10 Best Video Games That Can Be Beaten In Less Than An Hour


With contemporary games like Cyberpunk 2077 and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla taking up to 107 and 139 hours to beat, respectively, players who prefer shorter completion times are likely having a challenging time looking for quick titles to beat. Thankfully, there are a few remarkable games that can be completed in less than an hour, without having to be a talented speedrunner.

From the story-driven indie game, Florence, to the hilarious sandbox adventure title, Goat Simulator, video games don’t have to take forever to finish for them to be enjoyable and memorable. Players who don’t have much time to dedicate to their consoles should definitely check out these short games.


Florence (2020)

Florence is a story-driven indie game for the Switch that tells a heartfelt story centered on the titular character. At 25 years old, she’s feeling a little lost and tired of her daily routines. This all changes when she meets a cello player named Krish, who soon transforms her days in both good and bad ways.

The visual novel relies on easy interactions to push the narrative forward, so all the player has to do is enjoy its poignant events. It takes just a little over 40 minutes to complete its main story, as its simple puzzles don’t require much thought and its overarching narrative is over before gamers know it.

The Stanley Parable (2013)

Known as a philosophical game that raises questions about choice and fate, The Stanley Parable invites players to make crucial decisions to influence the events. The player controls Stanley who hears instructions from a narrator but can choose not to follow them. There are multiple endings depending on what gamers decide to do.

Depending on the choices players make, the game can be completed in as little as over an hour to over seven hours. There are multiple endings to discover, based on whether Stanley faithfully follows the narrator or chooses to go his own way.

A Short Hike (2020)

Set in the serene and lush landscapes of Hawk Peak Provincial Park, A Short Hike is a comforting video game with a deceptively simple premise. It follows a bird named Claire on her adventure through the environment, initially in an effort to reach the summit where there’s cellphone reception. Along the way, though, she’ll encounter well-written characters who may need her help and even entertaining minigames that can distract her.

If players shoot straight for the top, the game can be beaten in a little over an hour. Those who want to take their time can spend up to four hours meeting all the colorful characters and maximizing the mini-activities scattered throughout the game.

Burly Men At Sea (2017)

Set in 20th-century Scandinavia, Burly Men at Sea is a charming indie adventure game that follows a trio’s journey through the waters. Players will encounter creatures from folklore, fascinating people, and perilous locations, all depending on the path they choose to take. Gamers take on the roles of storyteller and wayfinder to guide the three men through the environments.

One playthrough can last as short as 30 minutes, but those who want another round can always restart the title and make different decisions. Its unique minimalist design and effective comedy can keep gamers entertained from start to finish.

Flower (2013)

Often cited alongside the most captivating video games with no dialogue, Flower challenges the norm by emphasizing the environment rather than a player character. Gamers are tasked with controlling the wind to influence the motion of the flower, which can revive barren landscapes and invite other plants to come along for the journey.

It’ll take a bit of speeding through its environments to beat it in an hour, as it usually takes two to really appreciate the level of detail, sound design, and wordless narrative that it offers. It’s a title that has held up incredibly well and is still worth checking out today.

The Innsmouth Case (2020)

Inspired by the works of horror legend H.P. Lovecraft, The Innsmouth Case is a detective adventure in the form of an interactive book that thrusts players in the middle of a puzzling case involving a missing girl and magic. The remote fishing village hides numerous secrets for the detective to discover, most of which are supernatural in nature.

It takes as little as half an hour to complete the main story of the genuinely original game. Fans of the choose-your-own-adventure types of titles may find themselves going back and finding more of the bizarre clues and shocking twists that were hidden throughout the game.

Gone Home (2016)

One of the best Annapurna video games from recent years, Gone Home invites players to investigate an abandoned house. The player character is a young woman who has come home to an empty home in 1995 and is then given the choice to look through the abandoned house to figure out what happened. Notes, images, and items will point her in the right direction.

If fans just want to beat the game as fast as possible, walkthroughs can guide them to the finish line in a little under an hour. To truly be immersed in the experience, though, it would be best to dedicate two to three hours to look through the clues that will slowly unravel the mystery of the family’s disappearance.

Refunct (2019)

Set in a serene world free of violence and death, Refunct encourages players to relax while they bring vibrance and life to the environment. Gamers can walk and jump around the beautiful landscapes and listen to calming music as they complete simple tasks.

Half an hour is all gamers need to complete this game. It promises to be a peaceful escape from the noise that’s all about focusing on unwinding and having fun. While players can spend as much time as they want to go through the world, it will rarely take over an hour to see everything it has to offer.

Wheels Of Aurelia (2016)

Set in 1978 Italy, Wheels of Aurelia follows the story of Lella who drives through the titular Italian motorway and meets companions and hitchhikers along the way. Players get to participate in their dialogues and decide to bring along someone for the ride, which can alter the way the game ends.

Gamers can complete the title in as little as 15 minutes, but can also choose to explore extra content that can stretch that time to an hour. Its cool visuals are in stark contrast with the kind of conversations Lella has, which can revolve around topics like the Mafia and fascism.

Goat Simulator (2014)

Goat Simulator is a comedy game that needs no introduction. Players live out their dreams and become a mischievous goat who can wreak havoc around the city. It can tumble around like a ragdoll, catch fire, fly with a jetpack or a helicopter, and more, all in an effort to have fun and goof around.

The game’s main objectives can be carried out in just an hour if players ignore all the opportunities to do wacky things in the environment. Realistically, though, gamers can find themselves putting in countless hours to see all the wild stunts and tricks the goat is capable of in the hilarious game.

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