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Just as was the case with the previous season, Season 4 of the HBO Max animated series, Harley Quinn, has been flawless. On Rotten Tomatoes, the season has a 100% score. The even better news is that the show has been renewed for a fourth season.

It’s truly the Harley Quinn era, as the character is also being portrayed by Margot Robbie and Lady Gaga in live-action. But is the HBO Max offering considered one of the greatest animated superhero shows of all time? According to Redditors, it definitely ranks highly and so does a couple of other projects from the past few decades.


Young Justice (2010–22)

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Redditor tonealone keeps it short and precise, writing, “Young Justice is solid.” The show revolves around the teenage superheroes Kid Flash, Robin, Aqualad, Red Arow, Superboy, Miss Martian, and Artemis as they deal with threats in Earth-16.

Most superhero shows borrow a lot from the comics and by doing that, they tend to alienate some readers who already know how the story goes. However, Young Justice steers clear of that route by avoiding Todd Nauck’s comic series involving the same characters. And since Earth-16 was previously untapped on the DC pages, the characters get to operate on their own unique playground without continuity restraints. The fresh storylines are captivating too and so is the mentorship aspect offered by the senior Justice League members.

The Spectacular Spider-Man (2008–09)

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Spridey10 thinks “almost all the villain adaptations were really well done” in The Spectacular Spider-Man. The show adapts Stan Lee, John Romita Sr. and Steve Ditko’s The Amazing Spider-Man comic series.

True to the Redditor’s words, the two seasons are populated with most of the best Spider-Man villains. And even though they get to have limited screen time, their arcs are satisfactory. The show also distinguishes itself from other Spider-Man animated adaptations by maintaining mature themes while still making sure to not cross the R-Rated line.

Batman: The Animated Series (1992–95)

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In Batman: The Animated Series, an already-established version of the crime fighter faces off against a good number of Batman’s Rogues Gallery members. JokerFever265 reccommends it because “it has some of the best writing, and it was created, so people of all ages could enjoy it.”

Mature themes side, BTAS shines because of the outstanding voice work by Kevin Conroy, who voice two of the most influential members of this universe: Batman and the Joker. The series brilliantly juggles between Tier 1 and Tier 2 villains too, making them all look like serious threats and not mere caricatures. That the show convinces Warner Bros. executives to launch the larger DCAU is also proof of its brilliance.

Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (2010–12)

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Once again, the Avengers get to stop multiple threats around the globe. Surza is still upset about the fact that Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes went off the air, writing, “I was so mad when they replaced it.”

The series does a great job of preparing Marvel fans for what’s to come in the MCU. The traditionally underrated Marvel characters such as Falcon and Ms. Marvel get to be star protagonists. Most of the characters that have appeared in live-action in recent years also make appearances in the animated series. Staunch Avengers fans also get everything they would wish for from the group, from well-coordinated missions to friendly moments.

Invincible (2020–present)

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Karasumor1 says, “Invincible is my #1.” Based on Robert Kirkman’s comic series, the Prime Video offering follows a young Mark Grayson (Invincible) as he tries to learn superhero work from his father, Omni-Man.

Adult-only superhero shows are becoming the norm and Invincible easily tops that category. In a world full of greed and meanness, Omni-Man seems like a true depiction of what most people would be like if they had powers. But the show isn’t just about blood and gore. Most of the storylines are neatly done, and so is the character development.

X-Men: The Animated Series (1992–97)

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KorruganRattlesnake declares that X-Men stands tall “for the voice cast alone.” In it, Wolverine, Cyclops, Rogue, Storm, Gambit, Beast, Jubilee, and Jean Grey dedicate their lives to protecting citizens from supervillains.

The Redditor’s appreciation of the voice work is something most fans will agree with. The voice cast consisting of veterans like Norm Spencer and Carl Dodd, does a brilliant job of bringing out the emotions of the mutants. And in an era where shows of its kind only sought to entertain, the series did well by examining serious social issues such as divorce, AIDS-hysteria, and the religious divide. Thanks to its popularity, taking the characters to the live-action route felt even more necessary.

Justice League Unlimited (2004–06)

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Redditor piscian19 believes “nothing really compares to JLU.” In it, DC’s popular heroes team up from time to time while also identifying and recruiting new members to the group.

The animated Justice League characters are way better, especially when compared to their live-action counterparts who were victims of bad scripts. What’s satisfying is that the Justice League members aren’t forced to work together all at once in every scenario. Two or three heroes get to team up at a time, creating the opportunity for each to showcase their individual brilliance. Fans also get to enjoy the occasional appearance of other DC super groups such as the Suicide Squad and the Legion of Super-Pets.

Harley Quinn (2019–present)

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DazzlerFan feels the HBO Max series Harley Quinn is “pretty freaking awesome.” And it involves one of the best DC antiheroes trying to make a life for herself after breaking up with the Joker.

The series is a revitalizing one because it discards the love-interest and sidekick tags that have stuck to Harley Quinn for years. Like the version portrayed by Margot Robbie, the animated Harley Quinn gets more room to shine, even going as far as to form her own super group. The dark humor doesn’t feel forced either while the animation quality trumps that of most DC shows.

Teen Titans (2003–06)

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About Teen Titans, Pardonmyswag000 feels, “It still holds up to this day.” As is the case in the comic stories by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez, the Titans get to keep Jump City in order.

A show that won 3 Annie Awards definitely deserves to be considered one of the very best. There is more emphasis on action than humor, something that appeals to fans that simply want to see the superheroes as the badass and overpowered individuals that they are known to be. Moreover, the costumes look better than those in the comics.

The Venture Bros. (2004–18)

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Redditor the_light_of_dawn thinks “The Venture Bros is amazing.” Events revolve around two teenagers and their father, who happen to be a super scientist.

Once in a while, shows that aren’t part of the Marvel and DC cannon climb to the top, and it’s easy why to see why The Venture Bros is one. The themes of failure, parenthood, drug addiction, and gay relationships are hugely satisfying. Like a Tarantino flick, the show also incorporates homage and pastiche, with some scenes and characters coming off as similar to many that have been part of pop culture over the years.

Green Lantern: The Animated Series (2011–13)

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SpyandSkeptic describes Green Lantern: The Animated Series as “a criminally underappreciated gem.” Hal Jordan (one of the many versions of the Green Lantern) gets to be the focus.

As the Ryan Reynolds movie proved, doing a Green Lantern story perfectly is not easy, so much credit goes to the show’s creators. But why does it work? It’s all down to the faithfulness to the source material, as well as the CGI, which isn’t in the usual cartoon fashion that the DCAU has relied on over the years. Choosing to only focus on one version of the Green Lantern helps too as it eliminates the likelihood of convoluted storylines.

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