10 Best Harry Potter Cosplayers On TikTok You Should Follow Now


As Avalanche Software gives more hints about Hogwarts Legacy, including a Haunted Hogsmeade for Playstation only, Harry Potter fans have spent the better part of their waiting watching related Potter edits. These edits have always formed a niche part of any social media platform, and TikTok is not immune to the vast amount of Potterheads creating content on the app.

Apart from canon and fan edits, Harry Potter cosplayers have also gained prominence on their side of TikTok as they use their cosplaying and acting skills to showcase their love for the series. From simple but hilarious Snape videos to impressive get-ups and world-building, these TikTokers represent some of the best that #HarryPottercosplay has to offer and are must-follows for any true fan of the beloved franchise.


Severus + Lucius TikTok

For Severus Snape and Lucius Malfoy fans especially, Severus + Lucius TikTok (@notjustinreadz) is the TikTok account to follow as it expertly merges the traditional with the modern.

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By combining the stoic and strict personas of the two Slytherins with today’s latest trends and hilarious sounds, this creator not only delivers on-point looks and outfits for both characters but also creates comedic versions of them that fans didn’t know they needed.

Wheezing Weasleys

Despite some unpopular opinions about Fred and George Weasley, the twins are two of the most beloved characters in the series. Luckily, those who miss the Weasley dynamic can follow Wheezing Weasleys (@wheezingweasleys) on TikTok and pretend Fred never left.

Encapsulating the twins’ chaotic and hilarious energy, their TikToks accurately reflect the Weasleys’ mischief while also delivering great and realistic outfits for their cosplay.


For those seeking inspiration for varying Harry Potter cosplay outfits, Hiinaa (@hiina.a) is the TikTok account to follow. From Weasleys to Hermione to Draco, this cosplayer has an impressive range of outfits and skills to showcase.

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The cosplayer has also reenacted many iconic scenes in which they play multiple characters, such as a short conversation between Harry and Hermione. Plus, they have a wide variety of other fandom cosplay content to enjoy as well, but their Harry Potter ones are arguably their best.


It’s been proven that Luna Lovegood is the best wizard in the Harry Potter movies, and TikToker Rinn (@rinnrick) furthers this by providing amazing Luna cosplay content.

While Rinn does also dabble in other cosplays (including more great Harry Potter content, especially for Drarry fans), it’s their uncanny impersonations of Luna’s look, quirky mannerisms, and soft nature that really set this cosplay account apart from others.

The Potter Collector

Despite the many memes that prove that Dumbledore was a villain, its undeniable that he is one of the most popular and complex characters within the fandom.

The Potter Collector (@thepottercollector) offers impeccable Dumbledore cosplay and places him in a more humanizing and comedic light. In many of these TikTok videos, Dumbledore goes out and has adventures in the world, from playing Dance Dance Revolution to simply walking out and about.

Cassie Burns

Of course, one of the most popular cosplay options is the series’ antagonist, Lord Voldemort. While many TikTok accounts see fans transforming into the nefarious Dark Lord, Cassie Burns (@cassandybuns) takes it one step further and cosplays Tom Riddle in the most ridiculous and hilarious scenarios.

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Not only is her Voldemort cosplay on point, but it’s also sure to bring a smile to viewers’ faces as they see the heir of Slytherin with a newly entertaining lens. This includes seeing a side of Voldemort that plays the piano or getting ready to go to a bar.

Chanel Williams

While Minerva McGonagall was way sassier in the books, Chanel Williams (@chanwills0) proves that the beloved witch can be even sassier on TikTok.

Beyond Chanel’s spot-on impersonations, she also brings to her account a very commendable and consistent cosplay of Minerva. She often flaunted her impressive replica outfit and furthered hat cosplay with one of the most accurate and worthwhile impressions.

Enchanting Enchanter

With many hilarious memes about Gilderoy Lockhart as a character, Enchanting Enchanter (@enchantingenchanter) capitalizes on Lockhart’s ridiculous persona and highlights his narcissistic and hilarious character. He rocks an impressive Lockhart outfit and has created entertaining videos inspired by Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

His Snape cosplay is also commendable, mocking the potion masters with uncanny impersonations that any Potterhead will be sure to relish.

Noble House Of Black

Fans were introduced to the “noble and most ancient house of Black” in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. From the pureblood dynasty to linkages to many other families, the Black family tree is an interesting one that has gained the interest of many Potterheads for non-canon fanfics and favorites.

The Noble House of Black (@nhobseries) takes this appreciation one step further, creating a TikTok miniseries with cosplays so great and realistic that fans will forget it isn’t part of the actual franchise. These miniseries show each member of the Black family interacting and facing low and high moments of their own, such as the conflicts between members and a wedding.


From Sirius Black to Lucius Malfoy to Gellert Grindelwald, the Ravenclaw-hailing Jack (@reveriedandy) provides some of the best content for Harry Potter cosplays on TikTok.

Jack’s cosplays are awe-worthy with their uncanny resemblance to the originals. And his application of trending sounds to his videos makes his cosplay videos represent the perfect amalgamation of TikTok and Harry Potter and deserve a follow from all Potterheads.

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