10 Actors Redditors Would Like To See In A Quentin Tarantino Movie


Star of Jackie Brown, Pam Grier has revealed one reason Tarantino won’t work with certain actors, and as a director of his impressive standard, it’s no shock that he can afford to be choosy about his cast.

Every aspect of Tarantino’s movies is crafted with expertise. From the script to the music, his films are stylized, engaging, and easily recognizable. Tarantino’s casting choices are always exemplary, but Redditors have taken to the site to voice other actors they would love to see work with the masterful director.


10/10 Idris Elba

British actor Tim Roth famously had a main role in one of Tarantino’s best films, Reservoir Dogs, and Reddit user DeadpoolBeaver has decided on another renowned British actor that would be great in a Tarantino movie. “Idris Elba” has gone from strength to strength in his acting career, playing the titular character in the drama series Luthor, playing fan-favorite Heimdall in the Thor movies, and even flexing into sitcom comedy with The Office. With that role in mind, it’s clear he’s a diverse actor.

There’s no doubting Elba would be a great fit in a Quentin Tarantino movie, perhaps in a western style that the director is known to enjoy. Idris Elba has already displayed an aptitude for the genre has taken a lead part in last year’s release, Concrete Cowboy.

9/10 Jesse Eisenberg

As one of their choices, Reddit user MareliMovieGal chose Jesse Eisenberg. A breakthrough role in Zombieland brought the actor into the limelight, throwing his career into high gear.

Though he was the face of The Social Networkportraying Mark Zuckerberg, his performance in Now You See Meis the best indication that Eisenberg would suit a movie under Tarantino’s direction. As J. Daniel Atlas, his dour but sophisticated persona gives the impression he’d have the right attitude to play a character like Vincent in Pulp Fiction. The stern, deadpan facial expression would also be an added bonus to his acting skill, which more than one of Tarantino’s characters takes on.

8/10 Tom Hardy

Reddit user DeadpoolBeaver chose Mad Max and Venom star Tom Hardy as someone they’d like to see in a Tarantino movie, and it’s clear why. Hardy’s career has involved some truly stellar work, both in movies and TV. In the Birmingham-based series Peaky Blinders, he made his mark as Alfie, an intimidating gangster. And it’s that ability to portray such intimidation that would transfer well to the director’s movies.

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Not forgetting Hardy’s stand-out performance as both of the Kray twins in Legend, the performer gives polished portrayals of gangsters, much like the cast of Reservoir Dogs. The film may show some horrifying scenes, but the contrast of violence and smart suits makes it unique, something that Hardy would be an asset to.

7/10 Jennifer Lawrence

As one of the most successful actors in the 2010s, and with an exciting variation of great movies to her name, it’s no surprise one particular Redditor, mikeweasy, chose “Jennifer Lawrence.” The actor has become widely known for her acting range, which has included Silver Linings Playbook and The Hunger Games franchise.

Also starring in American Hustle, Lawrence delivered a slickness that would fit a Tarantino narrative, such as Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. With similar qualities as Margot Robbie in her style of acting, it’s not too much of a stretch to imagine Lawrence in the next Tarantino project.

6/10 Drew Barrymore

Although some fans know her for her great work in Adam Sandler movies, which don’t link to the Tarantino style, Reddit user ProteusFinnerty chose “Drew Barrymore” as an actor who actually would be great in a Tarantino movie.

Not only has Barrymore shown her warmth and humanity in movies such as Blended and 50 First Dates, but she also had some great action roles. Starring in Charlie’s Angels, she took on an action-filled part, indicating how she can adapt her skills to fit the genre. The two Kill Billmovies are examples of movies that Barrymore would fit perfectly in. Her talented combination of believable acting and agile movement could easily fit the bill.

5/10 Daniel Day Lewis

With a solid argument as to why, Redditor paytonfretwell picked Daniel Day Lewis, stating, “…the man is the best character actor in the industry, and he needs to work with whom I think is the best character writer/director in the business.”

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There’s no questioning Daniel Day Lewis’ immense capability to act. A strong and striking portrayal of Abraham Lincoln in Lincolnis just one of numerous examples of his incredible body of work. However, Gangs Of New Yorkseemingly has the strongest link to a Tarantino movie, with Reservoir Dogs coming to mind. The menacing gangster role is a fitting characteristic and, as the Redditor stated, two great industry artists coming together can only be a fantastic thing.

4/10 Stephen Graham

Chosen by Reddit user joeya1337, “Stephen Graham” has had (and continues to have) an astonishing career that has showcased so much of his talent. From TV dramas to critically acclaimed films, there’s no form of acting that Graham isn’t an asset to.

In one of Stephen Graham’s best-ever performances as Anthony Provenzano in The Irishman, he not only seamlessly changed his accent, but he undoubtedly held his own in the star-studded movie. His threatening portrayal would be a flawless match for a Quentin Tarantino movie like The Hateful Eight. The movie was filled with tensions running high, and Stephen Graham knows only too well how to convey intense emotions on screen, as proven in his previous work.

3/10 Brian Cranston

With a clear thought process of why they chose him, Reddit user Wes___Mantooth highlighted Bryan Cranston, saying, “…he has the comedy chops and the ability to be a violent bad*** too.”

Quentin Tarantino movies do include violence and blood, but they aren’t without their fair share of dark humor. Actors that are able to frighten an audience but also bring an unsettling comedic twist to their portrayals are part and parcel of a Tarantino setup. Some of Bryan Cranston’s best roles have shown this skill set in his career, most notably in the American crime-drama series Breaking Bad. A Walter White style of character directed by Tarantino sounds like a pretty good combination.

2/10 Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy may not be the most obvious choice, but Reddit user PM_ME_GOBLINS chose her because “Tarantino is good at casting people against type.”

The actor has been known for her side-splittingly funny roles in Bridesmaidsand The Heat. Perfect comic timing rolled in with believable acting has kept her on the favorite list of many. If McCarthy were cast in a Tarantino movie, it would be a real change in direction, but the thought is brilliantly conceivable. She has proven she doesn’t need to stick to comedy, able to star in more serious movies like Can You Ever Forgive Me?The actor is always a welcome presence in every part she plays, and a Tarantino movie would be no exception.

1/10 Cillian Murphy

Reddit user Johnboi21 pointed out the star of Peaky Blinders, “Cillian Murphy,” as an actor that should work under Quentin Tarantino. As lead character Tommy Shelby, Murphy delivered a performance with every emotion possible. Frightening and strong, yet with an undertone of vulnerability, the part was conveyed perfectly.

His ability to play a part with such sincerity and credibility could see him land a role similar to that of Inglorious Basterds. Commanding every intimidating scene he was in, Murphy’s skills would transfer beautifully to the set of a Tarantino movie.

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