10 Best Twitter Reactions To The Super Mario Bros. Movie Trailer


As The Super Mario Bros. Movie is one of the most hotly-anticipated films of 2023, Illumination Entertainment dropped the quirky first trailer on Thursday’s Nintendo Direct, revealing the graphics and voiceovers for Browser, Mario, and Luigi. The movie looks promising and seems like a bona fide adaptation of the popular video game, with fans seeing Browser’s threat and Mario’s exploration of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Illumination Entertainment’s footage has left many Super Mario fans ecstatic, who have been blown away by the movie’s beautifully realized visuals. Twitter, in particular, is especially enthusiastic about the movie’s first trailer, which truly brings the plumber’s delightful escapades to life.


Kamek Is Actually Here

The Super Mario games have included countless antagonists, with one of the most iconic being Kamek. Kevin Michael-Richardson voices the quirky wizard in the movie. Twitter user @Inkomi is impressed by what they have seen regarding Kamek, saying, “HIS DESIGN AND VOICE ARE ON POINTT.”

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This take on Kamek seen within the teaser neatly conveys his enigmatic side, as he introduces viewers to “the King of the Koopas.” The actor carries a powerful demeanor, with the magical being appearing as one of Bowser’s most formidable minions.

Chris Pratt’s Mario Sounds Like Chris Pratt

Super Mario has appeared in some of the best Mario 3D games, with audiences left enchanted by his grand adventures. While fans are excited the mustachioed plumber will return to the big screen in one of his greatest adventures, some were critical of Chris Pratt’s voiceover for Mario.

Twitter user @starteas expressed their disappointment, saying that Mario’s voice sounds exactly like Pratt’s normal voice. Though Pratt does evoke some of Mario’s steely determination in the face of danger, the effort itself still seems underwhelming.

A Great Reference To The Penguins

Super Mario‘s fun-filled video games feature many vibrant worlds, and some of the most dynamic environments appear in Super Mario 64. The Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer includes a particularly enjoyable nod to this famous Mario escapade, with Twitter’s @Mr_C_NES thrilled to see “the penguins from SM64” appear.

The penguins’ inclusion forms a wonderfully unexpected call-back to Mario’s first 3D video game. The penguins can be found in Super Mario 64’s charming “Cool, Cool Mountain” world, where Mario challenges the baby penguin Tuxie to a race. Their addition showcases Nintendo’s clear influence on the movie, which is set to pay homage to Mario’s vast back catalog.

Keegan Michael-Key’s Toad Is Adorable

Toad has several great memes about him, with gamers charmed by his childlike nature. The Super Mario Bros. Movie managed to emulate his cuteness, and Twitter user @SonicpoX thought Keegan Michael-Key’s voice as Toad “is great.”

Upon meeting Super Mario, Keegan Michael-Key’s Toad is utterly adorable, as he hugs one of the kingdom’s prettiest mushrooms. Toad is a lovely presence throughout the trailer, showing the character’s clear potential to be one of the film’s biggest highlights.

The True Super Mario Bros. Movie G.O.A.T.S.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie promises to deliver an excellent cinematic take on the video game series. The hotly-anticipated animated feature is not Hollywood’s first attempt at a film adaptation of the gaming saga, and Twitter poster @TheAmericanphoe describes the original live-action Super Mario Bros. Movie as the “G.O.A.T.S.”

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This humorous comment provides an entertaining reminder of the 1993 fantasy epic. The film’s rather bizarre adaptation of the video game franchise failed to attract an audience during its release, with some viewers left baffled by the movie’s weird deviations from the source material.

Jack Black Is Incredible As Bowser

Since his debut in the original Super Mario Bros., the character Bowser has become one of the best villains Mario has faced. Mario’s greatest foe will be voiced by Jack Black in The Super Mario Bros. Movie, and viewers are overjoyed by their first taste of his performance. Twitter user @TheNCSmaster exclaimed how Black “sounds GREAT as Bowser” in the trailer.

Jack Black brings an intimidating demeanor to his depiction of Bowser. His voice carries Bowser’s strong sense of menace, demonstrating the significant threat he poses to the Mushroom Kingdom, as he joyfully declares how he has “finally found” the Invincibility Star.

The Breathtaking & Pristine Visuals

Nintendo’s Super Mario games have a distinctive visual style, with their cartoony aesthetic proving instantly appealing to audiences of all ages. Twitter user @MadKaiser98 is glad to see Illumination Entertainment’s animation is emulating the same artistic approach, stating how he’s “really liking the visuals.”

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The Super Mario Bros. Movie’s animation stays true to the original games’ illustrations and design, with the trailer showcasing the games’ fantastical environments. Illumination Entertainment’s upcoming cartoon emulates the spirit of the Mushroom Kingdom, reflecting the world’s same sense of joy and wonderment.

So Much Love For Luigi

In Super Mario, Luigi has some of the funniest memes since fans poke fun at him for being less prominent than his brother, but that doesn’t mean they do not love him. Although Luigi is barely featured in the trailer, his small appearance has still delighted viewers, with @Jackerler2001 enthusiastically declaring Luigi to be their “beloved.”

The trailer provides a brilliantly accurate take of Luigi from the games as he hides behind a castle door. Mario’s younger brother seems hilariously out of his depth within this brief sequence, with Luigi fleeing in terror from an army of Dry Bones.

Promising Character Designs

Cinematic recreations of video game characters can prove hit-and-miss, with Paramount Pictures’ original Sonic The Hedgehog design having caused much controversy during the live-action’s initial trailer. Fortunately, the CGI recreation has proven significantly more successful, with Twitter poster @BasedPota18 calling Illumination’s cartoon model “fine,” but they had hoped to see more with Bowser’s graphics.

Nevertheless, the looks and designs seem faithful to the characters in the games. In particular, Illumination Entertainment recreates the plumber’s iconic blue and red overalls, allowing Mario to feel as though he has stepped straight out of the video games.

Is This Illumination?

Illumination’s films have developed a strong reputation as family-friendly fare, with some moviegoers acting in dismay at their movies’ more childish sense of humor. The Super Mario Bros. Movie looks to display a greater comedic style, with @GeneralTempest surprised at the lack of “Mario fart jokes.”

This hotly-anticipated trailer features many amusing moments, such as Toad’s overly dramatic warning that Mario will “die” if he touches one of the Kingdom’s mushrooms. Perhaps, the most amusing gag comes during the penguins’ assault on Bowser, with these adorable marine animals attacking the ferocious turtle with snowballs.

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