10 Best Star Wars Droids In The Franchise, According To Reddit


The time has finally come for Star Wars fans to indulge in the latest show from the galaxy far, far away, Andor, and it has thus far promised to be a brilliant step for the franchise. Among many other great things, the show introduces fans to the adorable B2EMO, who very well could join the list of Star Wars’ best droids, a topic many fans on Reddit have opinions on.

From those mainstays of the Skywalker saga to those who shine in animation, there are so many incredible, underappreciated droids in Star Wars. Those from the passionate fandom on Reddit have given their opinions on who they think are the best.


IG-11 (& Other Honorable Mentions)

IG-11 is one of the many highlights of The Mandalorians first season, and his journey from bounty hunter to nurse droid is so fun to watch, especially since he helps Din overcome his fear/hatred of droids. He is deemed one of the best by multiple Redditors, including 33JimmieLee33 who says he “should be up there” when talking about the best droids in Star Wars.

There are multiple other droids who get odd mentions and upvotes from other Redditors when discussing the best droids, such as L3-37, D-O, R4-D5, IG-88, and more. There are simply too many great droids in Star Wars, and Andor will introduce more to fans.


To those who have yet to become obsessed with the animated side of Star Wars, AZI-3 may be an unknown droid, but he is undoubtedly a droid who makes such a big impact in such little time in The Clone Wars and, now, The Bad Batch.

He is a key component of the Fives conspiracy arc, and a vessel through which the idea of individuality, subordination, and programming is explored. Fans rejoiced when he returned in The Bad Batch, and multiple Redditors mentioned him among Star Wars’ best droids, including nursecop819 who appreciates how “he doesn’t believe he has the ability to replicate human feelings, but still does in a way.”

GNK Droids

There is something about the GNK series power droids that Star Wars fans just unapologetically adore, finding them to be this weird combination of hilarious and somewhat adorable, as well as utterly iconic.

Many Redditors list GNK droids as some of the best droids in Star Wars, right up there with the named characters as their favorites, such as Necroglobule, who replies by saying “Gonk, this shouldn’t even be close.” Their role in the LEGO games have undoubtedly aided their popularity.


C-3PO gets nowhere near the level of love that his astromech little buddy gets, and that is for many good reasons, not least the fact that Threepio often irritates people. Still, he remains one of the most important and best droids in Star Wars.

Redditor CelestikaLily says that they “Unironically” view Threepio as their favorite droid, saying “Goldenrod deserves some happiness in his life :D.” Sometimes Threepio gets ignored in the conversation of the best droids, and given how great he is in the sequel trilogy and his importance to the Skywalker saga, perhaps he deserves more love from fans and characters alike – at least Padmé and Leia treat him right.


While the sequel trilogy ridiculously wasted the talents of R2-D2, fans are still thankful that the adorable BB-8 exists, with the ball-like astromech providing some great moments of levity and cuteness in those movies.

He quickly became a fan favorite when he first got revealed and remains loved by many, such as Redditor movieloverhorrorfan2, who simply states, “Out of the Astromech Droids BB-8 is the best!!!” His relationship with Poe, his dynamic with Rey, his courage, his cuteness, his thumbs up, and more are all undeniably great parts of BB-8’s character that have led many to adore him.


Droids as faithful companions is not a trope exclusive to films and shows. Video games also have some awesome droids, not least of all the meatbag-hating HK-47 from Knights of the Old Republic, one of the best and evilest droids in Star Wars.

While many will know K-2SO as the funniest Star Wars droid, HK-47 holds that title in the eyes of many, and Redditors such as TURTLED3RP view him as the best, with them saying, “HK-47 is the correct answer” in reply to the question of favorite Star Wars droid. He manages to stand out in a game full of brilliance, and his other appearances in Legends are equally great. Many fans wish to see him brought back to canon somehow, someway.


Even with Andor just out, fans are patiently awaiting K-2SO’s inevitable role in season 2, with the droid being missed by fans after his MVP turn in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

There are a ton of fans who see him as the funniest droid, thanks to his quotes in Rogue One, and others who see him as the straight-up best, like Redditor smoffat34920, who says that K-2SO is “the only correct answer.” With how much brilliance he brings to the table in Rogue One, it is hard to deny how great K-2SO is, and with his clear upcoming role in Andor, his legacy is set to improve.


Cal Kestis may never have reached the level of popularity that he attained had he not been accompanied by BD-1, a droid who came out of Jedi: Fallen Order as one of its most popular characters, who fans want to see in live-action alongside Cal.

A loyal, adorable, funny, and useful companion, BD-1 is a droid that fans cannot wait to see more from in Jedi: Survivor​​​​​​. His relationship with Cal is akin to one of the Skywalkers with Artoo or Poe with BB-8 and is a joy to play through. Combine that with his helpfulness and cuteness, it is a droid who a deleted Redditor deems to be “the best droid in Star Wars.”


With his murderous ways and tendency to be hilarious, Chopper is one of the best droids in Star Wars, beloved by just about every single fan of Star Wars: Rebels.

There may be droids funnier than Chopper and droids more crucial to the story of the Skywalker saga, but there are none as utterly murderous and unapologetic as Chopper. This has led the likes of Redditor thinehappychinch to claim “D. Chopper” in response to a Redditor who asked about the best droid while presenting three options outside of Chopper. Those who adore Rebels and Hera will always have a soft spot for Chopper, and for good reason. He is as hilarious as anyone else, with an extra layer of viciousness and brilliance to him.


The bogstandard answer when asking about the best droid that Star Wars has to offer will always be R2-D2, and that is no surprise. Not only is he terrific, hilarious, and capable of producing highly emotional moments, but he is crucial to the Skywalker saga.

His friendships with both Luke and Anakin are to be adored, he is hilarious, he is badass and kickass, and he has more iconic and emotional moments than any other droid. It is for these reasons plus many more that the likes of CuriousTurtle5 say, “R2 is the true hero of Star Wars.” For his role in helping both Luke and Anakin, there is no doubt that Artoo is more of a hero than he would ever get credit for, and for his role in all three trilogies, he is rightfully regarded by fans as an icon.

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