#1 How To Unlock Garden Of Endless Pillars Domain In Genshin Impact


While most Domains are accessed through simple exploration or Genshin Impact‘s questlines, some require players to solve a tricky puzzle, such as the Garden of Endless Pillars. The Garden of Endless Pillars is a One-Time Domain similar to the Eagle’s Gate of Mondstadt or the Domain of the Wayward Path in Liyue. Completion of this Sumeru Domain will reward players with Primogems ×40, Mora ×30,000, Dendro Sigils ×5, Hero’s Wits ×2, Mystic Enhancement Ore ×4, Adventure EXP ×500, Teachings of Praxis ×3, and the Gambler’s Pocket Watch of the Sands of Eon Artifact Set.


First, players must travel to the Garden of Endless Pillars location in the Great Red Sand of western Sumeru in order to unlock this new Genshin Impact 3.1 Domain. Specifically, the Domain’s entrance can be found in the upper-left corner of the Hypostyle Desert, west of The Dune of Carouses. However, after arrival at the site, players will be surprised to find no entrance to the Domain. In fact, the door itself is buried underground, wholly concealed from visibility.

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To unearth the entrance to the Domain and unlock the Garden of Endless Pillars in Genshin Impact, players must complete a Pyro Monument puzzle. By scanning about the area, Travelers will notice several Pyro Monuments placed around the ruins surrounding the buried entry. While it might seem natural to ignite them all to solve the Sumeru puzzle, this simple approach is not the solution.

Unlocking The Garden Of Endless Pillars In Genshin Impact

Instead, the proper way to solve the puzzle of the Garden of Endless Pillars in Genshin Impact is by lighting the Pyro Monuments in a specific order. To understand what the order is, players must inspect the oddly placed flora growing near each of the totems. All of the monuments except one have one or more Flaming Flowers growing beside them. If players try to approach or interact with these flowers, they will encounter an invisible wall, preventing them from touching the plants. Travelers should attempt to reach the Flaming Flowers but should instead inspect the number growing near each Pyro Monument.

According to YouTuber TSouL22, the solution to unlocking the Garden of Endless Pillars Domain in Genshin Impact is lighting the Pyro Monuments in the ordered number of how many Flaming Flowers are nearby the totem. For example, the totem at the southern end of the ruins has no flowers and is, therefore, the first to be lit. The second can be found on the top right, and a single Flaming Flower indicates its placement in the order. Continue this pattern of igniting the pillars to complete the puzzle and open the Domain.

Source: TSouL22

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