10 Best Prime Day Deals For Marvel Fans


October 11th and 12th are huge days for Amazon Prime subscribers as it comes with brand-new Prime Day deals. From toys to collectibles to apparel and more, people looking for almost anything on the website are sure to find fantastic prices for whatever they want. That’s especially true for those who love Marvel. Whether you’re a fan of the MCU or the comic books, Prime Day has the best special deals for you. It helps that popularity of Marvel means that there are so many unique products for all of your desires.


Citizen Eco-Drive Marvel Quartz Men’s Watch

If there’s one name synonymous with Marvel, it’s Stan Lee as the iconic creator is known the world over. Fans can still appreciate and celebrate the life of the legend with this incredible watch that features his silhouette and signature. It’s also limited to fewer than 2,000 stunning pieces.

One Prime user left it a sparkling review saying, “Great design and comfort and great style for Citizen. Even costs a little less than on Citizen website which is a plus… the case it comes in is great too.” Any collector of Marvel items and watches is sure to love this.

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Connect 4: Spider-Man Edition

As noted, Marvel’s popularity means that it has products in pretty much every possible department on Amazon. That certainly includes games aimed at children like the classic Connect 4. The Marvel spin on it comes in the form of this Spider-Man edition.

The pieces used in the game represent both the original Peter Parker Spidey and the Miles Morales take on the hero, meaning players can choose their favorite to use. “I bought this product for my sons 3rd birthday since he loves Spider-Man and it’s super cute. We love to play together,” said one user who gave it five stars.

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NERF Iron Man Repulsor Blast Gauntlet

There aren’t many things that kids who love Marvel like to do more than dress up as their favorite characters and act out their favorite moments. There’s no better way to do that for those who love Iron Man than to sport this Repulsor Blaster from NERF.

The item fits over the kid’s hand and fires off darts as a way to role-play as the MCU’s leader of the Avengers. One user who bought the item for their grandson said, “Great fun and so imaginative.”

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The Marvel Comics Art of Alex Ross

While a lot of fans have come to love Marvel thanks to the blockbuster movies released over the years, there are plenty who have been engrossed in the world thanks to the pages of the comic books. Those folks appreciate great pieces of art from those stories.

That’s why they’re likely to be all about this Marvelocity book featuring artwork from Alex Ross, a legendary name from the comics who has worked on the franchise’s biggest heroes. “I’m so happy, the book is sublime. Brand new, perfect condition and every page is full of art. I highly recommend it for any Marvel that’s a fan of Alex Ross,” said a happy buyer.

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Captain America & Peggy Carter Action Figures

Those who did come to the world of Marvel thanks to the big-screen adaptations, they’re bound to be a fan of these toys. The Marvel Legends series has produced some of the best action figures of these characters, especially in having them look like the ones from the films.

A simple review praised these figures saying, “Playable and durable. They look nice too.” It’s perfect for anyone who has watched 2011’s Captain America: The First Avenger multiple times and likes both Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter.

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Potato Head Marvel Spider-Spud

For decades, Mr. Potato Head has been a staple of the toy section for children all around the world, even becoming a recurring character in the Toy Story franchise. So, there’s no better way to get a young one into Marvel than to combine it with Potato Head.

This aptly named Spider-Spud puts a Spider-Man twist on the character for toddlers. One review said, “My kid loves this spider man potato head. Much cooler version than early 90s I had.” Plus, it’s simply an adorable toy.

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Hot Wheels Marvel Cars

Similar to Mr. Potato Head, Hot Wheels is a name that is a force in the world of toys and has been for a long time. It makes perfect sense that the company has released some Marvel-themed vehicles in its time. That said, it’s hard to find ones that are cooler than these.

This set of five Hot Wheels cars includes ones that are specific to characters like Black Panther, Black Widow, Captain America, Iron Man, and even the villainous Thanos. A review noted how imaginative players can get. “My son loves these cars – he got them with a Hot Wheels track for Christmas, and makes up all kinds of avengers-related stories for them when he plays.”

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Thor: Love and Thunder Mighty FX Mjölnir Electronic Hammer

Once again, this is a perfect purchase for anyone who wants to imagine themselves as a Marvel hero. This children’s version of Thor’s mighty hammer, Mjölnir comes complete with sounds, lights, and effects that make it feel like the movies.

A review praised the safety aspects by saying, “Also, a nice touch, the business ends of the hammer are foam rubber pads. Helps reduce the risk of actual damage to your house!” If your kid wants to be The Mighty Thor, whether it’s the Norse God himself or Jane Foster, this is a fun way to do it.

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Huffy Spider-Man Scooter

Scooters are never out of style as kids can ride them alongside their parents or on their own around the neighborhood for endless fun. It’s even better when the scooter can represent a character they love.

Huffy has that in spades with scooters for Star Wars, Pixar, and of course, Marvel. This one is for Spider-Man fans and isn’t a lot of work for the adults to put together as a review puts it, “Was pretty much put together–super easy.”

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LEGO Marvel Infinity Gauntlet

There are LEGO sets everywhere for fans of everything from Jurassic Park to Harry Potter to Marvel and more. It’s tough to pick out the best set available for the franchise but Prime Day has a great deal on the LEGO Infinity Gauntlet.

Buyers can put together their own impressive version of the gauntlet that Thanos used to collect the Infinity Stones and snap away half of the universe. It received rave reviews like, “Had a lot of fun building this Lego set and the finished product looks really good on display!”

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