10 Best Disney Channel Sitcom Crossovers, As Ranked By IMDb


Disney Channel has had a long history of unbelievably popular sitcoms, and that of course has come with it a history of stellar crossover events between the series.

Featuring everything from characters popping into other shows to gigantic event movies to intricately interconnected weekends, there have been numerous instances of the Disney Channel sitcom crossover. The users of IMDb certainly seem to have their favorite ones and have ranked the crossovers accordingly.

Due to the multi-episode nature of Disney Channel crossovers that causes the same crossover to have multiple entries on IMDb, the highest-rated episode of any Disney Channel crossover will be the score applied to the entirety of the crossover and determine its placement on the list.


10/10 Wish Gone Amiss (6.6)

Among the lowest-rated Disney Channel crossovers is the “Wish Gone Amiss” event featuring the sitcoms Corey in the House, Hannah Montana, and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, likely due to the fact it can only be labeled a crossover tenuously at best.

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Unlike most Disney Channel crossovers, the characters of the shows featured don’t interact with each other whatsoever, all staying in their own separate series. The three series are only connected in the event by the same shooting star flying across the sky and causing chaotic wishes in each show.

9/10 That’s So Suite Life Of Hannah Montana (6.9)

The very first Disney Channel sitcom crossover was undeniably a massive one as some of the greatest Disney Channel TV Shows of all time collided together in one monumental event. The characters of That’s So Raven, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, and Hannah Montana found themselves meeting one another at the Tipton Hotel and getting into all sorts of shenanigans together.

Among the hectic happenings of the event were Zack and Cody Martin modeling for Raven Baxter’s fashion line, London Tipton and Hannah Montana fighting over Ravens’ dress, and Robby Stewart restarting his music career after meeting Maddie Fitzpatrick. While fans enjoyed all parts of the crossover, the Hannah Montana episode of the event feeling fragmented from the rest of it (only featuring a single crossover character in Maddie from Zack and Cody) likely caused That’s So Suite Life of Hannah Montana to score lower than other crossovers.

8/10 Wizards On Deck With Hannah Montana (7.4)

Unsurprisingly, The Suite Life on Deck, the sequel series to Zack and Cody, would also showcase a huge crossover event. While the Martin twins were reunited with Hannah Montana and the supporting cast of her show on the S.S. Tipton, the characters of That’s So Raven, no longer airing by the time of the crossover, was replaced in the trifecta by Alex Russo and her family from The Wizards of Waverly Place.

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While Zack gets into trouble with Alex, Cody attempts to get tickets to Hannah Montana’s on-deck concert, all while Hannah deals with a massive streak of bad luck. Despite featuring such massive Disney shows, it most likely ranks where it does due to the extremely popular Wizards of Waverly Place characters being entirely absent from the third and final episode of the crossover.

7/10 Jessie’s Aloha Holidays with Parker And Joey (7.5)

While Debby Ryan’s first crossover experience would be with her role of Bailey Pickett in Wizards On Deck with Hannah Montana, she would star in crossovers much more frequently within her own starring series Jessie.

One of the four crossovers to spring up in the series, Jessie’s Aloha Holidays with Parker and Joey saw Jessie and the Ross family meeting Liv and Maddie characters Joey Bragg and Parker Rooney on a Christmas trip to Hawaii, the former of who would develop a crush on Emma, the character played by Peyton List years before she became one of the most important characters on the massively popular Cobra Kai. While certainly not the biggest crossover in terms of characters appearing, fans seemed to enjoy the Holiday vibes of the episode and the hilarious interactions between Joey and Emma.

6/10 Charlie Shakes It Up (7.9)

Years before Zendaya was Rue Bennett on the smash-hit HBO series Euphoria, she was Rocky Blue alongside Bella Thorne’s Cece Jones as a pair played two young Chicago professional dancers trying to achieve their dreams on the series Shake It Up.

