10 Best Free Coupon Apps In 2022


As inflation continues to rise and the cost of groceries with it, it’s becoming more and more challenging to survive in this economy. Just a simple grocery run could completely demolish an entire family’s bank account. That’s why saving money is more important now than ever.

While it can be difficult to manage savings, coupons are a good way to get started. With coupons, consumers can still get everything they need at reduced costs. The only problem is actually finding them. That’s where the best free coupon apps of 2022 come in.


10/10 SnipSnap

While it can be a hassle flipping through books and cutting out each coupon to bring to the store, there are other options. A useful app that every college student needs, SnipSnap makes it so that consumers don’t need to actually carry giant booklets of pre-snipped coupons everywhere they go.

SnipSnap also helps users discover coupons by linking accounts to family and friends, sending alerts to any coupon in a store that the consumer walks into, and relying on a database of coupons compiled by other users. It’s a great resource that can save anyone money.

9/10 Checkout 51

Compiling coupons is always difficult because it involves considerable effort prior to heading to the stores. That’s why Checkout 51 offers cashback to users for groceries, fuel, and other offers. It’s an excellent resource for anyone who doesn’t want to worry about coupon searches.

The app also helps users find coupons and offers for cheap groceries. Considering it helps consumers access their favorite brands, it also is a great free nutrition app, as it helps people manage their groceries without being restricted to just a few items.

8/10 RetailMeNot

Not restricted to just grocery stores and gas stations, RetailMeNot offers deals at restaurants, for electronics, and even when users are shopping for clothes. RetailMeNot covers nearly anything its users could want, which makes it an incredibly versatile tool.

Without users having to worry about carrying coupons to specific places, it also means that anyone using the app can branch out to other stores and restaurants. No longer does anyone have to worry about checking to see if they’re carrying a coupon booklet for the right store. RetailMeNot is the perfect way to resolve it.

7/10 Groupon

While some coupon apps and websites restrict users to certain items or industries, Groupon is practically limitless. With coupons and deals meant to save users on everything from groceries to entertainment to clothing, users can get everything they could possibly want.

For users who just watched a great travel movie and want to take a trip of their own, Groupon even has deals to help consumers take vacations at a low price. Groupon also makes savings guides for any consumer who still wants the experience of flipping through coupon booklets with more ease.

6/10 ShopSavvy

While ShopSavvy is certainly an app that helps consumers organize and find whatever coupons they might need, the app is also a dedicated barcode scanner. The app can keep track of the prices of the same item in other stores and the associated cost in real-time.

For anyone looking to make a big purchase who can afford to visit another store to get a product, it can save hundreds of dollars. The app can also track where goods are located so that no one ever has to worry about a store running out of items before they get there.

5/10 GoodRx

There’s no denying that paying for medication in the United States is difficult. With the rising cost of health care, insurance can’t always cover everything, and anyone who doesn’t have insurance can’t afford it in general. That’s where GoodRx comes in.

Consumers can search for medication, then bring their phones to the pharmacy and get instant savings. It can also keep track of which pharmacies have the cheapest items. Though it does ensure that consumers cannot use their insurance while using the app, it is still often cheaper than the cost of the copayment.

4/10 FatCoupon

The only thing better than an app offering free coupons is an app offering free coupons, rebates, and extensive cashback options for name-brand purchases. Not only is FatCoupon saving consumers money, but it is also doing a great job of letting them keep up with their favorite brands.

Users can save money from groceries, vacations, and countless other expenses that would ordinarily be a major burden for anyone’s wallet. No longer will users have to rely on virtual travel apps. Instead, they can explore the world with the help of cashback and coupon codes.

3/10 Tada

While many apps have cashback and coupon-saving components, few have as sleek an interface as Tada. The app is clean, easy to use, and makes sense for any user trying it out for the first time. Not to mention that it also saves consumers money, which is always a plus.

Tada users can use the app when buying online or in-person, and the cashback components help save even more money than users would with coupons alone. The app also allows purchases at most major stores, making it less of a hassle to find coupons.

2/10 Honey

With the ability to explore several stores for cheaper products while also offering cashback and great deals with each coupon, the Honey mobile app is a great tool for anyone. The app also has exclusive deals and features that will save users bundles.

The wishlist feature, especially, is an excellent resource. After all, if consumers ever want an item that doesn’t currently have coupons tied to it, they can stock up as soon as the coupon comes out. It helps to ensure that no one is ever left wanting, as long as they have a little patience.

1/10 Rakuten

Since Rakuten has made deals with major stores and locations, anyone trying to use the app will find themselves with deals wherever they go. Offering cashback on purchases, an extensive collection of coupons, and reward offers, Rakuten is the perfect resource.

Deals are uploaded daily for users, and anyone who recommends a friend to the app will also receive $30 free. Users also get deals on restaurants, in-store purchases, and even on concerts. Anyone looking to save money tends to be happy with what Rakuten has to offer.

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