers.

Indeed, not the channel to research the strongest villains in Marvel Comics, Bueller specializes in the monetary market surrounding comic collecting. Bueller helps collectors identify good values and is recommended as a YouTube destination for any would-be collector looking for sound buying advice.

5/10 Marvel Entertainment

The official Marvel Entertainment channel remains committed to bringing great stories, characters, and experiences to people worldwide. Fans can’t mention Marvel Comics on YouTube without respecting their creators properly. ME is constantly updated and offers a little bit of everything for those seeking a basic introduction to Marvel Comics.

The Marvel Entertainment YouTube channel represents outstanding value even for seasoned comics pros. ME also has the license to use any content in any way; thus, the freedom ME enjoys allows it to be an excellent place for enjoying new trailers, releases, etc.

4/10 Thinking Critical

As the name would suggest, the Thinking Critical YouTube channel takes an in-depth, analytical approach to Marvel Comics. Thus, more tenured and knowledgeable comic fans are likely to accrue more from the detailed process of Wes and company.

Thinking Critical reveals its actual value in its ability to use YouTube as a viable forum for deep and meaningful reviews and dialogue, often leaving viewers with food for thought. Such cerebral stimulation results in a more well-rounded understanding within the Marvel Comics fanbase.

3/10 Top 10 Nerd

Led by the infamous #nerdsquad, the YouTube channel Top 10 Nerd is home to one of the best destinations for Marvel Comics information. As the name would indicate, Nerd frequently tackles comic book culture through the lens of lists relevant to comic fans, like the highly chronicled supernatural denizens of Marvel.

Representing the primary YouTube resource for quantifiable ranking of many facets of Marvel Comics, Nerd assists fans in categorizing and organizing the overwhelming amount of information contained within the Marvel Comics universe.

2/10 Variant Comics

Celebrating a decade of creating on YouTube earlier this year, Variant Comics is a tried and trustworthy source of facts and figures regarding Marvel Comics. A haven of geekdom, Variant broadcasts directly from its colorful studio giving viewers that in-home vibe.

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Hosted by energetic and personable Arris Quinones, Variant almost always infuses copious amounts of tremendous energy. Ultimately, the combination of form and function distinguishes Variant as a top source for covering the comic goodness of Marvel on YouTube.

1/10 WhatCulture Comics

Catering to Marvel comic fans looking to digest information in the form of lists or reviews, WhatCulture Comics is one of the top YouTube channels on the matter. With clean, concise videos that view in 15 minutes or less, WhatCulture is perfect for Marvel comic fans looking for a more time-friendly knowledge channel.

With an extensive video library, WhatCulture Comics has unearthed information for virtually any Marvel comic fan. Finally, WhatCulture does a bang-up job with varying the list of topics while keeping the videos relevant and connected to other media.

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