10 Best Scariest Survival Horror Games Perfect For Halloween


Among the many great horror games of this year that have been released, a new horror game will be coming out this year, and it’s already proving to be very interesting from just the images alone. The game Death in the Water 2 has players take to the murky depths to see horrifying creatures and dark imagery, and it should be available to play soon.

Survival horror games are among the popular types that are available to players. Alongside the character designs and storyline, the gameplay is one of the most crucial pieces that bring it all together, and it must strike fear into those who play it and give them an intense adrenaline rush. Many games fall under the survival horror category, and these are just some of the best ones.


10/10 Darkwood (2017)

The atmosphere is one of the many things that make for a good survival horror game. It can affect how the player feels in certain areas and how it will affect the way they play, especially during disturbing moments. The game Darkwood is well known for such things.

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Set in the 1980s and a plague of unknown origins resides deep within the heart of the forest Darkwood, players will soon find themselves alone trying to find their way back home, with daylight being the only thing that can bring some comfort. The surroundings and creatures that lurk will have players paranoid, and the heavy darkness of the forest that surrounds them will have players on edge.

9/10 The Quarry (2022)

Inspiration comes in many forms, whether it’s from a book, movies, TV shows, or other games. For the creators of The Quarry, it came in the form of horror movies, and there are plenty of horror movie references that add a bit of nostalgia to this game where the choices the player makes matter.

The story takes place on the last night of summer camp with nine teenage counselors. While players try to escape from the locals hunting them down, they must make decisions and try to survive. The choices players have to make are timed, so they only get so long to pick one. While trying to make the tough decisions and going up against the monstrosities, players will find themselves more on edge and having difficulty making rational decisions.

8/10 Blair Witch (2019)

A horror game without jump scares is almost unheard of. It’s what makes them so much fun to play! One game that has plenty of jump scares and horrifying content is the game Blair Witch.

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Inspired by The Blair Witch Project, the game is set in 1996, and a young boy has gone missing. Players take on the role of former police officer Ellis to assist in the search. What starts as a standard search quickly becomes a nightmare, and players are forced to make their way through the haunted woods. What makes the game unique is it studies players’ reactions to fear and stress while providing a multitude of disturbing moments, monsters, and a constant sense of unease.

7/10 Home Sweet Home (2017)

Horror games can be both scary and elegant all at the same time. Depending on the story, atmosphere, and design, it can have an uneasy elegance. Home Sweet Home is an excellent example of such a game.

Players will take on the role of Tim, who is coping with the loss of his wife through drinking and eventually finds himself in a nightmare that he must escape from, preferably with his missing wife. Home Sweet Home has horrifying creature designs, a tragic story, a disturbing yet surreal look, and features horror elements drawn from Thai folklore. The sound effects and anxiety-inducing moments are something that every horror enthusiast wants in their game.

6/10 Dead Space 2 (2011)

There are a lot of great zombie games available for players to pick from. However, there is one popular franchise that not only has a remake of the first game in the works but the second game of the franchise is considered one of the best zombie survival horror games.

Dead Space 2 has nightmarish human monstrosities lurking in the darkness, waiting to take out Issac Clarke. Continuous battles against the Neomorphs and tense and nerve-racking moments will plague the player as they work to help Issac escape the hell that he has been thrown back into.

5/10 SOMA (2017)

Sci-fi horror mixed with survival horror is a great combination, and there are plenty of places where a game can take place that compliments the combination. One great example is when it takes place in the ocean’s dark, cold depths.

SOMA takes place in an underwater research facility. With the fate of the station depending on the player, the job is made more difficult as players work to outsmart enemies and escape the danger that stands in their way. Since players can not fight back, and all they can do is run and hide, the anxiety of working through every situation thrown their way is enough to put them on edge and keep them on high alert while trying to survive.

4/10 Visage (2020)

Alongside the pairing of Sci-Fi and survival horror, another great combination is when survival meets psychological horror. The indie game Visage is one of the best examples of that combination.

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In a home where a series of tragic events occurred, Visage provides players with a horrifying experience with its environment that changes slowly around the player as they work to piece together the fragments of the dark past. With its slow build-up alongside the tense and eerie atmosphere, players will be hard-pressed to work their way through without being terrified.

3/10 Resident Evil Village (2021)

The Resident Evil franchise is one of the most popular horror game series available to players. It has eight games, and Resident Evil Village is its latest and fan-favorite addition.

RE8 attracted players immediately with its demo and trailer. Upon playing the new addition to the franchise that had Ethan Winters trying to save his daughter Rose, there were plenty of moments where players found themselves running away from the disturbing creatures or jumping out of their skin due to fright. Aside from the giant, horrific infant monstrosity that chases down players, RE8 is one of the best horror games with creepy dolls waiting for players to get close to them.

2/10 Amnesia: The Dark Descent (2010)

Amnesia: The Dark Descent starts with a character called Daniel, who wakes up in a nightmarish world with no recollection of who he is. This already sets the tone for one of the scariest first-person games that are perfect for playing on Halloween.

Aside from the engaging gameplay, the creepy atmosphere of Amnesia: The Dark Descent adds more tension to the game. The monster designs are disturbing and look unique, and the game is a well-made stealth game that enjoys messing with the players’ heads and scaring them.

1/10 Outlast Whistleblower (2014)

Stealth horror games can be a lot of fun, as well as very terrifying. One of the most memorable stealth games that warn its players that there’s no fighting but that their only options are to either run, hide, or die is none other than Outlast. However, the DLC to the game has proven to be much more horrifying to some than Outlast itself.

Outlast Whistleblower is the DLC that shows how it all started and how Miles Upshur ended up at Mount Massive. It has some very intense moments that can send players over the edge, and the characters themselves are terrifying. The adrenaline rush, dark atmosphere, content, and story make for a great survival horror game and is perfect for players who enjoy being scared.

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