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As Halloween creeps around the corner, Netflix has timed its new paranormal investigation reality TV show 28 Days Haunted for an October 19th, 2022 release. The show entails three groups of daring ghost hunters who agree to stay inside some of the most haunted houses on record, with the theoretical work of famed paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren informing which sinister location to explore.

While countless paranormal investigation reality TV shows take a game show or silly comedic approach, the ones worth watching alongside 28 Days Haunted are downright terrifying.


10/10 Most Haunted (2002-Present)

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One of the longest-running reality TV shows of its ilk, Most Haunted has been mortifying viewers for 23 seasons and over 380 episodes since 2002. Hosted by Yvette Fielding, the series explores the most infamously haunted locations in the UK as teams of psychics, mediums, and scientists combine their efforts to confront supernatural entities. As such, it’s easy to see the direct lineage to 28 Days Haunted.

The addictive fright-fest has been praised for chronicling some of the oldest European sites, ruins, castles, churches, and other haunts, with the show’s 2004 Live Halloween Special at Pendle Hill standing out as one of the most bone-chilling episodes that fans continue to talk about to this day, especially the bit featuring the haunted Trinity Youth Centre.

9/10 Ghost Adventures (2008-Present)

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With over 300 episodes since 2008 and counting, Ghost Adventures and its various spinoffs continue to torment and terrify viewers everywhere. Beyond the ghoulish environs, awesome teamwork, and palpable chemistry among paranormal investigators Zak, Aaron, Billy, and Jay, the mixture of visceral thrills, historical context, and personal drama elevates the show beyond the pale.

As one of the Travel Channel’s most popular TV shows since its inception, Ghost Adventures features the visual aesthetic that has been commonplace in such beloved ghost-hunting reality shows, using green filters and infrared night vision, EMF meters to monitor paranormal activity, Ovilus devices, audio recorders, handheld cameras and the like, all of which combine to give the show a shocking documentary-like verisimilitude that couldn’t feel more authentic for 28 Days Haunted fans.

8/10 Ghost Hunters (2004-Present)

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Another supremely popular and long-running reality TV show that helped launch the subgenre, Ghost Hunters‘ investigative team The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) has examined most of the scariest haunted places on the planet. Part of the appeal is the healthy skepticism of lead investigator Jason Hawes, who never overreacts and is sure to thoroughly vet the area before declaring a supernatural presence. The show is the closest thing to a real-life Supernatural there is.

Praised for its entertaining interplay among the ghost-hunting team, the slew of celebrity guest sleuths, and for popularizing the paranormal reality TV trend that has since proliferated to include 28 Days Haunted, Ghost Hunters is a fun-filled and frighteningly fiendish affair perfect for Halloween.

7/10 The Secret Of Skinwalker Ranch (2020-Present)

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For 28 Days Haunted fans who seek a little variety beyond haunted homes and corporeal spirits, tune into The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch. The acclaimed series tracks a team of scientific experts out to uncover the mortifying mystery of Skinwalker Ranch in Utah, an infamous UFO location site that has been the source of inexplicable phenomena for decades.

Using ground-penetrating radar to inspect the 500-acre ranch, everything from human bones and mutilated cattle to dire wolves, nuclear radiation, and unidentified flying objects have been examined in the show. The captivating blend of historical context and morbidly macabre sights and sounds make Skinwalker Ranch a must-visit destination for 28 Days Haunted fans this Halloween.

6/10 Destination Fear (2019-Present)

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Speaking of fearful destinations, the 2019 Travel Channel reality show Destination Fear currently boasts a higher IMDb score (6.9) than the longest-running ghost-hunting shows on record. Part of the appeal derives from the authentic homespun family affair that finds paranormal investigator Dakota exploring horrifying areas with his sister Chelsea and best friends Alex and Tanner.

A roadshow by design, the trio travels cross-country in an RV making stops to explore the scariest haunts in the world. Horrifying hospitals, prisons, orphanages, moldering manners, sinister sanatoriums, and seminaries are all part of the show’s wicked curriculum. A highly entertaining show geared toward a younger demographic with shocking pieces of evidence, Destination Fear shouldn’t be missed.

5/10 Kindred Spirits (2016-Present)

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Co-hosted by Ghost Adventures’ Amy Bruni and Adam Berry, Kindred Spirits takes a more intimately chilling approach to confronting the afterlife. Rather than affirming a paranormal presence by using technological gadgetry, the hosts attempt to communicate directly with the deceased as a way of proving their purgatorial presence.

Whether exploring violent ghosts, haunted basements, sinister shadows, claustrophobic crawlspaces, or such infamous locations as the Lizzie Borden House, Kindred Spirits goes one step beyond to bridge the ethereal plane with living reality with a delicacy most paranormal shows simply lack. If nothing else, it’s a good change of pace for 28 Days Haunted fans.

4/10 Haunted Hospitals (2018-Present)

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As proven in countless horror movies, hospitals can be terrifying. When an institution meant to foster health and safety is subverted to become a nightmarish location of abject terror, the scares hit twice as hard. Cue the Canada Travel Channel’s Haunted Hospitals, the extremely unnerving reality TV show in which real-life hospital employees recount their harrowing experiences on the job.

With deeply unsettling stories that have rarely if ever been covered before, Haunted Hospitals is bound to appeal to 28 Days Haunted fans for the lengthy stays the hospital employees are forced to endure in the face of overwhelmingly alarming ghostly activity.

3/10 Scariest Places On Earth (2000-2006)

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Hosted and narrated by horror icons Linda Blair and Zelda Rubinstein, Scariest Places On Earth also featured the likes of Ed and Lorraine Warren, the paranormal investigators whose theories inform the premise of 28 Days Haunted. As such, the 41 episodes aired between 2000 and 2006 are must-view television this Halloween.

After reporting the history of the haunted location, an ordinary family is sent to live there and report their findings. What’s great is the vast array of haunts from Italian fortresses, European castles, ghost ships, old prisons, creepy cemeteries, voodoo plantations, Transylvania manors, and more. Far ahead of its time and still scary today, Scariest Places on Earth deserves more tourism this All Hallows Eve.

2/10 Paranormal Witness (2011-2016)

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With a 7.8 IMDb rating, Paranormal Witness is one of the most acclaimed shows of its ilk, bar none. Rather than prove the presence of supernatural entities, the show recounts with hair-raising tension and suspense people’s firsthand encounters with the afterlife, some of which are far more malevolent than others.

With a mortifying mixture of lesser-known haunted experiences with such infamous cases as The Haunting in Connecticut, Dybbuk Box, and the real-life Annabelle doll case involving Ed and Lorraine Warren, Paranormal Witness is less interested in cold hard evidence than it is putting viewers into the shaking shoes of its subjects.

1/10 Haunted Towns (2017-2019)

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Ghost Asylum alums Scott Porter and Mike Goncalves followed up with an even scarier and more compelling paranormal reality TV show called Haunted Towns, which continues the daring exploits of the Tennessee Wraith Chasers (TWC) as they travel across America and examine the most haunted locations on record.

In addition to proving the paranormal existence in such historical places as Gettysburg, Salem, Savannah, Vicksburg, Bisbee, Pendleton, etc., the various high and low-tech methods by which the ghost-hunting team uses to catch the paranormal entities are fascinating and frightening in equal measure. Aside from the playful chemistry among the hosts, the cross-section of history, lore, and macabre mythology will have 28 Days Haunted fans coming back for more.

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