10 Best Gaming USB & Bluetooth Speakers In 2022


Speakers are a great tool for gamers who don’t want the intrusiveness of strapping a device to their head but want enough quality to be able to hear the conversations and sounds that are unfolding on screen. In the past, they no doubt compromised the quality of sound in favor of volume (as speakers of the past were particularly made for projecting music rather than picking up the hundreds of sounds games have today).

Thankfully, with technology improving every single day, speakers have now been designed for both parties. While there are a lot of prominent companies that specialize in creating tech for gamers, only a few of them have really managed to impress the public with their range of products (and would certainly be a worthwhile investment in the long run).


Logitech G560

Price: $199.99

With Logitech, users can expect quality in appearance and performance. Nothing says gaming like two speakers fashioned with glowing RGB lights that can be configured using an external application (although expecting the devices to only pulse sometimes is nothing short of underestimating its technology). The speakers have an option to sync to activity send through it, such as actively lighting up when receiving music waves of different decibels.

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The Logitech G560 is compatible with both Bluetooth and AUX. The device’s lights are bright enough to illuminate a dark and fairly large room, but if that’s too bright, they can be dimmed accordingly using the mobile app. Audio can even be mixed using the app as well, allowing the user to manipulate how much base they want their speakers to give.

Creative Pebble V2

Price: $25

In terms of being the best, the Creative Pebble V2 provides sustainable quality for its insanely cheap price tag. The pair of devices are small enough to fit in the average adult’s palms, and yet they are powerful enough to fill an entire room with high-quality sound without hitting the maximum volume. For only $25 on Amazon, anyone can enjoy leisurely gaming or music.

Speakers make playing horror games several degrees scary because, unlike with headsets, simply throwing the device off the head is not a feasible solution. As such, users will be subjugated to loud sounds and eerie atmospheres, stuff that could be found in the best point-and-click horror games.

Razer Nommo Chroma

Price: $169.99

Razer wins again for its simple-to-use yet powerful gaming accessories. With the Razer Nommo Chroma, all the user needs are the two speakers; no separate subwoofer is required. From that point, the owner needs to download the drivers and that’s about it. Manipulating settings could be done by the driver. To simply up the gain of the speakers the owner needs to simply turn the dial on each device.

Even without the aforementioned subwoofer, the two speakers are perfectly capable of immersing the listener in whatever sounds it’s projected. Whether it be the boots of an enemy or the sound of friends talking, the sound would resonate loudly across the room.

Creative Sound Blaster Katana V2

Price: $329.99

Soundbars are a particular type of speaker that only recently started to be manufactured with gaming in mind. Both stylish and practical, the Creative Sound Blaster Katana V2 is a slim bar that shouldn’t be intrusive enough to take up too much desk space. Fashioned with RGB lights, the device can even fit comfortably as a speaker someone would use for entertainment in their living room.

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The Sound Blaster V2 is clearly designed not only for gaming but for watching films and playing music as well. The remote allows the device to alternate between several modes to fit the user’s preferences. There are even modes to enhance the user’s gameplay experience, modes that focus on precise sounds like footsteps or how far gunfire is from the player.

Logitech Z407

Price: $109.99

Sound is important if a player wants to get the drop on fearsome enemies, such as the deadliest high-value targets in Halo. Logitech’s gear is usually on the higher end when it comes to price. Thankfully, Logitech has a cheap alternative to their most powerful devices that only slightly falls behind in quality but is several hundred dollars cheaper.

The Z407 is compatible with Bluetooth, a 3.5mm headphone jack, or a micro USB. The pair of speakers can even be converted to wireless speakers if combined with an attachment. It’s also important to know that if someone were to choose this item, they would only get one device; they would need to purchase another one separately if they want two. However, they might be worth it in the long run if a gamer wants a wire-free gaming station.

Redragon GS550 Orpheus

Price: $39.99

The GS550 Orpheus is a pair of tower-like speakers that can either be placed vertically or next to each other on their sides. One speaker is equipped with a knob that controls the gain for both devices. A microphone can even be connected to one of the speakers to allow microphone input should the owner desire it.

Redragon is a relatively well-known brand for its low-priced gaming accessories such as keyboards, headphones, and microphones. Thankfully the price of their equipment does not reflect their quality, the GS550 illuminates a glowing red with long durable cables to allow for easier placement. These features make the device perfect for immersing in some of the best horror games.

Sudotack Gaming Computer Speakers

Price: $66.99

Speakers that provide 360-degree coverage are quite rare, especially in the gaming category. That’s precisely what makes the Sudotack speakers stand out compared to its competitors. Of course, there are other things the product deserves praise for as well, such as its compact design that allows for them to be easily transported without fuss.

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The Sudotack speakers are small in scale when compared to other gaming speakers. The RGB lights adorning the speakers can be configured using the panels on top of each speaker. Working with a wide variety of PCs, the speakers are compatible with a wide variety of PCs.

Insmart YM-130

Price: $26.99

The Insmart speakers are classic in appearance, resembling jukeboxes vaguely in stature while having the aesthetic of stereos from some old diner. What’s unique about the pair is that they are activated upon touch; press their faces, and they’ll turn on (though interested parties should be aware the speakers cannot have their RGBs configured in any manner).

These speakers can be connected to a computer via USB. For those wanting some privacy, there’s a port located on one of the speakers that the user could connect to and isolate the sound to their ears privately. The versatility of these speakers is nothing to scoff at as well, aside from consoles they can be attached to mobile devices and most iPads.

Razer Leviathan

Price: $199.99

This speaker is truly deserving of its name. This time, Razer did away with the lights and showmanship. Instead, they created a titan of a speaker system that focuses more on rattling the innards of whoever catches its absurd bass during the action, for example, while playing some of the best first-person shooters of all time.

Placing the device anywhere in the room will allow the user to get the experience of being immersed in the center of it all with its state-of-the-art Dolby Digital surround sound. The sound bar itself doesn’t exactly take much space, but the subwoofer is a little on the larger side, thankfully it does not possess any wiring. The speaker can be connected via Bluetooth.

Computer Speakers SK010

Price: $40.00

Ultra-compact meets ultimate quality, the SK010 is suitable for the go and is compatible with almost every device thanks to its USB compatibility. With the exterior looking like something straight out of a Sci-fi plot the speaker is shaped triangular with its body consisting of black. The edges however glow a neon green as each end is capped off by a silver knob.

Aside from USB compatibility, the SK010 can be connected to devices using Bluetooth and AUX. The device boasts Hi-Fi capabilities, alluding to its use of dual drivers and diaphragms to perfectly encapsulate and amplify high-pitched and deep bass noises. For only $40, this device is a steal that can be used for more than just PC gaming.

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