10 Best Anime For Fans Of Kaiju No. 8


The popular and critically acclaimed manga Kaiju No. 8 has been published since 2020, amassing a loyal fan base and attracting considerable praise for its artwork and themes. The manga follows a young man who gains the ability to turn into a kaiju and must elude the Japanese Defense Force, who’s out to hunt him.

Fans of massive monsters rampaging around cities will surely be more than satisfied with Kaiju No. 8, but several other anime options can also scratch their itch. Whether because they also involve monsters or feature the same themes, these anime series can be a great option for fans of Kaiju No. 8.


God Eater

Based on the popular video game of the same name, God Eater takes place in a dystopian future. Using divine weapons called “God Arcs,” the Fenrir organization helps the people of the New Asian Union defend themselves against monsters known as Aragami.

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Like many other Kaiju projects, God Eater uses the classic humanity vs. monster narrative to explore themes of survival and resistance. Like Kaiju No. 8, the monsters in God Eater are dangerous and powerful, increasing the stakes and forcing humanity to work together and bring out the best in each other.

Dragon Ball

The best and most iconic martial arts anime of all time, Dragon Ball is an institution in the world of animation. The series follows a group of warriors known as the Z Fighters as they battle against countless threats attacking their world, forming bonds with each other and becoming more powerful in the process.

Dragon Ball features a seemingly endless parade of dangers, many of which take the form of dangerous monsters. The world of Dragon Ball also includes other hazards like dinosaurs and rampaging creatures and features plotlines of shapeshifting and hiding considerable power from the unsuspecting world, making it a good companion for Kaiju No. 8.

Attack On Titan

One of the most influential anime in recent history, Attack on Titan has a cast of likable characters and a compelling story that easily makes it stand out above the sea of anime offerings. The series follows Eren Jaeger, a young man who joins the Survey Corps to fight against the Titans, mighty humanoid beings who terrorize Earth’s survivors.

Attack on Titan features some of the most striking and impressive visuals in the ever-changing modern anime landscape. The show doesn’t shy away from gore and heavy themes and might make a good tandem with the tamer but equally impressive Kaiju No. 8.

Fafner In The Azure

Fafner in the Azure is a somewhat underrated mecha anime. The plot follows Kazuki Makabe, a child who pilots the titular fafners, robots used as humanity’s sole defense against aliens known as Festum.

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The original anime spawned a prequel and two sequels set in the same world and continuing the same storyline but following new characters. Fafner in the Azure deals with the dangers of technology in the wrong hands and humanity’s fears of the unknown. The Kaiju in Fafner in the Azure are crucial to the plot, integrating them into the story as more than mere antagonists, much like Kaiju No. 8. +


Yu-Gi-Oh! has multiple elements that contributed to its massive success: an exciting premise, plenty of memorable and relatable characters, one of the best rivalries in anime history, and massive monsters and creatures with out-of-this-world designs.

More than just a card game, Yu-Gi-Oh! is a story about friendship. Yugi often wins his challenges through the sheer power of loyalty and the love his companions have for him. However, the monster cards are also vital to the show’s dynamic, featuring some amazing designs that satisfy Kaiju fans wanting to see some monster action.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion is among the most divisive anime in recent memory. Set in the post-apocalyptic city of Tokyo-3, the plot follows Shinji Ikari, a teenage pilot who fights massive beings known as Angels using the Evangelion, a giant bio-machine mecha.

Critically acclaimed throughout most of its run, the show attracted considerable criticism for its seemingly ambiguous and confusing ending. Neon Genesis Evangelion is also one of the most depressing anime of all time, contributing to its divisive nature. Still, it remains an institution in the Kaiju genre, paving the way for many future projects, including Kaiju No. 8.

Godzilla Singular Point

When talking about Kaiju, there’s no way to leave out Godzilla. The King of the Monsters is an icon in pop culture, and his considerable influence spreads to movies, comics, and television. Godzilla often faces other Kaiju in his stories, always coming out on top and cementing his place as the King.

The Netflix anime Godzilla Singular Point is a solid entry in the iconic character’s canon. The plot mainly showcases other monsters, with Godzilla arriving late into the series’ run. However, it is a must-watch for Kaiju fans looking for some monster-on-monster action.


The mecha genre has many worthy representatives, including the now-venerable Dai-Guard. The show follows three workers who pilot Dai-Guard, a giant robot used in the fight against alien beings called Heterodynes. However, Dai-Guard stands out among other entries in its genre by focusing on several real-world themes like corruption, military propaganda, and the legal and moral issues of piloting such a robot.

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Dai-Guard is a must-see for any fan of the Kaiju genre. Like Kaiju No. 8, Dai-Guard pays considerable attention to its human characters and their reactions to living in a world with giant monsters. The consequences of their actions are also a crucial part of the story, adding extra layers to their complex narratives.


Blood-C centers on Saya Kisaragi, a high school girl and shrine maiden living in a rural town. Saya is also a highly-skilled swordswoman hunting Elder Bairns, monsters who feast on human blood.

Like Kaiju No. 8, Blood-C plays with the fans’ perceptions, exploiting them to create its central mystery. The show is a slow-burn, revealing new details about Saya and her town with each new episode, eventually arriving at a cathartic conclusion. The anime has incredible action and excellent character development, plus a healthy dose of monster fights to satisfy the most strict of Kaiju fans.

Darling In The Franxx

Set in a dystopian future, Darling In The Franxx follows a group of indoctrinated children forced to defend the remnants of society. The story mainly concerns Hiro and his blossoming relationship with Zero Two, a hybrid who wants to become fully human.

Juggling themes of survival, morality, loyalty, and the true meaning of humanity, Darling In The Franxx is an incredibly ambitious story. The Kaiju elements are crucial to its success, but much like Kaiju No. 8, its main concern lies with its characters’ fates and their humanity in the context of a monster-dominated world.

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