10 Best TikTok Accounts For Horror Movie Fans


October is the season of scary, and in the month, horror fans can expect a few iconic series to return, such as Halloween with the new Halloween Ends movie or the highly anticipated reboot of Hellraiser. Of course, in such a season, it’s easy to find enthusiasts of the genre from all reaches of the internet.

TikTok, in particular, is the home to such niches. There are hundreds of accounts dedicated to professing their love and dedication to the genre. Some of them even go the extra mile to transmit their feelings to the internet.


10/10 MrBallen Tells Scary Stories

The format of telling horror stories that may or not be true in a commentary style is not exactly something new; in fact, it is a form of media that can be traced back to the birth of YouTube. The TikTok user @mrballen, however, does not present the exaggerated and dragged-on style other commentators have seemed to mimic over the years.

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But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. MrBallen gets straight to the point and uses visuals with barely audible music in the background for suspense. Thanks to this simplistic form, users can focus on the story being told and not be prattled in a way that distracts the listener. Full stories not limited by the time restrictions of TikTok could even be found on his YouTube channel in the link of his bio.

9/10 LIGHTS ARE OFF Makes Creepy CGI Shorts

This TikTok user promotes themselves as someone who “brings nightmares to life,” and they’re not exactly wrong. @lights.are.off is a channel entirely focused on making realistic depictions of popular horror icons or stories just using CGI. The only complaint users really have is that this artist’s works are not as long as they hope for.

Even then, the CGI this user uses for their monsters exceeds some of the worst-looking CGI characters entire production crews take to create. The fluidity of their animation is seamless and without any cracks that may disrupt immersion. They have recently released news on an upcoming project regarding the production of a video game.

8/10 The Fear Hub Keeps It Short And Creepy

If you’ve ever watched the channel known as Daily Dose of Internet on YouTube,The Fear Hub will seem similar, only with a focus on horror-related content. @thefearhub is a TikTok dedicated to making posts with either factual creepy happenings or spooky stories. While short, as one would expect from TikTok videos, the content is satisfyingly creepy and well worth scrolling through.

Most of the posts by this user follows this format: text on screen with no narrator while in the background, a clip from an old cartoon plays with eerie music on top. This makes it all the more important for the content of the text to be something worth presenting, which thankfully, in this case, it is.

7/10 Celtic Pure Tells Scary Short Stories

One thing great about the modern era is that a person’s creativity can be shared with millions with the press of a few buttons. And thankfully, this era allowed a creator such as @celticpure to blossom thanks to the many eyes presented to their quality works. Unlike other storytelling horror users on TikTok, Celtic Pure follows a somewhat different format.

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Their stories are told using a text format, but in the background of each video is personally recorded footage that works in tandem with what is being written on the screen. Though having the text in the center of the footage is a bit intrusive, it also provides a certain tension as the next time those words fade away, the user could be presented with a disturbing revelation and left to sit in silence.

6/10 Bad Dream Baby Terrifies In Two Sentences

@bad_dream_baby is unique compared to its competitors. The content of this TikTok channel presents horror stories in only 2 short sentences. The first sentence is the buildup, then the second sentence is usually the shocking reveal or twist. Generally, such a format wouldn’t satiate viewers, but this user posts enough content that there already exists a huge backlog of stories.

It’s a great channel to pass time with. Aside from that, it is also a great source of inspiration as the comments are usually filled with people suggesting their own two sentence concepts. Some ideas even have the potential of spawning some of the best horror movies based on short stories of their making.

5/10 Shortest Blockbusters Honors Their Name

The name practically says it all; @shortestblockbusters is a self-proclaimed creator of “dreams & nightmares.” They have a huge following, with each of their posts garnering over a million views each. That’s not a surprise considering the quality of their work is up there in terms of what’s presented on TikTok.

This account presents a massive amount of impressive CGI creatures and monsters paired along with decent acting and spectacles you’d expect from actual films. While their work isn’t solely focused on the horror theme, the concepts they present are thrilling enough to leave a user in trepidation seconds after the TikTok already ended.

4/10 15 Second Horror Hosts Horror Shorts

What better place to find horror movie quality shorts than an account filled with submissions for a short horror film challenge? Thankfully such a channel exists; the @15secondhorrorfc is home to a bunch of chilling submissions created by talented filmmakers and aspiring artists.

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Each submission is painstakingly crafted and worthy of being translated into a full film. The tension they each present is enough to leave a viewer’s throat dry, only for the same viewer to be left wanting for more as the constraints of TikTok’s format bring it to an end.

3/10 Barnshow Productions Are A Bit Longer

This account doesn’t have many videos, but each one that they do have is extensive and full of quality that makes for decent storytelling. Unlike the average horror-related account on TikTok, @barnshowproductions presents decently length videos that don’t seem as rushed as competitors. Some of these videos even play at the mentality of a viewer as they listen in or peek closely for hints.

A good example would be their latest video, as what seems to be a tranquil exercise turns into a scene of a murder. Most of their work is dark, and each of them heavily insinuates murder. This account doesn’t pull back at all when it comes to blood and gore, though the warnings for it at the beginning of their videos tend to spoil events later to come.

2/10 White Rabbit Goes For Quality Over Quantity

@whiterabbitapp is a heavy-hitting horror production account where each of their creations never fails to reach at least a million views. As of now, they only have 10 videos posted on their account with a following of almost 1 million followers. Their success, of course, is something not unwarranted.

Each video contains a narrative that can rival some of the scariest horror shorts on Youtube, even if production wise this account is relatively low effort. As it seems that each video is shot using the account owner’s cellphone. In any case, this channel exists with each video having its own story, making it somewhat of a collective as an anthology.

1/10 Spooky New England Explores Haunted Locations

The self-proclaimed home of investigation, exploration of haunted places, and spooky stories, @spookynewengland is run by the host, Amanda. She generally explores popular sites that may house spirits or other entities in hopes of running into an encounter. She also presents many chilling stories that may pique the interests of horror enthusiasts.

One of her most popular videos is her exploration of the house from the Conjuring and it’s basement. Her narration of her adventures is particularly wordy and fleshed out, though that sometimes takes away from the tense atmosphere. In any case, this account is great for horror movie fans who love narrations of what could be true horror stories.

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