10 Actors Who Should Play More Villainous Roles, According To Reddit


Brendan Fraser is widely known for his roles in action and adventure movies like The Mummy. Such films have seen him combating the baddies and even swinging his way through the trees in George Of The Jungle. But this December, audiences are set to see Fraser in a whole new light, taking the lead in The Whale. A change in direction to his acting approach will be an exciting watch for audiences, as the already accomplished artist is sure to bring a fixating show.

Of course, Brendan Fraser isn’t the only actor to have gone against their usual roles, but some have yet to make that change. Focusing on those that don’t usually play the villain, Reddit users have expressed their desire to see various actors turn their attention to playing more villainous roles in future movies.


10/10 Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks has more than proven his talents as an actor, covering an array of roles including animation. Whilst his own persona has painted him as one of the nice Hollywood performers, his roles have also often fed into how people view him.

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Reddit user ConfusedTapeworm wants to see Tom Hanks step into more sinister parts by stating “I wanna see Tom Hanks play more roles like that creepy doctor in Cloud Atlas.” Hanks has shown he is able to step into pretty much any role he’s assigned to, most recently portraying Colonel Tom in Elvis, a sly man who passed himself off as a good manager but actually had a dark ulterior motive. There’s no denying Hanks is able to play villains, which would be great for fans to see more frequently.

9/10 George Clooney

In the new movie Ticket To Paradise, George Clooney stars alongside Julia Roberts, portraying a separated couple that looks set to ruin their daughter’s wedding. Clooney has been cast in similar rom-coms before and of course, played a doctor in the long-running series ER, one of the best medical dramas streaming right now.

For Redditor mediarch, Clooney stood out in a different film, saying “From Dusk Til Dawn is his best role.” Playing the bad guy in a Quentin Tarantino movie is a contrast to what Clooney can more often be seen in. Considering he played the part well, there’s clearly a strength in his acting that focuses on playing a villain. With plenty of jobs to his name, a few more with a villainous streak would be well received.

8/10 Reese WitherspoonReese Witherspoon Laughing in Home Again

Although some actors have found a connection to a particular genre of film, it’s still possible to envision them playing a character that is unusual to the kind of role they’d usually play.

Reddit user TheMeticulousNinja believes “Reese Witherspoon” would be good at playing more villainous roles. As one of Reese Witherspoon’s best romcoms, Legally Blonde is the first movie that comes to mind at the mention of the artist’s name. Playing a strong, inspirational character provided a clear indication of what Witherspoon is capable of as a performer, so it’s not hard to believe she would be just as good in a villainous role. It would be exciting to see her take on a project with menacing undertones.

7/10 Kevin HartKevin Heart sat at a desk in Night School

Considering it’s the same genre, it’s not such a surprise to see stand-up comedians successfully act in comedy movies. As one of those actors, Kevin Hart was selected as an actor who should play villainous roles by Redditor TheMeticulousNinja, specifying they’d like to see him “…as a dangerous serial killer who is very pensive and relaxed all the time.”

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Hart has displayed an aptitude to perform in more serious roles such as Kid in the Netflix series True Story. Taking it up a level to playing an out-and-out villain seems a feasible next step for Hart’s career, that fans would love to see.

6/10 Hugh Grant

As a well-known British actor, Hugh Grant has made his mark on rom-coms, including one of the best christmas movies set in the UK, Love Actually. He’s also appeared in roles that show a different side to his acting, such as The Gentlemen.

One Reddit user Superb-Possibility-9 picked out a particular role they liked him in, pointing out “Hugh Grant was great in Paddington 2would love to see him play more villains.” Portraying Phoenix Buchanan showed how Grant is able to turn his talents to whichever genre of film he is in. With Paddington 2in mind, it would be intriguing to see him explore villainous roles even more.

5/10 Daniel CraigDaniel Craig Knives Out 2

With uncertainty still surrounding the subject of casting choices for the next James Bond, one Redditor has taken a different approach, picking a renowned James Bond actor as someone who should play more villainous roles.

2KYGWI picked “Daniel Craig,” the most recent Bond. With 15 years of 007 under his belt, Craig is most known for playing the hero. Taking up the part of a villain would be a great contrast to the secret agent. Craig is well versed in action and scenes of violence, so it’s not hard to believe he could play a villain.

4/10 Jim CarreyJim Carrey wearing sunglasses in Ace Ventura Pet Detective

Impressions and a natural quick wit quickly became recognizable traits of Jim Carrey, alongside starring in big movies such as Ace Ventura and Liar Liar.

Reddit user Sugreev2001 explained how they thought “…he could be great as a villain in a much darker film.” Having dabbled in movies with a darker edge, it’s evident that Carrey would have no problem conveying a villain. His facial expressions also add to his capability in transitioning into any personality that is needed.

3/10 Julie AndrewsJulie Andrews in Sound of Music

Julie Andrews has provided the film industry with an abundance of work that spans many generations. From her earlier years in the business playing Maria in The Sound Of Music, to portraying a dedicated queen in The Princess Diaries, Andrews has a truly sterling career.

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But for Redditor ZeroTheCat, they feel that Julie Andrews should play more villainous roles, in particular, “…a Bond villain.” The franchise hasn’t had a villain like Andrews before, so it could be an interesting change in direction. Her kindly demeanor could simply be a decoy for a truly villainous character, taking people by surprise.

2/10 Rebel Wilson

With proof she can sing, dance, and act exceedingly well, a deleted Reddit user chose “Rebel Wilson,” to play more villainous roles.

When playing Amy in Pitch Perfect, not only did Wilson hit the comedy just right, but she was also able to bring a sassy edge to the character. Pushing the sassy trait in the right direction, there’s every possibility that the actor could step into a harsher role and nail it just as much as in her previous work, truly bringing out the rebel in Rebel Wilson.

1/10 Adam Sandler

Happy Madison Productions has produced some great comedy movies, with Adam Sandler leading the way. His movies have become easily recognizable for their style of humor and regular casting choices.

However, it would be fascinating to see Sandler try going full-on villain. Reddit user BROROBROB believes he would be “…creepy as hell,” as a bad guy. Perhaps a psychological thriller could really emphasize a creepy persona that Sandler could bring out. His role in Uncut Gems proved there’s even more to his ability than comedy and it would be pleasing for fans to see what else he could display in acting.

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