The two would find themselves meeting with the Duncan Family when the latter visits Chicago in the Good Luck Charlie episode “Charlie Shakes It Up.” They wouldn’t just meet, however, as after a series of bizarre circumstances, the women of both shows would find themselves performing a spectacular dance routine together on the shown-within-a-show Shake It Up, Chicago. Combing two of Disney’s newest and most popular series proved to be a recipe for success, with fans loving seeing the Good Luck Charlie enter the fantastic dancing world of Shake It Up.

5/10 Good Luck Jessie: NYC Christmas (8.1)

Teddy Duncan’s travels wouldn’t end with Chicago however, as a trip to the Big Apple would have her and her brother P.J. meet the characters of Jessie. A Christmas episode, the crossover would see the Duncan siblings trapped in New York City by a blizzard and roped into helping the Ross children figure out who stole their presents.

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Not all the characters made it out of the native Denver of Good Luck Charlie, however, with Teddy’s parents having their own Christmas present dilemma back at home. It’s another case of fans not only enjoying seeing iconic leads such as Jessie Prescott and Teddy Duncan interact but also enjoying the warm and cozy vibes of a Disney Channel Christmas special.

4/10 Raven About Bunk’d (8.7)

While That’s So Raven ended in 2007, Raven-Symoné would return to her truly iconic Raven Baxter character nearly a decade later with the sequel series Raven’s Home. With her Disney Channel peers of the mid-2000s long gone, when it was time for a crossover, Raven Baxter would find herself uniting with a whole new generation of Disney Channel sitcom talent, as her series would cross over with the show Bunk, a spin-off of Jessie for some Camp Kikiwaka fun.

It should be noted that the crossover occurred during the fourth season Bunk’d, a point in which the characters who had originated from Jessie had long left the show. Featuring some of those characters might have improved the crossover’s standing with fans somewhat, but it’s clear that just having the iconic Raven Baxter return in any capacity is enough for Disney fans, new and old, to love whatever they are watching.

3/10 Lab Rats Vs Mighty Med (8.8)

“Lab Rats vs Mighty Med” stands out among other Disney Channel crossovers for two reasons. Firstly, it was between two Disney XD series, Lab Rats and Mighty Med. Secondly, it was actually a precursor to a full-fledged crossover spin-off series for both shows, as the series Lab Rats:Elite Force, starring many of the main characters of both shows would air a year later.

The initial crossover sees the stars of the two superhero series combining forces to take down a villain known as the Incapacitator. With Disney XD crossovers so rare, and the two series so unique from other Disney properties with their action-oriented style, it was a slam dunk for the loyal Disney XD audience who loved seeing two of their shows bounce off one another so marvelously.

2/10 Monstober Spooktacular Halloween (8.8)

One of Disney Channel’s most ambitious crossovers, the “Monstober Spooktacular Halloween” event saw the network celebrate the 2015 Halloween season with a massive string of crossovers between seven of its series (Jessie, Girl Meets World, I Didn’t Do It, K.C. Undercover, Best Friends Whenever, Austin & Ally, Liv and Maddie), each show having its own Halloween special in which characters from another series would appear.

A New York City haunted house was the glue that held the episodes together and brought the characters from each series into contact with one another, facilitating numerous fun crossovers over the weekend. Fans loved the absolutely unrivaled massiveness of the crossover and took great joy in seeing so many characters jump over to other series they’d normally never have any interaction with one after another.

1/10 Austin & Jessie & Ally All Star New Year (8.8)

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that two of Disney Channel’s most popular series of the 2010s, Austin & Ally and Jessie, would produce its most beloved crossover. A cross-country New Year’s extravaganza unfolds in the crossover as the cast of Austin & Ally travel up to New York for Austin’s New Year’s Eve performance at Times Square, meeting the cast of Jessie there, who would join the group down in Florida for a joint-musical performance from Austin and Jessie.

The crossover was a smash hit, becoming the second highest-rated cable broadcast of 2012. Featuring two of the biggest stars to ever come out of Disney Channel in Ross Lynch and Debby Ryan, fans absolutely ate up seeing their two sitcom worlds collide in a holiday special that played to the pair’s incredible musical talent.

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