10 Awesome Electronics That Will Clean Your House For You


Recently, Chipotle introduced their robot chef, Chippy, further illustrating how everyday tasks continue to be automated over time, replacing the need for human labor, for good or ill.

While the world is not quite yet run by automated robots, there are many helpful tools for the home that can automate some of the more annoying and time consuming aspects of housework. Cleaning your home in this era is relatively simple with a few clicks of a remote or even via your phone. These are a few of the must-have items for those looking to simplify their cleaning routines.


Coway Airmega AP-1512HH(W)

When it comes to the livability of a home, one of the most important things, without a doubt, is the quality of its air. Poor air quality can lead to illness and disease, and as such, it’s imperative to do the best one can when it comes to air quality maintenance. Thankfully, there’s a device that can solve the issue of bad air quality in the home.

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The Conway Airmega AP-1512HH(W) provides a multi-stage filtration system to deal with abt heavy or abnormal airflow that may put the occupants of the room’s health at risk. It even features a sensor to deactivate automatically when it detects that there is no more for it to clean. LEDs adorning the machine show how dirty the room’s air is at the time.

iRobot Braava Jet 240

At first, Roombas were solely invented for the sake of vacuuming carpets, it wasn’t until later that they could clean hard floors. Introducing the iRobot Braava Jet 240, a mop-type Roomba designed for cleaning hard floors using a dirt-detecting sensor and water.

This device should be at everyone’s top of the list for automatic floor cleaning. Simply download the associated app, and it’ll give info regarding its activity when cleaning and what battery life it’s at. This device has three settings: wet, damp, and dry cleaning. Press the button on top, and it’ll do all the heavy work for you.

Fluidmaster 8300 Flush N’ Sparkle

The name pretty much says it all: this device promises a clean toilet bowl with each flush. Simply latch it into the tank of a toilet and connect it to the corresponding parts, no tools are required. It’s a process so easy that it only takes several minutes.

The Fluidmaster 8300 Flush n’ Sparkle is extremely cheap for its effectiveness, as depending on the cartridge used, the device can make a toilet bowl spotless without damaging any of the ceramics. Refiling the cartridge is easy, and each one can last for upward of three months.

CHOVERY CL.2 Window Cleaner

It wasn’t until recently that the technology for automatic window cleaning became a reality. But the CHOVERY CL.2 happens to be more than just a window cleaner. Whether it be the floor, tiles, doors, or windows, this device can do it all. Though compared to a traditional Roomba, this device is quite smaller.

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This device deep cleans using dual spiral mop-like heads whilst moving around every inch of the surface it’s attached to ensure things become spotless. In between the two heads is a spray device to launch water onto the surface it clung to. Specific functions can be controlled via a standalone application.

iRobot Roomba 694

Carpets tend to need a ton of maintenance to keep them presentable, especially when there’s a pet in the house prone to shedding its fur or a child that tends to cause a mess. The iRobot brand has once again come up with a solution for people’s problems with the iRobot Roomba 694, the ultimate self-cleaning device.

This device is considered the best robot vacuum for the home space for a reason. For one, it automatically adjusts from carpet to hard-wood floors. Secondly, its sensors focuses on dirtier areas and commands the bot to do a more thorough cleaning. The app can be used to configure an automatic schedule for the device as it detaches from its self-charging port.


Owning a pet can be intensive both on the wallet and on the mind, which is why people should take every step they can to reduce some of the more time-consuming chores of pet ownership, like cleaning the litter box.

The Litter-Robot happens to be a tool for that specific situation, as it can clean up after a cat automatically. The cat does its business inside the device and the bot does the rest of the work. The device sifts through the waste to extract the litter from it, then transfers the waste it into a compartment for it to be emptied.


An electronic trashcan is probably not something many people saw coming in terms of technological advances. Nevertheless, the iTouchless is here to dissuade all doubts about its usefulness. As one could guess from its name, the electronic feature it possesses is quite simple.

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With this device, the hassle of having your hands full when carrying a bunch of garbage is taken care of. All a person has to do is get within a certain proximity and the lid will automatically open. Also, as long as the device is powered, either by batteries or connection to electricity, the built-in filter will eliminate any odors caused by its contents.


While a Roomba is good and all for preventing a rug or carpet from getting dirty, it won’t be of much help if they’re already stained. At that time it’s best to bring in a device made specifically to remove spots and stains, namely the SpotBot.

The SpotBot is a very compact but heavy-duty device that uses deep scrub technology to really get into the dirt and remove pesky stains. Simply turn it on, choose whether it should clean quickly or deeply, and let it sit it on the targeted spot. From there, it’ll do all the work on its own, just check up on it after a certain amount of time has passed.

Brilli Wellness Lighting

Mold in the bathroom can be a serious issue, but a recent piece of technology has come out that claims to solve not only that problem, but much more. Brilli Wellness Lighting is a recessed LED fixture designed to erase bacteria and viruses.

It projects a strong yet safe purple-hued cleaning light that eliminates viruses, fungi, bacteria, mold, and more. So long as the purple-hued light is fixated on a single spot, it can remove all the aforementioned dangers in a matter of hours, effectively doing what a person would without hands-on cleaning.

EyeVac Pro

While not necessarily an automatic process, the EyeVac Pro provides the answer to an otherwise menial task, and yet it’s one of the things that absolutely should be automated if you’re looking to make a smart home. This device works as a sort of automatic dustpan, as anything swept into it is sucked in and automatically stored for disposal.

Unlike a traditional automatic dustpan, this compact device simply sits in one location without being too intrusive. It’s quiet and can practically suck up anything, whether it’s crumbs, pet hair, nuts, bolts, or general garbage.

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