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Warning: This list contains spoilers for Bros!LGBTQ+ stories in TV and film are coming out of the woodwork, with movies like Fire Island and shows like First Kill sparking a long-awaited wave of entertainment focusing on such relationships and identities and the new Bros following suit.

Bros was released in theaters by Universal Studios on September 30, starring Billy Eichner and Luke Macfarlane as the romantic leads in this heartfelt comedy produced by Judd Apatow. Both actors are openly gay, and the rest of the main cast also identify as being a part of the LGBTQ+ community. Many of the quotes in Bros are hilarious, but several are also thought-provoking, which gives the film an authentic feel.


“You Were In A Throuple For Six Months, And You Didn’t Tell Me?”

Bobby (Billy Eichner)

Bobby arrives at a dinner with his friends, and a couple who’s been together for a while announces that they have found themselves in a “throuple situation.”

Understandably, Bobby is shocked, but he seems to be more surprised that he wasn’t told about it earlier than he was surprised at the news itself. While the throuple was revealed in the trailer for Bros, there’s something about this line that still takes viewers aback and prompts laughter. The delivery of this quote is brilliant and gives audiences a great idea of the wild ride they’re in for.

“Of Course, Lesbians Get A Month, And [Bisexuals] Get A Week!”

Robert (Jim Rash)

Robert is played by Jim Rash, who is known for the TV show, Community. The team at the museum meets and discusses awareness days, and Robert expresses frustration over the varying amount of days that are assigned to recognize each subgroup of the LGBTQ+ community.

Robert’s line is delivered hilariously, but he also makes a great point. It’s important to be educated on the different cultures and identities in this world, but assigning days, weeks, or months to a specific group can be problematic. Doing so indicates that these communities don’t need to be recognized or appreciated on any other day, week, or month of the year. This line, as well as several others, is wonderfully self-aware, making for a more authentic film.

“It’s All An Act. Confidence Is Just A Choice You Make.”

Bobby (Billy Eichner)

Aaron and Bobby are on the beach in Provincetown when Aaron expresses awe at how confident Bobby is in everything he does. However, Bobby is apprehensive about the observation.

Bros is delightfully inspirational, and not just when it comes to love and relationships. The movie also focuses on self-esteem and self-worth. Throughout the film, Bobby appears to be very open and confident, but in this line, he admits he’s not so sure of himself. He simply chooses to present himself as having great confidence which is extremely relatable. Nearly everyone has put on a facade in hopes to fake it until they make it, and sometimes, it does more damage than good.

“It’s A Museum, It’s Not Schitt’s Creek.”

Bobby (Billy Eichner)

Tamara, played by Eve Lindley, suggests that the final exhibit be a recreation of a queer wedding. Bobby is vehemently against this, stating that comfort is not the museum’s purpose, comparing it to Pop TV’s Schitt’s Creek.

There are many pop culture references in Bros, but this may be the best. Schitt’s Creek is a wonderful comfort show that positively represents the LGBTQ+ community. Bobby seems to think it’s not authentic enough, though his co-workers make it known that they love the show and wouldn’t mind adding a bit of comfort to the museum’s final exhibit.

“I’m Very Bad At Flirting… I’m Also The Type Of Person Who Tells You When I’m Flirting.”

Bobby (Billy Eichner)

Bobby and Aaron first meet at a lunch party for a new dating app. Like many first conversations, it’s a bit awkward, especially for Bobby.

His flirting isn’t great, and he acknowledges it, but in doing so, he reveals his intentions. This line is funny, but it’s also relatable. Meeting new people, especially someone who’s attractive, is always difficult and everyone wants to say the right thing at the right time, but unfortunately, that rarely happens. For Bobby, and most of the world, a great first impression and conversation is just wishful thinking.

“Too Gay… Too Straight… Will Somebody Please Tell Me Exactly How Gay I’m Supposed To Be?”

Bobby (Billy Eichner)

After a rough holiday with Aaron’s family, Bobby finds himself single. When something goes wrong at the museum, he has a mental breakdown in front of his coworkers.

This is one of the best quotes in Bros, but it’s also one of the most heartbreaking. His breakup with Aaron sends him into a downward spiral consisting of steroids, breakdowns, and an identity crisis. From his quote about confidence to this, it becomes clear he just wants to be enough for somebody. This line speaks to all audiences, but especially the LGBTQ+ viewers who know what it feels like to be criticized for how “gay” or “straight” they act. Bobby has one of the best LGBTQ+ arcs of 2022 because thankfully, his identity crisis isn’t the end of his story. It doesn’t have to be the end for anybody.

“It Is Never Easy, But It’s Worth It”

Bobby (Billy Eichner)

After hooking up, Aaron and Bobby talk about their dreams and aspirations. Aaron reveals that he’s always wanted to be a chocolatier, but believes it would be too difficult to achieve.

This is one of the most inspirational quotes in Bros. This line is motivation for anyone watching, encouraging them to seek out their dreams and goals, no matter how difficult it may be to attain them. Aaron ends up listening to Bobby’s advice, and he builds a business around making chocolates like he always wanted. It may not have been easy, but it was worth it to him.

“There Are People Out There Worth Letting Your Guard Down For.”

Tina (Monica Raymond)

Tina is Bobby’s best friend, and she’s heard everything about Bobby and Aaron’s relationship, the good and the bad. She encourages her friend to give his ex a second chance.

This line is beautiful. It’s the Bros equivalent to the classic Olaf line in Frozen, “Some people are worth melting for.” Being Bobby’s best friend, Tina understands why he has trouble opening up to others, but she also recognizes a good thing for him when it comes along. Aaron made Bobby happy, and that’s all Tina wants for him.

“We Are Not One Thing. We Are Not A Monolithic Group.”

Wanda (Miss Lawrence)

At the opening of the LGBTQ+ museum, the team that put it together takes the stage and Wanda speaks to their guests before Bobby takes the mic.

As an LGBTQ+ film, Bros thrives in showing how diverse and different those in the community are from one another. As Wanda says in this line, the LGBTQ+ community is ever-changing and fluid. There is no set group of traits every member has to possess. Everyone is encouraged to be their authentic self, and that’s awesome. This was a wonderful quote to include, as it summarizes a main theme of the movie and tells viewers that embracing differences is what the LGBTQ+ community is all about. Because of lines like this, Bros is on its way to changing cinema for the better.

“If… You Still Don’t Trust That You Are Lovable Enough, I’m Living Proof That you’re Wrong.”

Aaron (Luke Macfarlane)

Bobby and Aaron meet some time after their breakup and apologize for their actions and discuss what went wrong. Aaron wants Bobby back, but Bobby just can’t trust him.

Rounding out the best quotes in Bros is arguably the most tear-jerking and beautiful quotes in romantic comedy history. Macfarlane’s delivery of this line is stellar, all the way from the tears down his face to the loving look in his eyes. Aaron knows that Bobby thinks he is difficult to love but is adamant that Bobby understands how much he’s loved for exactly who he is.

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