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Fans can expect a lot of musical fun from the new Enchanted sequel, Disenchanted, which will be coming out on November 24, 2022. The original film included a variety of Disney-esque songs from Giselle and Edward, and the sequel will likely merge traditional princess songs with more sinister villain songs. Along with Disenchanted, musical fans can look forward to other cinematic musicals in the upcoming The Little Mermaid and Wicked films.

With so many musical movies coming up in the next several months, many fans have begun to look into the past, looking at traditional musicals, music-oriented films, and even animated flicks. There have been many big-name musical movies in recent years, but before that, they tended to have quiet releases, meaning some fans might not even know what to look for. Fans of all levels came to the r/movies subreddit to discuss which musical movies are the best.


10/10 Fiddler On The RoofRosalind Harris and Leonard Frey getting married in Fiddler on the Roof

Of all the musicals mentioned in the Reddit thread, xToday4Ux was shocked to discover that one of the best-known musicals of all time hadn’t been suggested: Fiddler On The Roof. The 1971 film follows a Jewish milkman named Tevye as he tries to set up good marriages for his five daughters.

After xToday4Ux brought it up, MysticalIsa jumped on board, explaining, “This one may have been able to be done without the music, but the music and singing really enriches it.” The story and music blend seamlessly, and their combined power propelled the musical movie into the highest-grossing film of the year, with several awards to boot.

9/10 Anastasia

As the only animated musical to be recommended, Anastasia has a lot to prove, but it does so easily. Redditor OoXLR8oO first suggested the film as one of the best, providing a laundry list of positive commentary: “The story and characters are fantastic, the songs are catchy and support the plot, and even the animation holds up, despite being over 20 years old.”

The musical follows the rumored survival of Anastasia Romanov after the slaughter of her family. A pair of con-men try to prepare Anya, a young orphaned woman, to pretend to be the Princess, only to find that they may have discovered the real deal. The film was nominated for nearly every award it was eligible for, and its success—despite not being a Disney film—led to the eventual stage musical Anastasia, which began on Broadway in 2017.

8/10 The Greatest Showman

While not as much of a classic as many of the other musicals that were pitched, multiple Redditors came to the defense of Hugh Jackman’s musical about the King of Spectacle himself, P. T. Barnum. As Ash_Fenix put it, “I fell in love with that movie and the soundtrack. Some of the music makes me cry every time.”

This may not be the popular perspective—the film has one of the worst scores of any musical on Rotten Tomatoes—but Ash_Fenix was not alone in their love of the film. As champagnesupernova10: says, “the movie itself had some flaws but oh man, I’m sure hardly anyone can deny the soundtrack is amazing.” They specifically reference Keala Settle’s song “This Is Me,” which became an anthem for outsiders in society.

7/10 Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story

Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story is a parody mockumentary film following the fictional rock star Dewey Cox. Redditor habbyflabby suggested the film as one of the best musical films out there, and several others chimed in to share their favorite lines.

While it’s rare for a parody to compare to more sincere examples of a genre, Walk Hard proves that it is absolutely possible. The film balances sentimentality and humor well, and its soundtrack was nominated for both a Grammy and Golden Globe Award.

6/10 Rocketman

Redditor HedgehogsNSuits proposed the Elton John biopic Rocketman, arguing that it should count as a musical before summarizing their thoughts: “Whole movie was just absolutely beautiful.” The 2019 film follows Elton John from childhood onward, with a particular focus on his struggles with addiction and his decades of hard-won sobriety.

While the film didn’t receive as many up-votes as others, it did get more passionate defenses than nearly any other musical that was suggested. Redditor chaberken, for example, gave the film a thorough analysis: “that was such a beautiful look at addiction, trauma, and therapy. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting walking into the film, but I was left blown away by the execution and uniqueness. What a gift we were able to have a biopic by such a legend who is still alive to give us that guidance. Truly loved it.”

5/10 Chicago

Redditor coconutmillk suggested Chicago, and fellow Redditors quickly agreed, even creating a sing-along of the catchphrases of the Six Merry Murderesses from “Cell Block Tango.” The song and the musical are both critical stages in musical fans moving from enjoying the current popular musicals to exploring the complex and dynamic world of other musicals.

As Redditor SarahMakesYouStronger stated, “I have never seen a better stage-to-screen adaptation of a musical.” The movie took everything great about the musical and brought it out in full force, with a few songs discarded to keep pacing and perspectives consistent. In addition to being lauded in the theatrical community, the film won six Oscars, making it an outrageously successful musical movie.

4/10 Once

While most of the films that were suggested are American, elithewho suggested the Irish musical drama Once as their favorite. Many other Redditors also listed it among their favorites, in part because it is so unique. The film’s main characters are simply known as “Guy” and “Girl,” and they learn to communicate with each other through music.

This musical movie was so well-received that it prompted a stage version, which made it to Broadway in 2012 and the West End in 2013. According to the critic’s consensus on Rotten Tomatoes, the film “sets the standard for the modern musical.” While it may not be the most well-known movie, it certainly made waves in the worlds of both theatre and film.

3/10 O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Although not usually thought of as a musical, Redditor 10 sharks suggested O Brother Where Art Thou as their favorite, and it holds up to scrutiny. The film, based on The Odyssey, follows three convicts as they search for a hidden treasure, though they run into a lot of trouble along the way. In addition to its classical roots, the film is also held up as a strong picture of the American South and Appalachia.

As the three men go along their journeys, the music features heavily in how they experience the world. The country and folk music help to establish the setting while also highlighting the most significant themes in the plot, strengths which won the film a 2002 Grammy for Album of the Year.

2/10 The Sound of Music

As the holiday season approaches, musical fans can expect to see The Sound of Music playing repeatedly, as “My Favorite Things” has become classified as a Christmas song. More than just a holiday classic, however, Redditor DayneWgill suggested it as the best movie musical. The movie follows Maria, a young nun who is sent off to teach a group of seven children. As she grows closer with the children and their father, the Nazi party begins to gain strength in Austria, threatening their happy ending.

This is the only live-action musical movie proposed that was based on actual historical events, which gives it an extra layer of depth. Between the film’s love arcs, historical dangers, and charming music, it’s the kind of film that can make audiences laugh in one moment and cry the next, with the music only building on the powerful narrative.

1/10 Singin’ In The Rain

Coming in the first place, with the highest number of up-votes in the Reddit thread, is Singin’ in the Rain, suggested by Bokbreath. The film stars Gene Kelly, Donald O’Connor, and Debbie Reynolds, all of whom play characters that are invested in creating a successful “talkie” film. As Kelly’s Don and Reynolds’s Kathy grow closer together, they will have to choose between their careers and each other.

The 1952 film supplemented its dialogue with a catalog of songs by Arthur Freed and Nacio Herb Brown, and while they may not have been original, they have now been intrinsically tied to the film. Redditor GiffordConfirmed gives the film high praise, stating: “I recommend it to anyone, even non-musical fans.”

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