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New Amsterdam, the inspirational tale of Dr. Max Goodwin changing a neglected medical facility with his skills and charisma, has been a huge hit among medical drama fans as evident from its latest season that just debuted this month.

While the five seasons of New Amsterdam make for excellent binge-watching, other, similar shows will entertain its fans. Whether they’re medical dramas or just other uplifting shows that deal with similarly warm-hearted protagonists like Goodwin intent on making a change in their work place despite all odds, these TV series will appeal to those who enjoy New Amsterdam.


The Good Doctor (2017–present)

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Freddie Highmore stars as the titular doctor who uses his mild-mannered nature to deal with all sorts of patients. His colleagues might be aversive to his almost-saintly nature, but the young surgeon still manages to save the day.

The storylines might not always hit the spot for all viewers, but Highmore’s performance has won him acclaim from critics and audiences alike. Further, if viewers are burdened by gritty realistic dramas, then TV shows about young professional life like The Good Doctor and New Amsterdam can be dramatic yet feel-good alternatives that showcase the power of the human spirit.

Abbott Elementary (2021–present)

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Quinta Brunson is one of TV’s hottest stars right now thanks to Abbott Elementary, the sitcom that she created and stars in. Set in a chaotic public school, the show deals with the everyday lives of a group of good-natured teachers as they deal with annoying students and their own share of personal issues.

Much like Dr. Goodwin’s attempts at reforming New Amsterdam, Brunson’s protagonist also tries her best to make sense out of the blackboard jungle that is Abbott Elementary.

Good Sam (2022–present)

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Medical dramas are either very individual-centric or focus on an entire ensemble of hospital staff. In the case of a show like Good Sam, it doubles as a family drama as it focuses on a father-daughter duo and the tumultuous rivalry that they share.

While the titular protagonist Dr. Sam Griffith is as nice as she can be, her boss and father Dr. Rob Griffith is an arrogant medical genius. New Amsterdam‘s lead similarly has to go through some snobby peers, making Good Sam the perfect drama to start as a companion watch.

Nurse Jackie (2009–15)

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Emmy winner Eddie Falco stars in and as Nurse Jackie, a show that incorporates tropes of both medical dramas and comedies. Falco’s character makes for an interesting character study, a drug addict with a mess of a personal life who still manages to meet the hectic demands of her emergency room workload.

In humanizing the imperfect lead, Nurse Jackie shows how medical drama protagonists don’t have to be all virtuous individuals. The flawed Jackie might be no Dr. Goodwin but she’s at least willing to work on herself in her own outlandish ways.

Ted Lasso (2020–present)

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One of the most positive shows with one of the most positive characters out there, the Jason Sudiekis-starrer Ted Lasso includes soccer as a driving theme, but it can be universally enjoyed, whether you are a soccer fan or not. The plot revolves around Ted Lasso, a cheery but dim-witted American football coach who somehow ends up coaching a down-on-luck English soccer club.

The eventual cultural shock makes for some hilarious moments while Lasso keeps on smiling to help his team members even if it comes at the cost of his own mental health. This duality of an extroverted lead character is what would connect with fans of New Amsterdam.

House (2004–12)

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There are good doctors. There are bad doctors. And then are good-bad doctors. Hugh Laurie’s Dr. Gregory House is of the latter kind. While his controversial medical advice can save the lives of his patients, his unconventional methods are quite risky. With the cynical doctor developing an unhealthy dependency on pain medication, matters only worsen.

The characters of New Amsterdam and similar medical-themed shows emphasize the power of teamwork in the workplace. In this sense, the internal conflicts in House between the lead and his colleagues would offer good contrast.

Parks And Recreation (2009–15)

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Amy Poehler’s definitive workplace comedy Parks & Recreation is also one of the finest political satires on American television. Poehler stars as Leslie Knope, an overenthusiastic worker at the titular department of the US Government who dreams of climbing up the bureaucratic ladder while also helping her town and its residents.

The smiling personality as well as the ambitious reforms that Knope carries out would be tonally different but still interestingly comparable to Max Goodwin’s efforts to revamp a beatdown hospital like New Amsterdam.

Five Days At Memorial (2022)

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One of the best Apple TV+ original titles from this year, Five Days at Memorial is set in the midst of the disastrous Hurricane Katrina. Caught in the middle of the storm is a New Orleans hospital whose staff must act quickly in order to prevent tragedies that can haunt them for the rest of their lives.

Vera Farmiga delivers a powerhouse performance in the lead role supported by an equally-talented ensemble that brings out the tension of its claustrophobic setting. New Amsterdam shows how a hospital room itself can be stress-inducing; throw in a storm and the storm amps up to more extreme degrees.

Scrubs (2001–10)

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Zach Braff stars as JD, a medical intern who accompanies his eccentric colleagues at a teaching hospital called Sacred Heart. But the show goes beyond familiar medical sitcom tropes as JD also resorts to several imaginary scenarios while taking work breaks.

There’s also a heavy dose of creative slapstick antics that turn the hospital into an arena of practical comedy. When the melodrama of New Amsterdam might get a tad bit too heavy, viewers can go for a more light-hearted option such as Scrubs.

Nip/Tuck (2003–10)

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Plastic surgery can be quite a graphic and scandalous process, at least in Ryan Murphy’s hit series Nip/Tuck. With every episode focusing on a particular client seeking surgery, the darkly comic drama focuses on the work of two gifted but twisted plastic surgeons.

Nip and Tuck have their own dark secrets that are reflected in their work, offering a satirical picture of the intensity of the surgery room. So, if audiences of New Amsterdam require a less formulaic and more unique medical show to watch, then Nip/Tuck is a perfect choice.

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