10 Best Shows & Movies On Crackle (Updated October 2022)


Although it might not be as much of a household name as the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO Max, there’s no doubt that Crackle is one of the more impressive streaming services currently available. They have a pretty deep lineup of well-received and popular movies and TV shows in their library.

The best part about Crackle is that it’s totally free to check out this content, so using it won’t add anything to your monthly bills. Each month, new films and TV shows are added that continue to make it a hidden gem of a streaming platform.


The Wall Season 2 (2022-)

Crackle offers up a strong selection of original content even if it often flies under the radar. Earlier this year, the streaming service debuted a mystery series titled The Wall, which followed Detective Céline Trudeau as she investigated a strange homicide.

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After the success of that story, a brand new season 2 arrives to start October. Though not a horror series, the eerie setup and premise are perfect for the Halloween season. Trudeau looks into a killer with a high body count and the lead suspect happens to be her ex-husband.

A Life In 10 Pictures – John Lennon (2022)

A highlight of Crackle’s original content is the A Life in 10 Pictures series. The latest installment slated for October will take a look at the legendary musician John Lennon. The premise of the show takes a look at a series of photographs from throughout the iconic artist’s life to get a deeper dive into who he was.

Along with being one of the most famous artists in history, Ali was also well known for being a member of The Beatles, possibly the biggest group in music history. Some of the most iconic photos from his life and career will be covered along with some rarely seen private images. This series has also covered Freddie Mercury, Amy Winehouse, Tupac Shakur, and many other icons.

Silent Scream (2022)

Some big news is arriving in the form of Silent Scream, which is a Crackle exclusive feature film! Just in time for the scariest season of the year, Silent Scream tells a harrowing story surrounding the Engels family and all of their secrets.

A young student who has trouble finding housing on campus takes up residence in the old mansion that used to belong to the Engels family, which is now a boarding house. Fellow boarders start to die, forcing detectives to come investigate the mysteries of the home.

Kili Big (2022)

If you’ve never heard of the Curvy Kili Crew, then you’re in for a treat if you choose to watch Kili Big. If you have heard of them, then you know what you’re in for and this is shaping up to be one of the most interesting documentaries of 2022.

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This Crackle exclusive follows the Curvy Kili Crew, which is a group of 20 plus-sized women, and their quest to conquer the roof of Africa. They’ve been told all their lives about what they can’t do but by climbing this mountain, they’re setting the stage for the future.

Brian Wilson: Long Promised Road (2022)

It must be a month for great music documentaries on Crackle. Alongside the John Lennon special, the platform plays host to Brian Wilson: Long Promised Road, giving a look at the great career of The Beach Boys.

Brian Wilson is not only one of the members of the Beach Boys but he’s also a co-founder of the iconic band. This documentary pairs Wilson with Rolling Stone editor Jason Fine as they reminisce about the long and storied journey of the group.

The Toxic Avenger (1984)

Even if you’re someone who has never seen The Toxic Avenger, you’ve likely heard of it as it is one of the most legendary movies in all of cinema. Working as both a superhero flick and a black comedy, it became a cult classic for its B-movie glory.

The franchise has spawned multiple sequels, a video game, a children’s cartoon, a stage musical, and more. Now, you can get a look at the film that started it all, following the adventures of a mop boy who becomes a hero after falling into toxic waste.

The Real Ghostbusters (1986-1991)

As fun as original and modern content can be, it’s always great to find classic movies and TV shows added to the mix. While likely everyone has seen at least one of the Ghostbusters movies, the animated series based on the show is often overlooked.

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The Real Ghostbusters is basically everything a fan could want from this kind of spin-off. It focuses on the titular group and sees them hunt down various ghosts and supernatural entities, with a few fun additions to the team along the way.

Never Goin’ Back (2018)

It’s always a treat to find a hidden gem of an indie film on any streaming service. A few days into October, you can discover one on Crackle in Never Goin’ Back, which is one of the best received stoner comedies of all-time.

The film comes from the great A24 studio, though not many people know that. Never Goin’ Back follows two teenage waitresses struggling for money who go on a series of misadventures in their quest to score a vacation to Galveston.

Coffee Shop (2014)

One thing that’s truly fun to do when you stumble upon an unknown movie is to see some familiar faces in it. Most film fans will likely have that experience with Coffee Shop as this little indie features a flew of notable faces.

Among them are the lead actor Laura Vandervoort, the talented Gabriela Lopez, and veteran comedic actor Jon Lovitz. The film works kind of like a Hallmark movie and there are plenty of fans of those releases. The story centers on a coffee shop owner who must save her business when threatened with repossession.

The Ratings Game (1984)

There’s no doubt that Danny DeVito is one of the most legendary comedy actors in the world and that even shines when he stars in a TV movie like The Ratings Game. Airing on Showtime, the film stars DeVito and Rhea Perlman.

The real life marriage between the two meant their chemistry was a highlight of this hilarious film. The movie sees a newly rich man work together with his girlfriend to create a bunch of hit TV shows by manipulating the ratings system.

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