10 Best PlayStation Games For Beginners, According To Reddit


More fans are discovering the award-winning classic, The Last Of Us, thanks to its highly-anticipated TV adaptation. The game has been recommended by players on Reddit as an excellent choice for beginners, as it introduces established RPG mechanics while delivering a powerful story.

Other PlayStation titles that Redditors claim are perfect for newcomers to gaming, in general, include indie favorites like Journey and neo-noir masterpieces like Detroit: Become Human. These titles almost always have newcomer-friendly gameplay that allows complete beginners to have an exciting but not overwhelming first experience on the console.


Detroit: Become Human (2018)

Detroit: Become Human is an episodic video game that takes place in the near-future city of Detroit where Androids have taken over several jobs once reserved for humans. Players follow three storylines from the perspectives of three Androids, Connor the police investigator, Kara the housekeeper, and Markus the caretaker.

A Reddit thread about “beginner-friendly games” inspires Shadrhodes to suggest the neo-noir adventure title. In casual mode, players have more time to read and choose from the usually fast-paced prompts. The story-driven game is an excellent way to introduce narrative structure, as well as the importance of players’ choices.

Abzu (2016)

Dive into the captivating underwater world of Abzu to discover vibrant locations and creatures and embark on a quest to uncover alien life beneath the waves. The gorgeous adventure game is teeming with life, with new locations offering players an exhilarating ocean adventure unlike anything else on the console.

The user fatherseamus thinks the title is perfect for beginners because of the “beautiful, lyrical” journey it gives newcomers. When combined with its easy-to-grasp fluid mechanics, the engrossing world becomes irresistible and fun to explore. The relaxing game even encourages players to meditate and get a closer look at the creatures swimming around its various environments.

Journey (2015)

Journey is a visually stunning PlayStation game that holds up incredibly well despite being a few years old. The indie adventure game tasks players to go on a wordless trip to reach a distant mountain, while discovering fragments of an ancient civilization and facing dangers along the way.

When asked for suggestions for beginners, Frick_KD thinks this title “would be a good one” because it’s “simple and beautiful.” The game is known for its accessible mechanics and fluid gameplay, but also for the surprisingly profound and emotional experience it provides players.

Life Is Strange (2015)

Max Caulfield discovers she has the unique ability to rewind time in Life is Strange, the first installment in a successful franchise. Players must help her figure out how to use her newfound power to positively influence those around her, but a coming storm and a missing person prove to be the protagonist’s most challenging situation yet.

A Redditor points out how the game “will ease” beginners “in with really good storytelling.” While the choices and puzzles can be difficult at times, the payoff thanks to its well-written narrative makes the journey well worth it.

Spyro Reignited Trilogy (2018)

The remastered collection of Spyro games brings the beloved sassy dragon’s adventures to the modern age. The platformers task players with controlling the titular protagonist as he attempts to save different kingdoms by vanquishing enemies, collecting gems, and finding dragon eggs.

The beginner greenhearted73 recommends it to their fellow newcomers, noting that Spyro is “cute, purple and runs around collecting jewels and killing ogres.” More importantly, they point out that it’s an “easy introduction to all the buttons on the controller.” Since the trilogy stays faithful to the original gameplay, beginners can expect it to have easy-to-understand controls and straightforward objectives.

Flower (2013)

Often cited alongside the best games with no dialogue, Flower made waves when it was first released because of the creative way it subverts gameplay mechanics by focusing on the environment instead of a protagonist. Players use the controller to control the wind, which affects the motion of the flower. It’s possible to influence the environment simply by flying through them, reviving dead surroundings, and even getting other flowers to follow in the journey.

It’s good for beginners according to Gizmoi130, who explains how it’s useful “to get to used to basic controls,” especially for those “completely unfamiliar with a controller.” They add that it’s “beautiful, short and simple.”

LittleBigPlanet 3 (2014)

The lovable Sackboy and a gang of new friends are thrust into the cozy world of LittleBigPlanet 3, a puzzle-platform game that invites players to go against the nefarious Newton. Be prepared to meet colorful characters on the planet Bunkum and explore the vast Imagisphere in the process.

The user heyfriendsitsmeb says it “is a good starter” game, detailing how “it’s colorful and goofy enough to not take too seriously.” It’s also known for its customizability which allows gamers to create their own characters, vehicles, and environments. It’s an awesome chance at a sandbox that helps newcomers showcase their creativity.

The Last Of Us Part I (2022)

The Last Of Us Part I is the remake of the original game that birthed the beloved franchise centered on Joel and Ellie’s journey across a post-apocalyptic future. America has been ravaged by infected cannibalistic humans who make Joel’s treacherous task even more daunting.

For beginners who “like horror,” FraSkywalker can’t recommend this title enough. They write that “on easy mode it is so easy,” and “it can show” players “how deep can a game touch” their “soul.” The story-driven game is a must-play for anyone who owns a PlayStation, as it’s a genre-defining classic that definitely deserves all the hype it gets.

It Takes Two (2021)

2021 Game of the Year winner It Takes Two is a co-op adventure game that allows two players to step into the messy lives of May and Cody. On the brink of a divorce, the trajectory of their relationship changes forever when they shrink and are forced to work through their now-gargantuan home to reach their daughter.

With the plethora of minigames in It Takes Two, gorgeous visuals, and heartfelt story, it’s certainly not one to miss out on. Vanilla_Euphoric notes how the “two-player game” “introduces a lot of different kinds of fun mechanics in a beginner-friendly way,” not to mention the way newcomers can rely on their more experienced friends or partners for support the whole way.

What Remains Of Edith Finch (2017)

An entrancing and sometimes creepy gaming experience awaits players who choose What Remains of Edith Finch. It follows the story of Edith, a 17-year-old girl who’s the last surviving member of her family. She explores the home she just inherited, which is full of sealed rooms and clues about the mysterious curse that causes every family member to die in shocking ways.

The story-driven game is potter3212020’s recommendation for newcomers because it has “an amazing story that” players “will remember forever.” They also point out its “light puzzle-solving,” which won’t be too difficult for beginners who just want to focus on its fascinating story.

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